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Mary stepped closer to the alcove containing Teresa.

The black woman was in her underwear, standing barefooted on a sheet of some polished metal, with multi-colored wires attached to her body via sucker-tips, most of them clustered around her head or her piece of the Light, which was floating in its proper place the end of her arm. Behind her glasses, her eyes were narrowed down to fluttering white slits, and her mouth made small empty noises. Lesser lights blinked around her and behind her.

Mary glared.

“Teresa! What on earth are you doing here? You should still be at Work, making money!”

Teresa did not speak, did not react. The machinery peeped and hummed away. The lights rippled. Mary waved her hand and snapped her fingers in front of Teresa’s face. Still nothing.

“Miss Hobhouse-”

At his voice, Mary flushed and turned back to Mr. Krish.

“Oh. Mr. Krish. I’m very sorry you got dragged into this, and I want to apologize for Teresa’s totally unacceptable behavior. The Agenda is quite clear, and must not be deviated from. I may have to discipline her.”

Behind his own set of glasses (chunky, with black frames), he blinked at her in the Green gloom.

“Miss Hobhouse-”

“No. No, actually.” Mary gestured with a finger for emphasis, making the waves spin in distracting spirals around her hand. “I know. I’ll have my slave discipline her. I think she’ll be really good at it.” She paused. “What am I saying? I know she’ll be good at, because I will order her to be good at it.”

“Miss Hobhouse?”

Something in his tone finally caught Mary’s attention.

“Yes, Mr. Krish?”

“I was simply attempting to explain.”


“It is my.. understanding.. that because today is Friday, Miss Cartwright was given permission by her workplace supervisor to depart from her place of employment somewhat earlier than usual. Since she was thus here, she graciously consented to assist me for a time with my Snarkwave research. As did Miss Gomez yesterday. Their participation has been of inestimable value.”

“Oh.” Mary bit at her lip as she processed this piece of information, and had to struggle to keep a plaintive note out of her voice. “But the Agenda said that she..”

“Ah. The agenda. Let me consider..” Mr. Krish tapped at one of the keyboards on his workbench for a moment and studied the results on a screen. “Yes. I believe I have located the source of the problem.” More tapping.

Mary twitched, and the Agenda adjusted itself inside her head.

No. That was impossible. The Agenda was fixed and immutable. It did not change.

It had always been this way.


Mary shook herself back to awareness.

“Has Teresa given you satisfaction in her assistance with your Research, Mr. Krish?”

“Yes. Total satisfaction. Now then..” Mr. Krish typed something more. “What was it that *you* wished to see me about, Miss Hobhouse?”

Mary was baffled for a split second, but then remembered herself.

She consulted the Agenda.


She faced Mr. Krish and pulled herself to attention, having to fight off the embarrassing and almost overwhelming urge to salute.

“I came here to assist you with your Research, Mr. Krish!”


More typing.

The world went Greener, and Mary’s piece of the Light floated up into the air.

“If you are ready to begin, I believe we have just enough time before Miss Givney arrives.”

“Yes, Mr. Krish. I am quite ready to begin assisting you with your Research.”

“In that case, Miss Hobhouse, please remove your outer garments and your shoes.”

“Yes, Mr. Krish.”

Teresa’s clothes and purse were assembled nearby in a neat stack, along with an equally-neat (if much smaller) pile of twenty dollar bills. (Or at least the one on top of the pile was a twenty..) Mary added her own Purse to the collection, and began unbuttoning her coat.

Mr. Krish stopped typing long enough to glance down at her legs.

“Oh. And your.. hosiery as well, please.”

“Yes, Mr. Krish.”

She stepped out of her shoes, removed her skirt and blouse and pantyhose, and added all of them to her pile. She came back to attention, feeling the fabric of the carpet under her toes. Being just in her underwear.. it felt almost as good as wearing her Nightie. A long moment passed in silence, so she decided it wise to issue a status report.

“I have removed my outer garments and shoes, Mr. Krish.”

“Good.” He again tore himself away from the screen he was studying, filled with more wavy lines. “Now. Please step up onto the metal plate with Miss Cartwright.”

“Yes, Mr. Krish.”

“I’m afraid you’ll have to sort of crowd together.”

“Yes, Mr. Krish.”

Mary pushed up against Teresa, and was now staring into the other woman’s eyes, or what she could see of them. Together, they just fit under the alcove.

