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After asking her guest’s preference, Mary quickly scrambled some eggs for Rebecca and dished them onto a plate alongside a glass of orange juice.

“Thanks!” Rebecca finished her stretches. She dropped the spare apartment key on the counter, slid her underwear-clad body onto one the bar-chairs and snagged the salt and pepper shakers.

“No problem.” Mary sighed internally as Rebecca proceeded to apply the shakers with wild abandon. Why didn’t any of her friends season their food properly?

Since she was in the kitchen anyway, Mary turned her attention to making lunch for the day. As Angelita had said, their breakfasts for the last couple of days had pretty much run them out of bread (and now, OJ.) So she decided to make up a salad instead of a sandwich. She washed her hands and fished the lettuce and various other veggies out of their drawer in the refrigerator. Then she got out the knife and the cutting board and the salad bowl and added them to the collection on the counter.

The shower ran on at the edge of hearing.


Mary was calm and peaceful, but at the same time, a small tight knot of stomach-guilt kept trying to poke its twisted little nose through the curtain. As she pulled the lettuce from its bag, Mary again wondered why. All she had done was ask the woman to lead them in a few stretches. It wasn’t like she’d...


Mary shrugged the thought off of her shoulders and began tearing apart the lettuce, carefully ripping each leaf down into smaller pieces and placing them into the bowl.

“So, that’s what you’re having for breakfast? I know Angelita’s always pushing the whole healthy eating thing, but green salad’s going a little far, isn’t it?”

The comment came from Rebecca, of course.

Mary narrowed her eyes ever-so-slightly as she considered a reply. She of course had had no choice but to forgive Rebecca for the blonde woman’s.. what was the right word? Her religious education had been a little lacking.

All of her education had been lacking. She needed to read more books, real books like Teresa and especially Anna were always reading, so that she could at least try and carry on an engaging intellectual conversation with important people who came to visit her. She had to go talk to Anna at some point and-


The enormous green-edged word sliced into her thoughts with a suddenness that was vaguely alarming.

Still, yes. That was it. Heresy. A fine good word that bore repeating. Rip. She had forgiven Rebecca’s heresy about the rings. Rip. And of course anymore Rebecca was constitutionally incapable of going five minutes without being snarky about something, but still..







Mary blinked and looked at the coleslaw makings in her hands.

Then the light buzzed and a new thought smoothly inserted itself into her head.

An even better thought.

She turned up the corners of her mouth, and dropped the lettuce remnants.

She spun around.

Rebecca was holding a fork halfway to her mouth, with some eggs on it. She stared at Mary.

“Mary? Did something just-”

Mary crooked a finger.

“Come over here, Rebecca.”

“But I-”

“Please come here.”

Rebecca hopped off the stool and came around the counter, still holding the fork.


“I already ate breakfast. And so did Angelita. This is lunch.” She pushed a blonde strand of hair away from Rebecca’s face. The owner of the strand shied away, but didn’t step back.

“OK. I was just asking...”

“Yes. Fine. How are you at making salads?”

“Uh.. mixing drinks is more my line, but I guess I can toss something together if I really need to. Hey! I know! You should ask Clo-”

“Yes. Good. I’ll do that. But for now.” Mary took the fork from Rebecca’s unresisting hand. “Make me a salad for my lunch.”

“But I-”

Mary floated the ring, and flashed the light deep into Rebecca’s mind.

Rebecca fell silent and stared.

The calmness and the peace deepened a hundred-fold.

And the sense of... power... buzzing up her arm...

Channeled power..

Like riding a half-tamed stallion across a field, and feeling the muscles move under you, knowing that he could throw you at any second if you don’t...

“Make me a nice green salad for lunch, Rebecca. And no more back-talk.”


The light dropped away.

In a strictly physical sense.

Rebecca picked up the waiting knife, and Mary went around the counter, and manned the seat in front of the half-finished eggs. She ate the clump on the fork, then poked at the rest, arranging them in various patterns on the plate. She wasn’t really hungry, and, as noted, there was far too much salt and pepper on them.

She forced herself to eat every last bite, and drink the orange juice down to the very last drop.

It was the principle of the thing.

She chewed, and studied the ribbon bobbing in the back of Rebecca’s hair. She made her mouth smile again.


Rebecca instantly swiveled around, now posing the knife in mid-action, her blue eyes very wide.

“Yes, Mary?”

“Make it a double-serving.”

“Yes, Mary.” Rebecca turned back.

Mary would give half of the salad to Angelita for her lunch. That would make up for..

Asking her to lead them in stretches.


She watched Rebecca chop up carrots and mushrooms, and the last twists of the guilt-knot untied themselves and faded away.

Mary was scribbling down a shopping list and Rebecca was scrubbing the dishes when Angelita emerged from the bedroom, clean and dressed and ready for the day. T-shirt and jeans pulled (presumably) over the top of her spandex aerobics uniform, and a pair of white tennis shoes. Mary sighed. Angelita looked so much more attractive barefoot, in her nightie, but of course, it was important that she go to work and make money, and you couldn’t do that in a nightie.

