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Mary woke up.

Her hand had already reached out and silenced the alarm. Now it came floating back, and it flashed the light into her eyes.

So bright and beautiful..

More so than ever before.

She had to laugh at her yesterday self’s naiveté, thinking that she knew what it was to feel good. To know true bliss and contentment.

The only thing that could possibly make it better, would be if there was some..

Some what?

The confusion creeping in allowed her to take her eyes away from the light, pull her hand down to rest on top of the covers. It felt like someone had tied a big helium balloon to her finger, and it wanted to float..

There was no sign of Angelita.

Mary’s brow crinkled just a bit.

Hadn’t the two of them gone to sleep at the same time last night, right next to each other on the bed? She thought they had, but it was all so deliciously hazy..

Something prompted her to turn her head in the other direction, towards the door to the living room, a second before the portal was pushed open and Angelita came in, carrying Mary’s serving tray. The Latina must have dug her burden out of the cupboard where it had long been languishing; Mary had been getting sadly little use out of it with Nathan as a boyfriend.


It was strange how offhand and unimportant that change was.

The two women’s gazes met, and they exchanged smiles.

“Good morning, Angelita.”

“Good morning, Mary.”

“Did you have any dreams last night?”

“Oh, no. I never have dreams.”

“So you slept well?”

“Oh, yes. Like a log. I feel so wonderful this morning.”

“Good. So. What’s that you have?”

“This?” A glance downward. “I thought it was only fair to make you some breakfast this morning. Since you did it for me yesterday. I hope I didn’t tear up your kitchen too badly looking for things.”

“Oh, thank you, Angelita. How thoughtful of you.” Mary pulled herself up in the bed, and put one of her pillows between her back against the metal posts of the headboard.

“It’s just some of that awful cereal you like, and some toast and fruit. Not like anything Clover could whip up.”

“I’m sure it will be fine.” Mary hesitated. “Assuming you put some butter on the toast.”

“Yes, since you are so hell-bent on hardening your arteries. Butter and some jam.” She set the tray across Mary’s lap and stepped back. It looked good enough, although it was true that Mary had seen Clover do better.

She sipped at the glass of orange juice.

She’d have to go see Clover sometime soon, when she had the chance, and talk to her about food.. and..

But not today.

Food was important, but that was not what was missing...

Mary munched at a bite of toast, and swallowed it before speaking again.

“Is Rebecca still asleep?”

Angelita was still standing by the bed in her orange nightie, with her lower legs nicely arranged under its frilly hem. The only visible flaw were the scabby knees; one of the drawbacks of leading a very active lifestyle.

The owner of the knees didn’t seem to hear the question, but stared off into space, frowning slightly.


The other woman gave herself a shake and came back to earth.

“I’m sorry? What?”

“Is something wrong?”

“No, of course not. It’s just-”

“You’re happy, aren’t you?”

“Oh, yes!” Angelita straightened up and thrust her chest forward. “I’ve never felt better in my entire life!”

“So what’s the problem?”

“It’s just.. why do I feel-” Mary’s wrist flicked. Two things happened: some toast crumbs sprayed, and Angelita’s ring floated up. The wearer of the latter item trailed off as the light rose up level with her eyes.

The lovely light.


Which was nice, but not right..

Mary puzzled over that some more as she ate a couple of bites of cereal. It (the cereal) needed a little sugar sprinkled on it; Angelita the health nut in action again.

Angelita stared at the light. As Mary had noted yesterday, watching this was almost as good as doing it herself, but finally she spoke again.


Angelita snapped back to awareness and attention.

“Yes? I’m sorry?”

“Is Rebecca still asleep on the couch?”

“Yes. She’s really zonked; didn’t wake up even with all my clattering around in the kitchen..” She started to turn towards the door, her dark eyebrows raised. “Do you want me to get her up?”

“No. She has a busy day ahead. I’ll wake her up in a little while.”


“And have you eaten yourself? You’ve got things to do as well, I imagine.” Mary waggled a finger. “You have to keep your strength up.”

“No. I’ll go make some more toast, if you don’t mind me running you out of bread.”

“That’s fine.” Angelita started to leave. “But first...”


Mary poked at her cereal.

“Would you be a doll, and bring in the sugar pot? It’s the little white thing, on my lazy susan.”

“Huh? Oh, Sure. It’s your funeral.”

