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I've put out an electronic begging cup of sorts here on Voyer's Hypnostuff. First of all, let me emphasize that as long a no-cost venue for it continues to exist, access to all sections of this site will remain 100% free.

However.. I do put a lot of time and work into assembling all of this evil depravity for your pleasure. So if you find my Stuff to be enjoyable and/or helpful, and have a few extra bucks you can afford to pitch my way, please consider doing so.

What I have done is sign up for a "Wish List" with the online bookseller Amazon.com. It's a service that the folks at Amazon offer which allows a person to set up a webpage on which they can list whatever Amazon merchandise they have an interest in owning. Other netizens can then surf in and see if there's anything they'd like to buy the list-owner as a gift. To try and answer one possible concern in advance, I've conferred with another hypnofetish website-owner who already uses this system, and I am informed that if a buyer wants to, they can remain totally anonymous to the recipient. I make this additional promise: when and if anyone chooses to honor me by sending me some swag and as a result I get their name/address, I immediately destroy any such personal information that comes into my possession.

One or two of the things I've stuck on my list are pricey. Do I really expect people to shell out that much money for me? No, I suppose not, but hey, maybe someone out there will win the lottery or hypnotize a few rich people into handing over their life savings. There's a reason they call it a wish list.

I'll toss out this additional incentive: If you do buy me something off my list and are willing to tell me it was you who did it, I'll try my best to draw a picture for you, based on your stated desires. Yes, I've been doing this for free, and I will cheerfully continue to take suggestions, but giving me something in return will move you to the front of any waiting list. I'd be willing to go outside the parameters of this site if you want; even drawing non-MC stuff, as long as it doesn't involve any real people (famous or otherwise), isn't blatently illegal or graphically explicit. (And I hold out final veto power, even if you lavish me with gifts.)

One last very important note; if you do choose to buy me something, use the "standard" shipping option when filling out your payment choices. Not only is it the cheapest, it's the only level at which Amazon will ship to my post office box. I trust everyone will understand my not using my street address.

If after all this you're still interested, or just want some suggestions of Good Stuff To Read Or Listen To,


Thank you for your time and attention. We now return you to your regularly scheduled pervertions.

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