Teresa’s skin was warm.

The metal was very cool.

For some reason, Mary felt a vague tremor of unease.

“Are you experiencing any notable physical sensations, Miss Hobhouse?”

“I felt a vague tremor of unease, Mr. Krish.” Mary hoped this wouldn’t inhibit the important research.

“Interesting.” More typing. “Please try and lift your left foot.”

Mary tried to lift her left foot. It didn’t move, as if it had been suddenly glued to the plate.

“I cannot lift it, Mr. Krish.”

She forced herself to take deep calming breaths. Mr. Krish knew what he was doing.

And even if he didn’t, she must assist in his Research.

“Good.” Spoken in an absent tone. “Now then..” He left the workbench, and fumbled around in the side of the alcove until he pulled out a loose wire exactly like the ones attached to Teresa. He positioned at the base of Mary’s spine, and thumbed the suckerpad into place.

Mary twitched again, and her legs locked. The Green deepened another shade. She couldn’t stifle a small gasp. Mr. Krish paused in his adjustments.

“Are you experiencing physical discomfort, Miss Hobhouse?”

She was horribly embarrassed, but couldn’t dodge a direct question.

“No, Mr. Krish. I’m sorry, Mr. Krish, but I’m feeling.. nervous.”

“Ah. Interesting. In future, please tell me immediately if you experience any notable reactions. That is nearly the whole purpose of this experiment.”

“Yes, Mr. Krish.”

“Having established that.. What is the reaction if I do this...” He took another wire, this one with something different on the end, a sort of clip. It clamped neatly onto the Light, so neatly it was as if it had been designed exactly to do that.

Something shot up her arm into her brain, and all the confusion flushed away in a single quick woosh. Everything was fine. She was deep in the Green, deeper than she had ever been before, and she was assisting Mister Krish with his Research.

Her mouth shaped itself into a sunny smile.

“Report: I feel much better now, Mister Krish.”

“Excellent. I was quite hoping that would be the result.”

Mister Krish took another suckertip, carefully reached in between the two women, and attached it to Mary’s chest, right above her heart.

Another twitch.

Still smiling.

“Report: I am now paralyzed from the neck down.”

Another wire, this one in the center of Mary’s forehead.


“i Hear and i Obey.”

Mary woke up. She was standing at the door to her apartment, holding her keyring in her hand.

“Hello, Mary.”

Teresa was standing next to her in the hall.

“Hello, Teresa.”

Mary unlocked the door and they went inside, dropping their Purses on the waiting table.

They barely had time to do so; they were pulled to the Wabe. They touched their Light to it, and felt the Waves flow through their bodies, through their minds, Green and ever more Green.

They separated, went into the bedroom and changed into their Nighties. Mary was vaguely puzzled to note that her pantyhose had disappeared at some point during the day, but she dismissed the point. As long as it didn’t contradict the Agenda, it wasn’t of the slightest importance.

They returned to the living room.

Teresa selected a CD from the cabinet and started the Music playing, while Mary took her position by the intercom.

They posed themselves decorously and waited.

Mary became aware, slowly, that something was happening inside her head. The Music and the Waves were mixing themselves, forming... (What was the word? She needed to read a dictionary..) Intricate. Forming intricate patterns with the material that was her thoughts. She was becoming.. aware of things.. almost as if she was reaching out countless invisible fingers even as her eyes stared straight ahead at the opposite wall.

Riding the Waves.

Teresa. She touched up against Teresa’s shape, as formed by the Waves washing around it.

She found Teresa’s mind and mapped out its sharply-defined edges. There were waiting holes, sockets, like electrical outlets, glowing Green with the Light. How could she have not seen them before? They were so.. there. So visible. She slid her ‘fingers’ into them.


A new level of clarity blossomed.

raise your hand

Teresa’s non-Light hand came up and joined its partner, making her look like a movie sleepwalker.

walk across the room

Teresa walked past the Wabe, moving jerkily.


Another, larger, jerk. Teresa stood slightly bent over to one side, a windup toy that had run down. Mary methodically adjusted her grip, and the fingers went deeper.

walk back

Much smoother.

Ideas flowed. She had just found her dictionary. She scanned, and her vocabulary and knowledge doubled, tripled.

Mary left Teresa standing by the stereo, sucking some sort of delicious power from her, and pushed out, out of the room, out of the apartment.

She could see other intellects in the building.

