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Note #2: Based on one of my own drawings, and dedicated to all the Doctor Fangs I have known.

The door to the hotel room abruptly swung open and Hildy spun around. The tall figure filling the doorway gave a smooth bow.

“Miss Johanson.”

“Doctor Fang!” She hissed the words, then fumbled in her purse and pulled out her compact revolver. “It’s over. You’ve lost!”

He spoke as he always did, cool and emotionless, his hands tucked inside his wide sleeves, the fabric featuring a single line of interlocking triangles.

“You and your interfering friends have defeated my Y2K glitch, yes. Decades of planning, swept away in a single night. But setbacks are inevitable in any truly worthwhile endeavor. I have merely lost a battle, not the war. In the end, the entire world will kneel broken before me in subjugation. As will you.” He glided further into the room, his long robe sliding silkily over the floor tiles.

“Never.” She almost matched his tone, which was quite an achievement for an ordinary human being. The gun didn’t waver. “Now get back. This is your last warning. You stay there, while I call the authorities.”

“You will call no one, Hildegard Johanson.” He looked down at her with his black eyes. “You will do nothing at all. Nothing. Unless I will it.”

She stared back, and for a moment a tinge of fear came into her eyes. Then she reasserted herself and began backing towards the table with the phone, keeping the gun aimed at him.

“I’m calling. And you can’t stop me.”

“Do not call. Look at me, Miss Johanson. Look into my eyes.”

After a couple more steps, the brown-haired reporter straggled to a stop. Her matching gaze rose to his angular face.

“Yes. Look deep into my eyes.”

“No.” This time, she spoke without conviction, fearful even. The gun wavered a little, even though she held it in both hands.

“Yes. Look into my eyes, and listen only to my voice. My voice.”

“No...” Even more plaintive.

“You will find, Miss Johanson, that you can no longer even form the thought of shooting me.”

“Of course... I can shoot you. I will...”

“Try, my dear. try to think of shooting me. Try to think of the proper movement of muscles. You will find that you cannot think of them, much less perform them.”

“I...” A look of panic came into her eyes. “I cannot...”

“Yes. Put down the gun. It is utterly useless to you now. Dead weight.”


One of his long, thin hands emerged from concealment and made a gentle downwards gesture.

Her finger clicked the safety shut on the weapon, and it slid from her nerveless grasp, clattering loudly on the wooden floor.

“Yes. You have done well, and now it is time to rest. To sink down into sleep. Deep, dreamless, sleep. No dreams. No thoughts. No memories. Only my voice.”

Her eyes started to droop shut but she dragged them open with a supreme effort, a final flickering of resistance.

“Commander Amazing will stop you...”

He made no verbal reply, but waved downward again, and her head went down as if attached directly to his hand, her chin coming to rest on her chest, her hands hanging limply at her sides. He studied her as a scientist would study an insect pinned to a card. Finally he spoke.

“Open your eyes.”

Her head came back up and her lids lifted, revealling the emptiness behind htm. She did not look at him, but stared straight ahead.

“Look at me.”

Her gaze shifted, but her face remained expressionless.

“Your eyes open, but your mind remains asleep. With every passing moment, it falls even deeper into sleep. Your mind, and your will. Both are asleep, and both will remain asleep, until I and only I dictate otherwise. Do you understand?”

“I understand, Doctor Fang.”

“You exist only to obey my orders, to please and pleasure me in any way that I may dictate.”

“As you dictate, Doctor Fang.”

“Kneel before me.”

She went to her knees in one smooth motion, then down so her forehead was pressed to the floor between her hands. She froze in this position.

“But first...” He clicked his fingertips together, and two women instantly entered the room through the door, barefoot and clad in toga-like garments whose color matched Fang’s robe. He spoke to them. “Take your new sister back to her home. Prepare her. Teach her what she must know.”

“Yes, Doctor Fang.” The two women spoke in perfect chorus. They moved and knelt down by Hildy, helping her to her feet. She rose without resisting, but looked at Fang. “Go with them. Do exactly as they instruct.”

“Yes, Doctor Fang.”

The three women turned to go.

“Yvette.” Fang spoke to one of the women, a tall Amazonian blonde. She turned back like a marionette which has had its strings firmly pulled.

“Yes, Doctor Fang?”

He produced something from his sleeve; a slim, vicious-looking dagger, a serpent of a blade.

“Be sure she has this hidden somewhere on her person. I have no doubt that Commander Amazing will easily deal with the small diversion I sent to distract him. When he arrives here, finds the secret passage downstairs and attempts his inevitable rescue, she must be ready to greet him... properly.”

“Yes, Doctor Fang.” Yvette took the knife and followed the other two women from the room. He watched them go, then picked up the gun and carefully placed it on the table by the phone. He scraped it with his claws for a moment.

“Soon, Commander Amazing.... soon...”


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