“The world is so unfair.”

“Sorry?” Angelita was giving her hair one last brush n’ fluff, arranging it in the usual painstakingly windblown look. Mary never really understood why she went to all that trouble, since she had to tie it back once she got to work, to keep it from flopping around everywhere...

“Nothing. Just thinking out loud.”

“Right.” Angelita stashed away the hairbrush in her purse before going on. “Say, Mary. Did you notice anything strange, just now?”

“Strange? No. What do you mean?”

“Well, I was in the shower, and.. oh, it’s nothing.”

Mary floated the light and flashed it into Angelita’s mind.

“Tell me what happened in the shower.”

Angelita stared and spoke as if at a recital.

“I seemed to lose track of time. Like I was just standing there, frozen in place.”

“Oh.” Mary considered this for a moment. “But that’s just silly.”

“That’s just silly.”

“Right. And Angelita? From now on, you will answer all my questions immediately, with complete and total honesty. Do you understand?”

“I will answer all your questions immediately, with complete and total honesty.”

“Good.” Mary spared half a glance for the third woman. “That goes for you, too, Rebecca.”

“Yes, Mary.”

The buzzing light dropped away, grudgingly.

In a strictly physical sense.

Angelita gave herself another Buster-shake, and smiled.

“Anyway, I’m going to take off, OK? See you tonight, Mary?”

“OK. But just a minute. I have something for you before you go.” Mary shifted her gaze and voice towards the kitchen. “Rebecca? Are you all done there?”

“Yes, Mary.” Rebecca placed two sealed Tupperware bowls on the counter, side by side, then dropped her hands and waited. Mary gestured towards the containers.

“I made us some lunch. Just a green salad.”

“Oh, thanks, Mary! That was really nice of you!”

“No problem. Oh, and Rebecca. Get a couple of fruit cups out of the cupboard over there. Third shelf.”

“Yes, Mary.” Rebecca moved to the cupboard.

“You really didn’t have to do this, Mary.”

“I felt bad. As bad as you can feel when.. you know.” They both smiled and floated their rings for moment... “I didn’t want to seem like I was ordering you around. With the stretching, I mean.”

“Oh, that.” Angelita flapped a hand. “Well, hey, mañana, you all give me a buck a piece, and maybe I’ll re-consider!”

“I’ll bear that in mind.”

Angelita took her half of the lunch items, and started for the door. She had her hand on the knob before Mary spoke up again, the light rising.

And buzzing.



“What’s 2 + 2?”


“How long have you been working at Goldengirl?”

“Just over five years.”

“Do you like me?”

“Yes. You’re my best friend.”

“What embarrassing thing about yourself have you never told anyone?

“I had sex once with a man just because he paid me money to do it. And I enjoyed it. I enjoyed too much. It was about the best sex I’ve ever had.” Despite her dark skin, Mary could see the flush building in Angelita’s cheeks. “It made me feel so kinky.. and dirty.” She clawed at her own chest.

“So you would do it again?”

“If that man asked me, yes. I haven’t seen him since we did it.”

“And is that the biggest secret you’ve ever kept from me?”


Mary waited a minute, then sighed.

“What is the biggest secret you have ever kept from me, Angelita?”

“Anna had sex with your boyfriend.”

As soon as words popped out of Angelita’s mouth, she blanched.

“Oh, God! Mary! I didn’t-”

“Be quiet, Angelita. Speak only when spoken to.” Mary paused for a very long moment, and prodded at her feelings. Shouldn’t that statement have made her angry? Yes. No. Furious. But all that came was a sort of very dry.. puzzlement. “Anna? Anna slept with Nathan? I gave her credit for more taste.”

Angelita was staring at the carpet now.

“No. She slept with Frank.”

“Frank?” Mary backtracked a few mental steps. Frank had been the boyfriend before Nathan, a construction worker she’d met at another party at Stinksop’s. He’d been a fun guy, good in the sack, but she’d never come close to having true and deep feelings for the man. Still.. in the end.. A thought occurred to her. One or two events suddenly made a better kind of sense, illuminated from a new angle. “Is that why he broke up with me? Because he was seeing Anna?”

“Yes.” Angelita’s voice was very low.

Anna? I could believe Clover, maybe, doing something like that, but Anna!?

In the end, the break-up had hurt, and Nathan had caught her on the rebound. And that led to.. Mary thought some more, after wondering for a moment why she had said ‘seeing’ when she had meant to say something a whole lot stronger.

“But.. Anna’s with.. whatshisface.. Kevin now... isn’t she? That little.. dweeb.. from the bookstore? Is she still seeing Frank, too?”

“No. Frank moved back east six months ago. He asked Anna to come with him.”

Mary had to blink at that. Six months? She didn’t realize how completely she’d lost track of the man.

“Why didn’t she go with him?”

“I don’t know.”

“But you knew about them seeing each other?”

“I found out just as he was leaving town. Because it was over between them, Anna begged me not to say anything. So I agreed.”

