"Sso, you are saying that this is your final word on the matter?" The serpent gracefully reared up from the gray surface on which he had been stretched.

She glared back, her hands on her hips.

"Yes, it's my final word. You're a horrible..." she waved backhandedly, a gesture of frustration. "...person, Mr. Sazkin, and I see now you've done nothing but cause problems since you showed up here!"

"I'm ssure I don't know what you are talking about." The snake started to sway back and forth. "Did you not ssay my advice hass helped?"

She made an angry noise, even as she started to sway in time to his motions...

"Yes, all right, I guess our dealings with the Traders Guild have gotten better... But all the other trouble you've stirred up in the village, with your wretched stories! And as for your... your proposal..." He flicked the tip of his tail and she lurched a step closer. "To even to begin to suggest that I do such nasty, awful things! I don't know why I even bothered to come back out here again!"

His eyes grew bigger...

"Everything I have ever told you, about myself, about the world, iss true..." Began to glow...

"And you think the oh-sso-tiny favor which I ask of you is sso awful? But if that is true, by the puzzling sstandards of you mammals and your will-o-the-whisp "morality", you've already done worse for me, my dear. Far, far worsse."

She stamped her foot, but she did not look away, did not stop swaying.

"I have not! I... cannot! I... I will not!"

His eyes grew enormous, filled everything, endless red and yellow circles interlinked and going down, down, down. Something pulled her closer, much closer, locking her head tightly in place...

"You have. You can. You will. And like before, it will all be sso easy. So enjoyable. To do, and then to forget. It will be blisss..."

"...blissss..." She stared, her eyes suddenly as big as his, filling with the same colors...

Something slid into place around her neck, ever tighter, allowing in only the tinest whisper of air...

"And any further resistance will be death.."

"yssss.. mssstr..."

A hypnosnake and his victim

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