Note: While it features no ‘on-screen’ sexual activity or explicit adult situations, this short hypnofetish scene does contain examples of fictional characters doing illegal, immoral and/or impossible things to other fictional characters. If you are under the age of consent in your community, are disturbed by such concepts, or want graphic sex in your pornography, then for gosh sakes stop reading now!

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“Hello, Michelle.”

“Oh. Hello, Kyla.” Rather flat.

“Michelle, please don’t hang up. I... I just wanted to call and say that I’m sorry. I realize that these last few days have been... bad between all of us. But it’s over it now. I’m OK now. Really I am. I honestly don’t know what was wrong with me.”

Long silence.

“Michelle? Are you there?”

“Yes! Yes, I’m here! And I’m sorry, too, Kyla. It’s just this is such a turn around. And, well... to be honest... despite what Shelly and I were saying to you the other day... I was almost sort of half convinced that you weren’t imagining it all. You’re sure everything’s OK? Maybe there really was a rat or something down there. Maybe you should call an exterminator...”

“No. I checked very carefully. I went over ever inch. There’s absolutely nothing there. I was imagining it all.” A pause. “Look, why don’t you come over tonight? I already talked to Shelly, and she said she’d come. We can clear the air. Have a long talk. Maybe check the basement together.”

“I... Yes. OK. I’d like that. Should I bring anything?”

“No, let’s keep it casual. Around seven or so?”

“OK. See you then?”

“See you. Bye.”


Dial tone.

The slender blonde woman stood in the sunlit hall by the end table, holding the receiver up to her ear and her mouth. She stood very still. The dial tone buzzed and buzzed. Finally, behind her, there was the sound of a door slowly creaking open.

“Hang up the phone.” The voice came from the same direction.

From the black door-shaped hole which led down to the basement, where the lights were now all burned out and shattered, and it was very very dark.

She hung up the phone and her hand dropped to her side, joining and matching the other, dangling limply. The voice spoke again.

“She agreed to come, like the first?”

“Yes. They will be here around seven.” Her reply was very calm, very soft, very empty. Her brown eyes still stared at the blue and green stripes of the wallpaper, unblinking. The wide thick smudge of black ooze smeared under her left eye trickled thin streamers down her smooth cheek.

“Excellent. Just after dusk.” The voice dripped and oozed as well, licking its metaphorical lips with a wide slick tongue. “Now then. Turn around, my pretty little morsel.”

Kyla’s body turned around. More streamers of the ooze were tangled in her hair, and it dribbled off her arms and fingertips, off what remained of her clothes, down her bare trembling legs. The resulting splotches seemed to smoke and eat into the hall’s vinyl floortiles.

The damp, stringy thing hunched in the shadows of the doorway to the cellar smiled, showing all of its teeth, every last piece of its collection of green-tinged steak knives. Its red and yellow eyes glowed, swirling bottomless pits of mingled toxins and poison. It licked its thin corrupted non-lips, this time with a physical tongue, long black and oily.

“Tasty. It’s so glorious to learn that still, after all of these centuries, your souls are so delightfully tasty. I’m going to savor my three-course evening meal. Savor it slowly. The only way. And while we wait for your silly little friends to arrive, I think I’ll snack on another piece of you.” It flexed its long filthy talons and she took a single stumbling step towards the doorway. Her eyes widened, an expression appearing there for the first time, a smothered combination of fear, horror and glazed paralysis. Lust. Addiction. The thing flexed again, playfully pulling at the thick dripping strings that stretched between them, some of them physical, many more not.

She crossed the hall, her gait half-unwilling, half-eager. She reached the door and lurched into the blackness, or rather the darkness reached out and grabbed her with dozens of twining arms, pulling her twitching, unresisting form into itself, slamming the door shut tight behind her, rattling hard.

Something fell off the end table and shattered loudly.

Silence, and the shadows started spreading across the floor...

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