Still no anger. If she’d learned all this.. before.. before the light.. she’d have been enraged. It would have meant the end of her friendship with Anna. And Angelita.

But now.

Now it didn’t matter.

Something was wrong with that. Very wrong.

Her hand floated itself and she had no choice but to look into the light for a very very long time.

It was buzzing so wonderfully now.

Nothing was wrong.

Everything was fine.

Mary was calm and peaceful.

The light didn’t drop away, but shifted its focus.

“Angelita. Look at me.”

Angelita lifted her head, and Mary saw that silent tears were running down her cheeks.

She went to her.

“Shh, Angelita. Nothing is wrong. Everything is fine.” She took some of Angelita’s hair and wiped away the tears. The light shined itself into Angelita’s mind. “You will forget telling me about this. Forget it completely, and forever.”

“Yes. Completely. And forever.” A fervent whisper. “Thank you. I’m so sorry. So-”

“Shh.” Mary placed her finger on Angelita’s lips, sealing them, then did the same with the Latina woman’s eyes. Angelita’s chin dipped down, and her hair spilled forward, concealing her face. She didn’t drop the food, but her purse slid from her hand, and hit the floor with a thud.

Mary picked up the escapee, and draped it over Angelita’s shoulder.

She touched the light to Angelita’s forehead.

They both twitched, and Angelita clicked back to smiling life, pushing the hair out of her face.

“Woo! Sorry! Spaced out there for a minute! Anyway, I’m off. See you tonight!”

“Yes. Bye.”

Angelita departed.

Mary examined the closed door and waited for.. something.

The buzzing deepened.

Mary went back to the counter. Rebecca was standing right where they’d left her, hands still at her sides, staring at nothing in particular.

“Rebecca. Wipe down the counters until they gleam. Use that cloth over there.”

“Yes, Mary.”

Mary sat on the bar-chair again and watched the other woman work, resting her chin in her cupped hands.

The buzzing was so loud it was even starting to drown out the no music.

Scrub scrub scrub

“Have you been sleeping with any of my boyfriends, Rebecca?”

“No, Mary.”

“Glad to hear it. Did you know that Anna was sleeping with Frank?”

“I didn’t know. I suspected something was wrong.”


“Anna has always behaved strangely whenever Frank’s name is mentioned.”

“You knew Frank before I did, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Mary. I introduced the two of you. I thought you might like each other.”

“That’s right. You did. At that stupid party. So. That whole mess was really all your fault.”

Scrub scrub scrub.

“Apologize, Rebecca.”

“I’m sorry, Mary. Please forgive me.”

“I suppose I have no choice in the matter. I forgive you.” Scrub scrub scrub. “If there are no cheating boyfriends, what’s your biggest secret, then?”

“I once killed a man.”

Scrub scrub scrub.

The buzzing was far too strong now, and this new revelation didn’t even ripple the surface of Mary’s mental lake. The best she could manage, with an effort, was to cock an eyebrow.

“Why did you kill him?”

“He attacked me in my apartment. I hit him on the head with one of my elephant bookends.”

“Those heavy metal ones?”

“Yes. He was killed instantly.”

“And.. you were able to convince the police that it was self-defense?”

“I never told the police. Or anyone, until now. I dragged his body out after dark and dumped it beside the path in Lancaster Park. I took his wallet and wristwatch so they would think it was a robbery, and tossed them both in the Dumpster behind the KwikEMart on Parkhurst. I kept the money from the wallet, but could never bring myself to spend it, and gave it all as an anonymous donation to the Eastside Homeless Shelter. I was never even questioned, and the case is unsolved.” Scrub scrub scrub. “I still have horrible nightmares about it sometimes.”

“When did this happen?”

“Two years, three months and eight days ago.”

Mary counted back the dates.

“Oh. So that’s why you went on that long vacation.”

“Yes, Mary. I threw up and cried for days.”

“We all wondered. We thought you’d gone off with some guy or something.”

Scrub scrub scrub.

Mary tapped at her temple. Something else was nagging her. Just over two years.. Lancaster Park.. A connection clicked.

It had been all over the news for a while, before the next juicy bloodletting had come along...

You killed Benjamin Carrow?”

“Yes, Mary.”

“My goodness. No wonder you didn’t tell the police. Or anyone else. Did you meet him at Flint’s?”

“Yes. He followed me home.”

Mary thought about all of this some more, then pursed her lips.

“Would you like the nightmares to stop, Rebecca?”

Rebecca stopped scrubbing, put down the rag, scurried around the counter.

Knelt at Mary’s feet and stared up at her.

“Please, Mary.” She blinked and shuddered. “Please, Miss Hobhouse. Please. Last night was so wonderful! I only dreamed about that bitch Clarissa, and then nothing at all! If.. if you can.. I’ll do absolutely anything you say. I’ll be your slave.”

Mary turned up the corners of her mouth, and patted the other woman on the head.

Miss Hobhouse. I like that. I like it a lot.

The buzzing burned.

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