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Specific Disclaimers: A belated return to the world of Doctor Fang; this short piece was written several years ago, but for one reason or another never got posted until now. As noted in the copyright statement, most of this 'chapter' was written by a site-visitor and Dr. Fang fan who goes by the nom-de-net FMCU. I, Voyer, contributed and tweaked things here and there, but if you enjoy what follows, it is mostly the work of another man, and I will pass on any responses to him.

Hildy tried hard to drive without staring at the shape curled up amidst the clutter which was the back seat of her car, but Gretchen Hollister’s constant sobbing was distracting. Plus, the ace reporter wasn’t sure whether she was committing a crime herself by not turning the pretty government worker over to the Bureau immediately. She was probably all arrest warrant had been announced. The spokesman had only issued a terse statement saying that they wished to question Gretchen. It wasn’t Hildy’s fault that she found the woman first...

Besides, Hildy wasn’t only interested in a scoop. If Jimmy was right, the poor girl had been subjected to some kind of mind control and wasn’t responsible for her actions. If that was true, she wanted Commander Amazing to have a chance to examine Gretchen before the Feds disappeared her into some dark hole. So she had left a message for Jimmy and then..

She had originally planned to take Gretchen to her apartment, but Jimmy had been very.. intense.. the day he had briefed her about “post hypnotic triggers”.. so instead she had called the (slightly seedy) hotel in the theater district she used whenever she truly needed to go to ground, and made a reservation for the two of them.

Hildy had just pulled onto the appropriate expressway exit ramp when Gretchen abruptly spoke, startling Hildy into a tiny momentary swerve:

“Why is this happening to me? How can they say I’m a cyber-terrorist? I’ve devoted my life to fighting that kind of thing!” The blonde said these words with utter conviction. “I don’t care what is on that surveillance tape!”

Hildy again glanced at her passenger in the rearview mirror and used a somewhat more benign version of her standard lure-the-interviewee-in voice, even and calm. “You said you had just returned from an island vacation. The Feds checked the airlines, you weren’t on any of the passenger lists.”

This seemed to genuinely shock Gretchen. “That’s impossible.....I flew out on Air Carribe.. I stayed at the Cara Del Este... I parasailed, for gosh sake! How could I remember all of those things if they didn’t happen?”

“I told you...” Still patient.. “Dr. Fang is a master hypnotist. If half of what I’ve heard is true, he could make you remember whatever he wanted.”

Hildy’s comments struck home. Gretchen began to sob again.

“What have I done?”

Hildy was about to comfort her when she snapped her gaze forward and saw a large black delivery van stalled ahead of her on the ramp. She stomped a sneakered foot down on the brake and her car squealed to a halt, inches from the rear bumper of the vehicle ahead.

Great. Just great.

At least the car horns were drowning out some of Gretchen’s crying.

Sitting in the stopped van, the man known as One Eye Chan glanced in his mirror in amusement. Even five car lengths away, he could see the frustration on the reporter’s face. He had timed it perfectly. Every once in a while, he would pretend to try to start the truck. Another two minutes, the van would have a miraculous recovery. That should give his compatriot plenty of time to make the delivery to the hotel. The meddler would soon learn a harsh lesson about being too regular in her habits...

An short time later, Hildy and Gretchen had reached the hotel, checked in, and were settling down for the night. Gretchen was too upset to coherently talk, so Hildy gave her a couple of sleeping pills. The blonde fugitive was soon passed out on one of the two small beds, wearing one of the two substandard nightgowns. (The pills Hildy had been carrying in her well-stocked purse, the nightgowns she had had to snatch off the bargain rack in a nearby store..)

The reporter was ready to get some sleep as well; she had been busy since their arrival. Hildy realized that she was probably overdoing it; she couldn’t imagine how anyone could know where they were, but still.. After double-checking that all the locks on the door were engaged, she made a circuit of the room and unplugged the phone, television, and radio. She wasn’t going to let the villain turn her source into a robot.

At least not, a dark corner of her mind commented, when Lindy wasn’t around to take pictures of it...

This task complete, she decided that a (relatively) nice hot bath would not be too much a risk. In one last spasm of paranoia, she left the bathroom door cracked open as the spun the tap.