She immediately tried to insert herself into them as well, but there were no holes, not like Teresa’s mind. Just shapeless shifting lumps that her fingers passed through and warped around. She almost wept in frustration, before realizing..

Of course. They weren’t properly integrated into the Light. Maybe someday that would change, but for now..

She pushed out as far as she could, trying to taste the whole world.

She could see maybe for a block in every direction. Bird-minds flickered past in and out of range, and the grass and the shrubbery grew. Worms chewed their orgasmic way through the dirt. Dozens of electrical devices glowed and prickled against her touch, repelling and attracting all at once. She wound her way through them; one of them flared and died at her touch.

And at the center of it all, something burning as bright as the sun.. She stared into it, and was blinded..

Her mind was going away..

Something came into range, pulling her attention away.

Angelita. Angelita’s mind, driving her car into the parking lot.

Unlike the others, The holes were there, waiting, and Mary filled them.

More knowledge, more ideas.

Mary ran in Angelita’s memories, jumping and flexing a perfectly toned and athletic body. The power..

Mary parked Angelita’s car, collected Angelita’s things, walked Angelita’s body to the security door.

Found her own physical finger, and buzzed the door open.

Walked Angelita up the stairs, down the hallway, through the apartment door..

For a moment, she had her new blank-eyed puppet pose for her, bending and flexing, enjoying it from within and out.

Then she changed Angelita into her Nightie, and posed her by the Wabe.

The Waves howled.

Intellects moved in and out of her sphere of perception.

Finally, one appeared that was.. sharper.. more distinct. Not like her two puppets with waiting holes, but still ‘better’ than all the rest.

Clover. She had been touched by the Green. Marked by it.

Her mind entered the lot, paused for a moment, approached the security door..


Mary pushed the intercom button.


“Mar? It’s me, Clover. I came over.”

“Of course. Come on up.”

Mary pushed the door button again and waited.

A knock at the apartment door, and Clover came in, carrying large bags in both hands. She didn’t seem to notice the two puppets, but turned to Mary.

“Mar.. Mary. It’s the weirdest thing. After I got off work.. I had to get all my crap and come over here... But I can’t remember why..”

Mary smiled, and activated Angelita. The Latina puppet took the bags from Clover’s unresisting hands and set them aside.

The Light floated, focused the Waves and blasted them deep into Clover’s brain.


The new piece of Light was waiting, tucked into its niche in the Wabe; it popped into Mary’s hand with a click. The two puppets floated their Light, and found the right spots, locking Clover’s head inside an inescapable triangle.

Mary slid the Light onto Clover’s finger.

She was sliding into Clover’s brain.

And as she did these things, she was also staring into the Sun again.

She was falling into the Sun.

She couldn’t seem to stop.


miss hobhouse and the other puppets Opened their eyes.

miss hobhouse did not Feel. she Heard and she Obeyed.

but still, for the briefest of moments, she Experienced satisfaction.

for it Was still daylight, the snarkwaves Were at their weakest, and nevertheless integration Was complete.

the minds of the group Were fully and permanently Merged.

mary no longer Existed, none of them Existed, except as masks to Wear when Dealing with the nonintegrated world.

soon the Controller would Arrive

Arrive Forever

we HEAR and we OBEY

Anna was doing her weekly round of plant-tending when her doorbell chimed. She sighed and set aside the watering can.

As always, she paused to check the peephole in the front door. This revealed a strange red-haired wo-

Anna blinked. No. It was Mary. Why on earth did she look so different?

It was the clothes for one thing; Mary was wearing a suit and skirt combination that Anna had never seen before, along with a pair of sunglasses. But there was something else..

Anna unlocked the door.

“Mary. Hello.”

Mary smiled.

“Hello, Anna.”

A slight chill ran down Anna’s spine. Mary’s whole stance had changed somehow..

Realization dawned.

“You know. You found out.”

“Know?” For a moment, Mary looked puzzled, than smiled again. “Oh. I comprehend. You are referring to your engaging in the act of fornication with Frank. Yes, I am aware of that-”

“Fornicating?” Anna retreated a couple of steps. “Mary? What’s wrong with you?”

“-but that is not why we are here.”

“We?” Anna whispered the word, and then saw that other women had joined Mary in the doorway. Lita. Rebecca. The whole gang.

Mary’s hand lifted in an unsettling way, moving as if some invisible string was pulling it.

Something was glowing there.

Something Green-

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