I'm currently in the process of writing a very long and involved MC fetish story called 'Template', and posting it chapter by chapter to the Erotic Mind Control Archive. More than one person has complained that the story's plot is getting rather complicated, so in the interests of clarity here's a condensed timeline of events in the story to date. Please note that if you read this list before you read the story, some plot points will be 'spoiled' for you in advance since not everything listed here happens 'on screen'. Some events are left vague, because Not All Has Yet Been Revealed.

I've also posted a list of the major characters in the story, if that's of any help.

Day 1 (Friday, May 23)

1:00 PM:

Tom is reading the Book in his office.

Suzanna returns from a trip downtown.

Tom shows her the spiral in the Book.

Suzanna borrows the Book.

5:00 PM:

Suzanna goes home and starts to read the Book.

Day 2 (Saturday, May 24)

Suzanna reads the Book all day.

Day 3 (Sunday, May 25)

Suzanna gives the Book to Nina.

Nina reads it all day.

Suzanna breaks up with her boyfriend Gregory.

Day 4 (Monday, May 26)

8:00 AM

Nina gives the Book to Erika, waits at home for Tom.

9:00 AM

Suzanna goes to work and waits for Tom.

Tom goes to work feeling good.

Tom learns that the Book has turned Suzanna into his slave.

Suzanna gives Tom a blowjob; they are interrupted by Jim.

Suzanna tells him what she did with the Book.

They go to Nina’s.

Tom gets the Book back from Erika.

Tom and Nina have sex.

Tom burns the Book in Nina’s fireplace.

Tom/Nina/Suzanna meet Erika; Tom and Erika have a connection.

T/N/S go back to work.

Nina does something with a pen and some sheets of paper.


Fran and Kristen find themselves attracted to Tom.

Erika spends the day painting a client's picture and obsessively cleaning house.

Suzanna is unable to work in Tom's presence.

5:00 PM:

Tom and Suzanna go to their homes briefly, then to Nina’s.

Erika comes over to Nina’s. She and Tom have sex.

Tom cures Erika’s problem, partially.

They find a small metal plate in the Book’s remains. It has the word 'LEUCHTTURM' on it.

7:00 PM

Fran has sex with her husband Harold.

Kristen has sex with her semi-friend Angus.


Kristen dreams about visiting an unpleasant man on a throne, who gives her an assignment.

Tom and Erika discuss the situation and make plans:

Research the plate and...

Paint a copy of the spiral from the Book.

T/E/S/N have an orgy.

Fran remembers having a good dream.

Day 5 (Tuesday, May 27)

5:00 AM

Tom sends Erika home.

T/S/N have more sex.

8:00 AM

On Tom's orders, Suzanna calls in sick to work.

Tom sends Nina to give Suzanna to Erika for the day.

Nina programs Suzanna to watch Erika, inadvertantly creating the 'Ninabird'.

Tom goes to work.

Nina places an order for a (larger) gun.

Nina goes to work.

Suzanna develops odd, almost psychic, abilities.

Suzanna makes Erika breakfast.

Suzanna tells Erika that Erika is now pregnant with Tom's baby.


9:00 AM

Kristen gives something to Holli.

Suzanna and Erika go to do WWW research about the plate.

Fran gives something to Eve.

10:00 AM

Suzanna recites what she knows of Tom’s life story to Erika.

Suzanna and Erika meet Raul at ClickAway.

Fran ‘attacks’ Tom at Harrison.

Erika looks up LEUCHTTURM.


Fran remembers her Dream.

Tom escapes from Fran, almost running down Monty in the process.

Tom sees Eve acting strangely.

Kristen starts tailling Tom.

Fran looks up Tom’s home address and goes there.

10:30 AM

Erika finishs her research, and she and Suzanna leave ClickAway.

Raul starts snooping into Erika's life.

Tom goes to Rodney’s Books.

Tom meets Gloria and bombs out all around.

Gloria enters the Book’s title in the store’s search system.

Suzanna tells Erika about Raul.

Nina reviews her own mental changes, and starts to worry about Tom.

Tom decides to test Gloria further.

Kristen continues to follow him.



Raul sics Crandell on Tom & Co.

Back at Ericka's, Suzanna confronts Erika about painting the spiral.

Nina brushes off her ‘boyfriend’ Michael.

Erika makes an appointment with her doctor.

Erika begins painting the spiral.

Tom takes Gloria to lunch.

Fran breaks into Tom’s apartment.

Tom seduces Gloria.

Suzanna makes Erika lunch.

Crandell begins stakeout of Erika’s house.

Tom and Gloria have sex at her apartment.

1:00 PM

A client named Abernathy picks up the pots that Erika painted for him.

2:00 PM

The Ninabird half of Suzanna's mind 'takes over'.

The Ninabird helps Erika finish the painting.

Tom conducts one last experiment on Gloria.

Erika uses the spiral to help Suzanna keep quiet about Erika’s pregnancy.

