Below is my (occasional) weekly listing of upcoming TV programs and movies on American cable and syndicated television which in some way feature hypnofetish material in their plots. At the moment, I'm just cherry-picking new and interesting stuff, not attempting to assemble a complete list.

the fine print

All listed showtimes are for the Pacific Time Zone.

American (and occasionally Canadian) based TV channels only. If any of you non-Yanks want a listing for your own country, here's your chance for fame and fortune.

Description of programs may contain massive plot "spoilers".

Station schedules are subject to change without notice. Cable network lineups may vary in different parts of the country. Times listed are for the Pacific Time Zone.

This color means the item is an episode of a TV program, 1/2 - 1 hour in length, while this color indicates a movie 2+ hours in length.

Related genres, as I see them, if I see them, also listed. (Including but not limited to: statues, vampires, humanoid robots, voodoo...)

All too often the material of interest is confined to one or at most a small handful of scenes. Sometimes an item makes the list because it sounds promising, not that I know for sure there will be real MC action.

For the most part I do not own copies of these programs. Even if I did, <official-type voice> making unauthorized duplications of copyrighted material, even just for trade, is a crime! </o-t v>

Unless otherwise stated, you can assume that a listing concerns a male hypnotist and a female subject.

DECEMBER 17, 2018 - DECEMBER 23, 2018




Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Nicktoon, 9:00 AM
Hypno-Potamus causes havoc at April's homecoming dance.


Sonic Underground, Wam, 4:40 AM
The Flybots inject people with a mind-control serum.


Abracadabra, Starz 5, 5:26 AM
After being hypnotized, a man is possessed by a ghost.



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