Angelita went and came, and Mary sprinkled the sugar. Bliss. Extra bliss.

Still, as she finished her meal, Mary thought again of Clover’s cooking ability.

And they were almost out of bread.

Yes, something would definitely have to be done.

Maybe tomorrow.

After presumably eating her own toast, Angelita came back and collected the tray and what remained of its contents. Mary got up. Once again, one of the first things her eyes fell on was the dream journal lying on the nightstand.

She swept it in the trash.

She then started to make the bed, but something stopped her, a thought came to her. She thought maybe it was what was missing in the day, but no, this was something new. She arranged her nightie so that its folds fell cleanly to the floor, and stepped out into the living room.

Angelita was washing the dishes in the sink, and humming to herself. Mary smiled to herself as she realized it was one of the songs from the Rule Ensemble CD.

And then...

Music. Music music music...

Of course. A thrill went through her, and she gazed at the silent stereo. That’s what was missing. Music.

She needed to go see Teresa today, and get some better music to listen to.

Needed to.

To have ready when..


When I have company come over. Important company, not just Angelita and Rebecca.

She scolded herself and shook away the unkind thought, but that didn’t change the basic truth.

While it was important that she go to work and earn money, she also had to go see Teresa at Tuneworld.


No matter what.

Angelita finished cleaning up, and dried her hands on the waiting dishtowel. She held up a wineglass.

“Where do these go? I couldn’t find them in the cupboards.”

Mary pointed. “Over there. Top shelf.” Then she frowned. Why was that sitting out?

Then the thought from the bedroom suddenly welled up, distracting her away from both the wineglass and Teresa.


“Yes?” She turned away from the incidicated cupboard, now empty-handed.

“Will you go make the bed, please, if it’s not too much trouble?”

“Huh? Oh. OK. If you’d like.”

Angelita brushed past Mary into the bedroom.

Mary watched her go, and felt..

She couldn’t decide how she felt. Calm and peaceful and totally relaxed, of course. But also.. She stepped back inside her head and poked at her brain.

I just ordered Angelita around like she was my maid. And she did what I asked.

That was wrong. Not just morally, but.. Angelita was real prickly about stereotypes. People of Mexican descent working as maids, as service workers. The fact that the woman’s father was a janitor and her mother a waitress didn’t help.

So. Wrong. But it was also...

Mary licked at her lips.

She waited, hands at her sides, and listened to the hum of the refrigerator.

Listened to the no music, which was poke poke poking at the back of her skull.

Angelita finally came back out.

“All done! So did you wake up-”



“Would you vacuum the floor, please? The vacuum’s over there in the closet.”

Angelita hesitated for a moment, seemed to waver slightly, then glanced at her ugly watch and shrugged.

“Well, OK, but at some point we’re going to have start getting ready for work.”

“Just do it, please.”


Angelita pulled out the vacuum out of the clutter, untangled the cord, found an open outlet and plugged it in. The vacuum, Mary’s trusty old upright model, roared to life. It still worked well, but it was loud. Angelita started pushing it around the carpet using smooth even strokes.

Even though she couldn’t hear it, somehow, Mary knew, knew that she was humming that tune again as she worked.

Instead of licking it, Mary bit at her lower lip.

I have to stop this. This is so wrong.

Angelita reached the spot where Mary was standing. Mary didn’t move, and Angelita just worked around her, hardly breaking pace. Yes, she was humming the song.

Mary was still very calm.

Very very calm.

Angelita finished the living room. She had chosen the just the right outlet, and was able to go on into the bedroom without a pause.

Mary listened to the back and forth drone of the vacuum.

She was very calm.

A single trickle of sweat ran down her back, tracing a slow agonizing trail.

Back and forth...

Finally, all too soon, the vacuum stopped and the no music came back.

Angelita was finished.

She appeared once again, winding the cord around the waiting storage prongs as she did so.

Mary opened her mouth, spilling out an apology.

“Do it again.”



“You heard me. Vacuum the floor again.”

“Mary, the floor is clean.” Speaking as if to a very stupid child. “It was pretty clean before I started, actually.”

“Vacuum the floor, Angelita.”

The two of them glared at each other.


Angelita punched the power button again, and started pushing again. Not nearly as neatly as before, but with ragged, angry strokes.

“Do it right.”

