I'm currently in the process of writing a very long and involved MC fetish story called 'Template', and posting it chapter by chapter to the Erotic Mind Control Archive. More than one person has complained that the story's plot is getting rather complicated, so in the interests of clarity here's a list of the major characters in the story to date, with as much of their name as been revealed to date. This list has plot spoilers if you haven't yet read the story.

I've also posted a timeline of the story, if that's of any help.

Thomas Jeffery Woodhue

'Owner' of the Book. Works at Harrison Manufacturing as a purchasing agent.

Suzanna Taylor

Tom's immediate co-worker, and his first accidental slave.

Nina Hollenburg

Works in the Harrison accounting department. Second slave after getting the Book from Suzanna.

Erika Imogene Johanson

An artist who lives next door to Nina. Given the book to read but not fully programmed.

Kristen Morsen

Co-worker of Nina's in the Harrison accounting department.

Fran Kurthimer

Co-worker of Nina's in the Harrison accounting department.

Holli Ogden

Works on Harrison shopfloor.


Harrison receptionist.

Gloria Steinhertz

Clerk in Rodney’s Books.

Gary Miller

Head of the Harrison sales department.

Jim Harbine

Harrison file clerk/IT guy. Friend of Tom’s.

Monty Kelsay

Harrison file clerk/IT guy.


Cybercafe owner/entrepreneur.

Steven Crandell

World-weary PI/goon-for-hire.

Kay Price

Nurse at Eastside General Hospital.


Nurse at Eastside General Hospital.

Edward Phibeson

Doctor at Eastside General Hospital.


Records clerk at EGH.

Sam Hooker Sr.

Elderly patient at EGH.

Richard Giley Woodhue

Tom's brother; owns a plumbing company.

Beverly Margaret Woodhue

Tom's sister-in-law; works as a grade-school teacher.

Louis Sanchez
Selena Dunmayer

City police detectives.


Night janitor at Harrison.

June Washington

Nurse at EGH.

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