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Specific Disclaimers: This piece started life as a 'script' I contributed to a Poser animation on the excellent Hypnovideo website. The animation has now long come and gone, so I decided to convert it to an all-text version and post it here.

There was a soft, almost hesitant, knock at the door of the apartment. Stacy sighed as she rose from the sofa, absently tossed aside the copy of Eastsider magazine she had been reading, and went to answer it. Maybe it was finally that package she was expecting, or even better...

It wasn’t.

She really needed to get a peephole installed in her door...

“Oh. It’s you, Ned. What do you want now?”

Ned shifted nervously on his feet and pushed his black-framed glasses back up on his nose. He was a short, skinny man who lived three or four doors down the hall, and had been hovering around the edges of Stacy’s existence ever since she had moved into the apartment building a few months back. He smiled and spoke, his nasally voice grating as always against her nerve endings.

“Stacy! Hi! I just finished putting together my latest invention... you know I invent things, right?”

Stacy made a very non-committal noise. She hadn’t known, and she hadn’t given the subject of Ned’s occupation a great deal of thought.

“Anyway, it seems to be working, and I thought we could go out and celebrate!”

Stacy’s eyes narrowed to icy blue slits.

“Go out? On a date?”

“Um... yes.”

“Ryerson, I wouldn’t go out on a date with you if you were the last multi-celled organism on the planet! Go away.”

She started to close the door, but then he held up the smooth black thing he clutched in one hand. She hadn’t noticed it before, and for a flickering moment of panic she thought it was a gun, but then she saw there were lights blinking on it, lights that were actually rather pretty, and-





Stacy blinked her eyes back into focus. What had just happened? She had gone to answer the door.... yes. And standing there was...

“Oh, hello, Ned.” She flashed a quick smile. Ned was that guy who lived down the hall in unit 23. He wasn’t the most attractive man in the world, but at least he kept himself neat and clean, his dark hair nicely trimmed. Pity he had a thing about wearing those silly bow-ties... “What do you want?”

His Adam’s Apple bobbed. He seemed nervous about something, and spoke as if he expected her to strike him.

“I just finished...” He swallowed again. “I was wondering if you’d like to go out. On a date.”

Stacy sighed.

“Oh.” She carefully extended her arm and gave him a quick pat on the shoulder. “You’re a nice guy, Ned, but I’m sorry, I just don’t see you that way.”

Instead of being dejected, he smiled.

“It works! It actually works!”

Stacy crinkled her brow.

“What works?”

He looked down at something he was holding in his hand, black and smooth and covered with blinking lights.

“But the readouts say we can do better...”





Stacy blinked several times and brought her eyes back into focus. What had just happened? She had gone to answer the door.... yes. And standing there was...

“Oh, hey.” It was her friend Ned from down the hall. She gave him a smile. He was a neat guy. Not the great love of her life or anything, but super-smart and always a lot of fun to be around... “What’s up, Ned?”

There was a strange expression on his face, one that she couldn’t recall seeing before.

“I just was wondering if you’d like to go out on a date.”

Stacy blinked. She was expecting that package, and there was always...

What the heck. Going out with Ned was a lot better than any of that...

“Right now? Sure! Why not? Let me just get my coat!”

The colors of the thing in his hand caught her eye... they were...




Darkness... nesss....

Stacy shook her head and slowly the world came into focus, shapes resolving themselves out the darkness. What had just happened? She had gone to answer the door.... yes. And standing there was...

“Oh!” She gave a little gasp of surprise, and felt the flush climb in her cheeks. It was that gorgeous sexy hunk Ned Ryerson from down the hall. He’d never paid her the slightest bit of notice before, and... somehow she pushed the thoughts aside. “Hello... Ned. Can I... help you?”

His eyes glittered behind the frames of his glasses and her knees felt a little weak.

“I was wondering if you’d like to go out on a date.”

Stacy’s hands came up and pressed against her chest; it was like her heart was suddenly about to burst out of her sweater and she had to hold it in place. Somehow she found the words.

“A date? W-with you? I... you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to go out with you, Ned. I thought you’d never ask. I’m just so-”

She trailed off as he looked down at the thing he held in one of his strong, confident hands. He frowned, and she felt a stab of almost panicky pain; she'd blown it, she'd done something wrong...

“That’s odd.”


“It says that the calibration still isn’t perfect. What more could there be?”





DARKNESS ..... NESSSS ..... NSSSS......sssss

Stacy pushed herself up off the carpet and pried her eyes open. What was she doing down here? She had gone to answer the door and...

There was a pair of feet, black polished shoes.

She knew whose shoes they were, and she smiled as she got to her feet. It was him, of course, and she knew now why she had been down on the ground, knew with blinding eternal clarity.

“Hello, Sir.”

“Hi. Wanna go out on a date?”

“A date?” Her smile grew much wider as she slowly unpinned her black hair and let it spill down around her shoulders. And wider still as she plucked the equally black thing from Sir’s hand, and tossed it aside. “Why go out, when we can stay in...”

She coiled her arms around him and dragged him into the apartment...

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