The Ninabird leads Erika away.

Gloria wakes up and decides to forget.

Tom makes a purchase at 'Sloan's'.

Kristen cuts Tom’s brake line.

Tom's brakes fail, and he slides into an interection.


The Ninabird begins programming Erika.

Tom dreams as he is taken to the hospital.

3:00 PM

Mona admits Tom, then goes off-duty.

More programming of Erika.

Kristen sits in her car at the hospital, then decides to bide her time.

4:00 PM

Eve gets a call from the hospital about Tom, and gives them Richard's number.

The hospital calls Richard.

Richard calls Beverly.

Richard/Beverly drive to the hospital.

Eve tells Nina about the call.

Nina calls Erika and leaves a message on her machine.

5:00 PM

Tom wakes up and meets Nurse Price and Dr. Phibeson.

Erika wakes up from her programming and checks her phone messages.


Erika and Suzanna leave for hospital with the painting, witnessed by Crandell.

Crandell breaks into Erika’s house and snoops around.

Crandell calls informant Jolene at the hospital and gets Tom’s information.

Kay and Mona talk about Tom.

Kay takes Tom his personal items.

Tom talks with his roommate Sam.

Nina arrives in his room.

6:00 PM

Richard and Beverly arrive at the hospital.

They meet Nurse Price and then Nina.

Nina ‘leaves’, hiding in a nearby waiting room.

R/B talk to Phibeson.

Erika and Suzanna arrive at the hospital.

Suzanna hides and meets Nina, showing her the painting.

Kristen almost gets in an accident, then realizes she doesn’t need to have sex w/ Angus.

She drives back to Harrison to find Holli.

Holli jumps Gary at Harrison and drags him into a supply closet.

Eve goes home and has sex with her husband Joseph.

Fran waits in Tom’s apartment.


Nina is pulled into the painting.

The Ninabird implants a suggestion in Nina.

Nina almost remembers doing something with a pen and some sheets of paper.

Suzanna gives her an edited version of the day’s events.

Nina sends Suzanna to buy sandwiches in the hospital cafeteria.

Erika meets Beverly and Richard in Tom’s room.

Eve dreams.

Crandell breaks into Erika’s van, then goes into the hospital.

Crandell sees Suzanna going for sandwiches.

Crandell sees Detectives Sanchez and Dunmayer in the elevator.

Crandell finds and joins Nina.

Sanchez and Dunmayer tell Tom about the brakeline sabotage.

Holli dreams.

She wakes up in the closet at Harrison and leaves.

She meets up with Kristen in the Harrison parking lot.

They drive towards the hospital.


Crandell sits and reads a magazine.

Richard, Beverly and Erika talk outside Tom’s room.

Erika leaves to find Suzanna.

Monty arrives to visit Tom.

Sanchez interviews Tom.

Sanchez and Dunmayer leave his room.

Erika finds Nina and the painting (and Crandell).

Suzanna buys food in the cafeteria.

She returns to Nina and sees/"reads" Crandell.

The Ninabird takes over, and takes the painting away.

N/NB discuss situation in the hospital elevator.

They find a new waiting room on a different floor.

They discuss things further.

Nina comes to a decision.

Gerry meets Arnold the janitor at Harrison.


7:00 PM

Crandell finishes with magazine, leaves hospital.

Sanchez and Dunmayer talk to Tom’s relatives, leave hospital.

Nina and Suzanna discover they can’t bring themselves to use the spiral on men.

Nina conducts test with spiral on passing woman.

Test causes mental change in Nina and Suzanna as well as target.

Nina makes a desperate plan.

Holli and Kristen arrive at the hospital.

They meet Jim and go up to Tom’s room.

Kristen takes charge.

Erika has a discussion with herself in the bathroom.

Erika meets Holli/Kristen/Jim.

Kristen restrains Holli from immediately attacking Tom.

Nina and Suzanna bring the spiral to Nurse Price.

Tom feels hopeful.


Nina semi-programs Kay.

Kay lures in her co-worker June.

June is semi-programmed.

Kay gets Tom’s guests to leave.

Jim and Monty decide to hit the tavern for a couple of beers.

Richard and Elizabeth discuss Erika.

Kristen takes total control of her relationship with Holli.

Kristen and Holli drive away.

Kay takes Erika to see Nina/Suzanna.

They all join Tom.

Tom learns about Kay and June.

Kay and June leave.

Tom tells his Harem about his day.

Tom proposes to Erika.

Erika asks him to ask her again later.

Tom asks to hear about Erika.

Erika begins to tell her story.

Kristen and Holli arrive at a uniform-supply store.


Kristen and Holli go into store, buy janitor uniform.

Kristen goes to buy a broom and other items.

Erika tells her life story to Tom, Suzanna and Nina.

Tom tells about college girlfriend Elise.

The foursome discusses Crandell.

Nina summons nurses.

Kristen & Holli finish with purchases, take their relationship to new level.


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