Angelita shouldn’t have even heard her over the noise, and had her back turned. For a moment she was a statue, and that corner of Mary’s mind churning now in frantic slow-motion in deep green water cheered.

Yes! Tell me to shove it! Tell me..

Angelita started pushing the vacuum again. Using slow even strokes. If anything, she was even more meticulous than before.

Something made a small noise in the back of Mary’s throat.

The other woman worked her way across the room once more, again passing around Mary’s toes, which poked out from under the bottom of her nightie.

She avoided Mary’s gaze.

Once she was back in the bedroom again, once the semi-silence was back again, Mary started humming the song herself. It helped, a little.

The vacuum stopped again. Cord-winding again. Still not looking at Mary, Angelita yanked the plug from the wall, and returned the vacuum to the closet. She came to where Mary was standing.

“Happy now?”

Mary thought with dull horrorexcitement that she would say no, and make Angelita do it all a third time.

But instead...

The coffee table was close at hand, and there was a book lying on it. One of Ingersoll’s 800-page historical romance creampuffs which she’d gotten from the library last week.

Why did last week suddenly seem like a lifetime ago?

She picked up the book, held it out at careful arm’s length, and dropped it. It hit the well-scoured carpet near Angelita’s feet with a faint thud.

“Pick that up, Angelita.”

This brought Angelita’s gaze back around, and Mary could see what was swimming in the back of her eyes..

“Mary! Why.. why are you doing this? Why-” She broke off.

Maybe because she could see what was in Mary’s eyes.

“Pick up the book.”

Angelita moved in jerks, like a half-broken toy.

Or a machine being pushed past its limits.

She bent over and picked up the book, and put it back on the coffeetable, carefully lining it up with the edges of the table.

Something inside Mary died.

Angelita looked at her.

“Clean my feet.”

“No!” True anger, finally.

too late, angelita. far far too late.

She floated the ring, and flashed the light into Angelita’s eyes.

The light.

It was glowing in some strange new way, almost buzzing with power, sending tremors down her arm, into her head. She thought about Buster again.

The corners of her mouth turned up but it wasn’t a smile.

“Clean my feet. With your tongue.”

Angelita dropped to all fours.

She crawled across the carpet towards Mary.

The corners jacked up another notch.

Angelita's tongue touched her.

Something snapped, a very sharp thing.

“What on earth was that? An earthquake?”

Mary jerked herself back to attention.

Angelita. It was she who had spoken, as she rose from the floor.

“I dunno. Weird.” Mary stared at Angelita, who caught her at it and raised her eyebrows as she adjusted a wayward shoulder-strap on her nightie.

“Something wrong? I sprout an extra arm or something?”

“I..” Mary rubbed at a spot on her forehead. She felt calm and peaceful, but something was buzzing somewhere, buzzing loudly... “You’re not mad at me, are you?”

“Mad at you?” Angelita made a snorting noise. “No, of course not. Why?” She nudged Mary with an elbow. “You got guilty secrets you want to share? Eh?”

“No. I..” Mary shook herself and blew out a breath. “It’s nothing. So. We had breakfast, right?”


“So what’s next?”

“Go to work, silly. It’s very important that we go to work and make money.”

“Right. And I need to swing by Tuneworld and see Teresa.”

Angelita paused and gave her wide-eyed look.

“Say, that’s spooky!”


“I was just thinking that what this place needs is some better music! Well, Teresa’s certainly the one to talk to about that.”

“Right. So I will. But there was something else..” Mary scratched at her favorite freckle, the one just to the right of her nose. “Something important...”

“Sorry. Can’t help you there.” Angelita looked down at herself and sniffed. “Woo. I need to take a shower, bad. You mind if I use yours?”

“No, go ahead.” Mary waved. “There are towels on the top shelf in the cupboard. Actually, no, hang on a minute, before you go, why don’t you lead us through a few stretches first? Start the morning off right.”

“OK, 1. I don’t do that for free, even for you, and 2. ‘Us’?”

Mary paused. Why had she said ‘us’?

Light dawned, and she snapped her fingers.

“Rebecca! That was it! I knew I was forgetting something!”

They turned to the sofa, and the blonde woman was there, sleeping peacefully under one of Mary’s guest blankets.

“How on earth did she sleep through.. through..”

“Through what? All we did was make breakfast.”

Mary rubbed at that spot on her forehead again.