As Hildy settled in, a eerie and beautiful thing happened on the window sill of the main room. A small collection of flowerpots had been arranged there, and indifferently maintained by the hotel staff; the occupants of the pots were either dead or lingering on the vegetable version of life-support.

All except one.

Bathed in moonlight, its top poking above the dry soil, the bulb opened and a beautiful black and red flower bloomed from within its depths...

Gretchen was in another moonlit room, a wallless space stretching off to black infinity in every direction. She swirled in vapor, laying face down on the softest of pillows as two sets of slender hands massaged scented oils into her neck, shoulders, back, calves and soles. The silence of her bliss was punctuated every minute or so by one of two soft voices whispering the word “obey” into one of her ears.

Back and forth..

Suddenly, both the massaging and the whispering ceased. A small whimpering noise escaped Gretchen’s lips, and she dragged open her eyes, lifted her head. Peering through the strands of hair which dangled over her face, she saw the two other girls, the two other slavegirls, assuming the position in front of a figure outlined against the slowly throbbing light. Tall, slender, wearing a black silk dress.

Madame Li.

Gretchen’s Mistress.

Simultaneously too terrified and too relaxed to move, she dumbly watched as her Mistress passed between the two frozen bodies and kneeled in front of her. All she could think of was how beautiful her Mistress was, how green her eyes were... The Mistress smiled at her and spoke in sweet, quiet tones. (Even now, a tiny whimpering corner of Gretchen’s mind noted that the smile never came near those eyes...)

“Darling have been such a good student. You have been so good, he has sent you a present.”

He? For a second the word meant nothing, than something clicked in her mind, a vault-door unlocking and cracking open just enough to hint at wondrous new vistas. Someday.. someday that door would open completely...

“Doctor Fang?”

“Yes, darling Gretchen. Look.”

Madame Li held out her hands, and spread them apart. Suddenly spinning there was a flower with black petals dotted with flecks of red. Gretchen stared at it in wonder.

“It’s.. lovely...” She was having trouble making her lips move.

“Yes darling Gretchen...the only thing more beautiful than its appearance is its perfume. Breath its sweet fumes deeply, so you will always remember them.”

Obediently, the blonde closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, the flower’s perfume overriding everything else and imprinting into the deepest recess of her mind.

Deeper... Deeper..

So beautiful..

Madame Li crumpled the flower and let the remains trickle through her pale fingers. Gretchen moaned, tears rolling down her cheeks. Madame Li stroked her hair, pushing it back out of her eyes. “Shhhh now, darling Gretchen, no need to be sad. He will give you this gift again someday.”

Gretchen smiled and spoke with a little girl voice “He will?”

“Yes, darling Gretchen...I promise...and it will even be better. The next time you smell this lovely perfume you will enter our special world again..” She made an all-encompassing gesture with her fingertips... “..and you will obey. You will have a chance to prove your devotion to your Master.”

Gretchen now cried tears of joy. “Yes.. Mistress. Thank you.. Mistress.”

Madame Li bent down and began to whisper in her ear...

Back on the bed, Gretchen opened her eyes, though she did not awake. It was time to prove her devotion to her Master. She rose and silently padded barefoot over to the bathroom door. Glancing in, she saw that Hildy was dozing in the tub. Carefully, she closed the door. She then went over to a desk where she found a pen and a piece of hotel stationary. She wrote firmly, without hesitation:

“I have no shame for what I have done. I acted alone, but I hope that my revolutionary example and death shall inspire the masses to rise and resist technological dictatorship.”

She signed her name and put the pen back where she had found it.

She made her way to the balcony. Quietly unlocking and sliding the door open, she stepped out into the night. She slid the door shut behind her.

The nightgown was thin and ended just above her knees. Yet the winds sweeping the twenty-third floor balcony did not chill her. She was simply too happy to notice. Gretchen stepped up onto balcony wall, her toes curling down over the edge. She spread her arms out like wings. She spoke in a joyful voice, her eyes staring across miles at rainbow-tainted blackness..

“For you, my master.”

The slavegirl leaned forward into the night.

From the darkened corner of the balcony where it had been lurking, statue-still, the tall figure moved with flickering supernatural speed, cape billowing out behind, strong arms extended...

To be continued?

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