Voyer’s Hypnostuff: THROB


General Disclaimers: While it features no ‘on-screen’ sexual activity or explicit adult situations, this hypnofetish scene does contain examples of fictional characters doing illegal, immoral and/or impossible things to other fictional characters. If you are under the age of consent in your community, are disturbed by such concepts, or want graphic sex in your online pornography, then for goshsakes stop reading now!

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Specific Disclaimers: A brief moment...

Dedicated to Ultra Woman.


A throb.

There was a throb.

There was nothing but the throb, slow and deep and endless.

Almost nothing.

A tiny twisting thread.

Around and around.

The bare tips of her toes just almost barely brushing against smooth icy metalstonewoodICE

A floor a ceiling a wall all at once.

The throb poured right through. Spiraling.

Around and around and around.

A river, a torrent a delicious crafty trickle.

Branches and rejoinings.

Exploring their way.

Up her legs,

across her curves

along her arms

enveloping her head

up through her long twirling hair

up and forever up into endless darkness.

Holding her up.

Banishing gravity.

Locking her in place.

Coating every inch.

Every pore and eyelash.

Thin and glossy, thick and fuzzy.

Soft and warm, cold and hard.

Underneath, flesh numb and burning.

Limbs dangling limp

Rigidly locked in place.

Fingers spread wide.

Eyes open wide and unseeing.

Seeing endless darkness.

Lips circled.

Blowup doll. Phrase without meaning. Erotic beyond words.




Spinning her body.

Spinning her body slowly and endlessly around

And around and around.

And her mind that too, oh yes.

Body clockwise

Mind widdershins.

Sliding endlessly slickly against one another.

Rubbed perfectly smooth.

Polished marble.

Container holding nothing.

A void free of thought.

Empty and throbbing.

Almost empty.

A tiny twisting thread.

Thickly coated.

Twisting tighter and tighter.

Around and around and around. Again and again and again.

Spiraling deeper and deeper.



Eyes open wide and seeing everything.

Seeing all the other women.

Her sisters.

Coated and helpless.

Beautiful and blissful and mindless.

Obediently waiting.

Pink and brown and black.

All spinning around and around and around.





Very very soon.




There was a throb...

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