“That’s pretty noisy. Pots and pans and such. Still, time to get up.”

Mary leaned over the sleeping woman.

“Rebecca? Babe? Time to wake up!”


“She is breathing?”

Angelita’s tone was joking, but for some reason, the question twisted at Mary, and she looked at Rebecca’s blanket-covered chest.


“You didn’t give her sleeping pills, did you?”

“No.” Was that a lie? Her memories of last night were deliciously hazy..

Then an idea came to her. A brilliant idea.

She tapped the light against Rebecca’s forehead, once, gently.

“Wake up.”

Rebecca’s eyes flipped open.

She saw the two of them, and smiled.

“Good morning.”

They smiled back.

“Morning, sleepyhead. Feel better now?”

“Oh, yes!” Rebecca shrugged off her blanket, sat up, and stretched her arms.

“Did you have any dreams?”

“Dreams? Why?”

“Did you?”

“Well, I.. hmm. Yes..” Rebecca’s blue eyes wandered into thought. “I was at the bar, with that bitch Clarissa. And she was dishing out her usual crap, you know... You know? I told you about her, didn’t I?”

The other two women nodded.

“The stuck-up one?”

“With the hideous haircut?”

“Right. Anyway. I hit her with a banana cream pie. In the dream, I mean. Right in the face. That was nice. She hates bananas. Then.. that’s all. Anyway!” She hopped to her feet. “That was just about the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had!”

“My sofa’s famous for that these days.” Mary picked up the blanket and began to fold it. “So, now.. Rebecca... you do understand that you were wrong about the rings?”

“Rings? Oh! Oh, yes!” Rebecca floated her hand and stared at the light glowing there. (It was even smaller than Angelita’s, but just as powerful.) “I don’t understand how I could have been so blind.”

“Yes, well. Rebecca, It’s important that you know that during the day, it won’t look quite so beautiful.”

Angelita nodded solemnly.

“You might even be tempted to take it off before you come back to the apartment.”

Rebecca made a noise, still staring.

Take off the ring? I’d never do that.”

“Yes.” Mary flashed the light from her ring into Rebecca’s eyes, bringing the blonde’s attention back to her. “Just remember that while you’re out doing your chores. And especially at work this afternoon. Now, Angelita, how about those stretches?”

“I told you, no. You two do it if you want, but I’m going to go take that shower.” Angelita rubbed at a spot on her forehead and stalked off. Something stabbed at Mary’s gut like a knife.

“Angelita, look, I’m really sorry.”

Angelita shot a glance over her shoulder, one crammed with several emotions, then flashed a smile and a wave.“Yeah, yeah.”

Rebecca rubbed not at her forehead, but on the bare stomach situated between her bra and panties. The stomach wasn’t as impressive as Angelita’s, but then, whose was? And the two pieces of clothing were made of matching blue silk, or some blue silky material, much better than Mary’s white cotton off-the-shelf-at-S-Mart jobbies. As Rebecca spoke, Mary reflected that the blonde woman always had really nice clothes. Of course, she could afford them much better than the rest of the gang..

“What stretches are those?”

Mary shrugged uncomfortably, and forced herself to not look in the direction of the bathroom.

“Oh, it’s not important. Can I make you some breakfast? You’re the tea-drinker, right? I still have a few bags somewhere..”

“Yes, thanks, but I’ll pass. I don’t need it this morning.” Rebecca did a little spin that went a little wobbly at the end; she could be something of a klutz if she wasn’t careful.. “I feel so.. so charged! Stretching sounds like a really good idea!”

“OK. But remember, you need to get moving after you eat. How about some eggs?”

“Oh. Right. Moving. Eggs are fine. Do you have a spare key for the apartment? I’m going to need to bring everything up here, while you’re at work making money.”

For a split second, the two women stood silent, staring at each other and sharing a thought.

Everything? What everything? What chores? Where did all of this come from?

Then it was gone, and Mary smiled. She was calm and relaxed and peaceful.

“Yes. Of course. It’s around here somewhere...”

While Mary hunted, Rebecca started flexing and humming a song under her breath. She stopped the humming to speak between movements. “You know.. you really need.. to get some music.. in here.”

Mary found the key and tossed it to Rebecca, who snatched it out the air without breaking her rhythm.

Mary pulled some eggs from the refrigerator.

“Yes. I’m going to see Teresa. Today. The very first chance I get.”

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