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Dedicated to John Collier.

She was on the sofa, her long legs curled up gracefully under her. She flipped through articles on her tablet, the device’s screen dispelling some of the gloom in the curtain-shrouded apartment.

The door swung open.

She looked up, saw the man that stepped into room, and she grinned.

“Hey, Master.”

He said nothing.

She set the tablet aside, uncurled to her feet, stretched, then pulled off her heavy wool sweater and tossed it aside, revealing a slender torso wrapped in a (fairly modest) green bikini-top. She unmussed her mop of reddish-brown hair and wiggled her way out of her jeans, semi-dancing around in a circle as she did so, uncovering the other half of the bikini.

He pushed the door shut behind him, swiveled the lock shut.

Kicking the jeans away, she picked up the tablet and made her barefooted way across the room to him, holding the device before in her both hands; he stood by the door, still silent, a fellow with thinning brown hair, thick glasses and a few too many pounds accumulated around his middle (though not quite enough to break him free of his essential forgetability.).

She silently offered him the tablet. He took it, and she reached out, pulled off his glasses and set them reverently aside on a nearby side-table.

Pressed herself against him, curled her graceful fingers around his head.

Stuck her tongue down into his mouth and swirled it slowly around. Eventually, lingeringly, she left off this task and they looked at each other, nose to nose.

“I’ve just been sitting around waiting all day for you show up, Master.” She started to kiss him again, paused, and blinked.

“Is.. something wrong?” He finally spoke, his voice a match for the rest of him.

“Huh. That’s weird.” Her gaze drifted to one side for a moment, her fingers fiddling with his hair. “I just realized. Yesterday.. you weren’t my Master at all.”

“What was I?”

“I dunno.” She shrugged a pale shoulder, still staring at nothing. “You were just some guy I saw around occasionally. At the coffee shop. You were always there working on your computer or something. I might have been able to dredge up your name if I had to.”

“Mm. But now?”

Her gaze swiveled back to him.

“You are my Master now and forever, Master. That is your name and your title and your destiny, though I’m aware that when we are in the presence of non-slaves I’ll sadly need to call you ‘Roger’. Or no.” She pushed tighter against him. “‘Mr. Threadgill.’”

“And what are you?”

“I am your obedient submissive slavegirl.” She kissed him again, long and lingering. “I exist only to please you and obey your orders.” Kiss. “Security and protection doctrine shall be rigorously followed at all times.” Kisss.. “I love you with all my heart and soul.” Kiss.. kiss.. Kisss...

This time he was the one who broke away.

“And that doesn’t bother you?”

She stared at him, her blue eyes wide, her face flushed.

“How could it bother me, Master? You are my Master. I am your obedient submissive slavegirl. This is the natural order of things.”

“And you have no curiosity about how this change occurred?”

She considered this while kissing various spots on his face.

“Well.. maybe a little.” More kisses and thinking. “I’m still sorta the same person in some ways, and I do get curious about stuff..”

“Yes. That is why I chose you for my first. You’re not the most beautiful woman I know, but you are.. the best.”

“Aww! Thank you, Master!”

More kissing, more rubbing her body against his as his free hand found her butt, fondled it. Then she again broke away and resumed staring at him.

“First, Master?”

“Oh yes. Picking up our previous topic, I suppose if I was being truly security conscious, I wouldn’t tell you how I did this to you. But I am, eventually, at least in broad strokes, once I’ve reinforced your slavery-protocols, taken you a few levels deeper. Because you’re going to help me enslave more women to my will. Many more.”

“Oh.” If possible her eyes grew even wider. “Oh, god, Master! That is so goddamn HOT!” Kissss... “I can’t wait to see my friends, Cindy, Tami, Olive, all of them, hopelessly enslaved to your will, their minds throbbing with your slavery-protocols, wearing their little Outfits and groveling in ecstasy at your feet!”


She considered what she had just said for a moment, took a step backwards and put her body on display..

“You know, Master, I of course love my Outfit...” She studied that body as if seeing it for the first time, ran a hand down her flank. “..And I look damn good in it!”

“Yes, you do.” He traced the edge of one of the garment’s straps with a finger, and she quivered.

“Thank you, Master! But still..” She cocked an eyebrow. “I am your obedient submissive slavegirl. You could just order me to.. you know..” She gestured. He flickered a smile.

“Well, Alex, it turns out that.. along with being a nerd, I’m something of weirdo pervert freak.”

“Oh.” She considered this for a moment. “That means I am too! Yay!” She jiggled up and down.

“Indeed.” He patted her head. “And now, speaking of groveling..”

“Oh.” The widest grin of all. “Right Master! Yes Master! Anything for you, Master!” She stepped back up against him, kissed him again, and then she slowly coiled down around him, puddled herself at his feet, found the leather of his rather scuffed shoes and began reverently licking at it, pausing only to recite and repeat her mantra.

“You are my Master now and forever .”

lick - lick - lick

“I am your obedient submissive slavegirl.”

lick - lick - lick

“I exist only to please you and obey your orders.”

lick - lick - lick

“Security and protection doctrine shall be rigorously followed at all times.”

lick - lick - lick

“I love you with all my heart and soul.”

He squinted down at this vision for a long moment then recovered his glasses from the table and fumbled them back on.

“You are my Master now and forever .”

lick - lick - lick

“I am your obedient submissive slavegirl.” He rooted around inside one of the many pockets of his rather threadbare jacket and produced something, a blobby Frankenstein’s monster of a handheld device with various stubby antennas and flickering lights. A label rather crookedly applied named it DAEMON 23.

“I exist only to please you and obey your orders.”

lick - lick - lick

“Security and protection doctrine shall be rigorously followed at all times.” He examined the thing’s screen, tapped at some controls with a callused thumb, and held it close to the tablet. There was a flickering exchange between the two pieces of technology, and he nodded in satisfaction.

“I love you with all my heart and soul.”

lick - lick - lick

“You are my Master now and forever .”

He put them both down on the table, then fished a tangle of wires out of another pocket and added it to the collection. He took off the jacket, and moving his feet carefully so as not to disrupt his slavegirl’s rhythm too much, stashed it away in the nearby closet.

“I am your obedient submissive slavegirl.”

lick - lick - lick

“I exist only to please you and obey your orders.”

“All right, Alex. Alexandra. That’s enough for now.”

Her tongue pulled itself back inside her mouth, her body remained crouched.

He collected the pile, and went to the sofa, Alex trailling in his wake, on her hands and knees. He sat down, and spread his legs. Without prompting, she crawled up, filling the space between them with her head and body. She waited while he plugged one end of the wires into the Daemon, and began attaching the various other ends to spots on her head, her temples, around her eyes, into her ears...

Finally he was finished, and he pushed a button. She twitched, and her eyes rolled up in her head. Then her hands came up, and unerringly found what they were looking for.

They both got to work.

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