While nosing around on Wikipedia, I learned about "Drabbles", which refers not to the newspaper comic strip, but are attempts to write a story of exactly 100 words or less. I was inspired; here's mine.

Copyright Voyer, 2006.

The room was dark and sterile. Behind her gun, under her cap, her blue eyes glittered.

“Lieutenant.” The thin man’s head and hands floated in shadows.

“Keep your hands where I can see them.”

“Naturally. So. You’ve run me to ground. And now.. you will run me in?”

He read her lack of expression.

“Aaaah.. So that’s why you came alone. Foolish.”

“Your crimes are too monstrous.”

“Yes. Indeed.”

His hands made patterns.

Patterns deep inside her brain.

Patterns into total blackness.

His hands touched her skin.

Screams of terror. Screams of ecstasy. Screams balanced exactly between.

Screams forever.

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