JULY 14, 2024

A followup a year later...

JULY 07, 2024

Into the booth with you!

JUNE 30, 2024

I'll probably post an R-rated version of this week's drawing over on Patreon. And yes, he's a werebat, not a vampire.

Also added an entry to the Favorites page and cleaned out dead links.

JUNE 23, 2024

More black and white.

JUNE 16, 2024

Black and white. Also, not in the image, but happy Father's Day.

JUNE 09, 2024

Employee training.

JUNE 02, 2024

Going like clockwork.

MAY 26, 2024

So close to escaping!

MAY 19, 2024

Running in place.

MAY 12, 2024

Happy Mother's Day 2024.

MAY 05, 2024

Happy Cinco De Mayo.

APRIL 28, 2024

Haven't felt like doing Valkyrie Squad stuff in recent months, but here's a quickie.

APRIL 22, 2024

An attention-grabber.

APRIL 14, 2024

A whole new look.

APRIL 07, 2024

Descending physically and mentally.

MARCH 31, 2024

A rewarding Easter.

MARCH 24, 2024

Drone Alcove.

MARCH 17, 2024

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2024.

MARCH 10, 2024

Someone didn't follow instructions.

MARCH 03, 2024

A sticky situation.

FEBRUARY 25, 2024

Was she born this way or changed?

I've put my old text stories back up. No new installments for the moment. If you find any messed up links, let me know.

FEBRUARY 18, 2024

Deep in the Forest.

FEBRUARY 11, 2024

Happy Superbowl Sunday 2024.

FEBRUARY 04, 2024

Eye eye!

JANUARY 28, 2024

Slavery of some sort?

JANUARY 21, 2024

An age-appropriate homage to a vintage hypno scene.

JANUARY 14, 2024

A woman in uniform.

JANUARY 08, 2024

More clockwork.

DECEMBER 31, 2023

Time to Celebrate.

DECEMBER 24, 2023

Reworked another old drawing to celebrate the holiday.

DECEMBER 17, 2023

Yes, a drawing this week.

DECEMBER 10, 2023

It may or may not grant wishes.

DECEMBER 03, 2023

Re-education session.

NOVEMBER 26, 2023

Lair decor.

NOVEMBER 19, 2023

I stole the idea for this week's image from a submission over on Hypnohub; great scene, but it needed to be re-done with a better clock.

NOVEMBER 12, 2023


NOVEMBER 05, 2023

Hopefully got the feedback-box problem fixed finally.

OCTOBER 29, 2023

Happy Halloween 2023.

OCTOBER 22, 2023

Some evil coils.
It appears the feedback-box widget is not working in the new site. I will see if I can figure out what the problem is.

OCTOBER 15, 2023

Back online at a new home after my old host wrapped up operations. Thanks to him for all the years of internet shelter.

My old print-stories are unavailable right now; I had them hosted at asstr.org, hoping that site might outlive me, but I guess that wasn't to be either. I will decide what I want to post here.

Re-posted a year's worth of images, I'll also decide how much more I will add back.

Cleaned out the links page. If there's something you'd like to see added, drop me a line.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2023

A cult figure.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2023

Going around in circles.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023

All sacked out.

SEPTEMBER 03, 2023

All coiled up.

AUGUST 27, 2023

Another visit to the classics.

AUGUST 20, 2023

A sort of re-do of an old 2D drawing.

AUGUST 13, 2023

Bright and shiny.

AUGUST 06, 2023

A fascinating chunk of mineral.

JULY 30, 2023

A fatastical display.

JULY 23, 2023

A new recruit.

JULY 16, 2023

An unusual exhibit.

JULY 10, 2023

Rising waters.

JULY 02, 2023

A new pet.

JUNE 25, 2023

Beep Beep.

JUNE 18, 2023

Happy Father's Day 2023.

JUNE 11, 2023

Ve haff vays uf making you talk.

JUNE 04, 2023

Happy Pride Month 2023. In the interest of full disclosure, I am a male heterosexual hypno-pervert, and personally don't have any interest in doing transgender images, but I fully support the real-life rights of all transgender and non-heterosexual individuals.

MAY 28, 2023

Soldiers for Memorial Day.

MAY 22, 2023

Shall we play a game?

MAY 14, 2023

Happy Mother's Day 2023.

MAY 07, 2023

A closeup version of a scene I've posted somewhere before, maybe here.

MAY 01, 2023

A day late, cuz I had to work on other projects. And so, for Mayday.. either a celebration or a warning.

APRIL 24, 2023

P class="news2">Possibly a sequel to a pic from a couple years back...

APRIL 16, 2023

I've been watching various folk's "Backrooms" videos over on YouTube.

APRIL 09, 2023

Hoppy Easter.

APRIL 02, 2023

A new day dawns.

MARCH 26, 2023

A reworking of a scene I've posted.. um.. somewhere or other.

MARCH 19, 2023

A sort of copy of a scene I saw over on DeviantArt.

MARCH 12, 2023

Another closeup.

MARCH 05, 2023

Strange events afoot.

FEBRUARY 26, 2023

Showing their devotion.

FEBRUARY 19, 2023

Realized I misnumbered the Valkyrie Squad stuff on the Images page.

FEBRUARY 12, 2023

This scene is probably not canon.

FEBRUARY 04, 2023

They probably have different duties assigned them.

JANUARY 29, 2023

My biggest posting ever here, in terms of images.

JANUARY 22, 2023

Punish and Reward.

JANUARY 15, 2023

A scene of mystery.

JANUARY 08, 2023

If anyone out there actually speaks French and can offer corrections for this week's dialogue, please drop me a line.

JANUARY 01, 2023

Happy New Year 2023.

DECEMBER 25, 2022

Happy Holidays 2022

DECEMBER 18, 2022

Is the screen alive or something?

DECEMBER 11, 2022

Does she just carry that around with her everywhere she goes?

DECEMBER 04, 2022

A closeup.

NOVEMBER 27, 2022

A belated sort of Thanksgiving themed pic.

NOVEMBER 20, 2022

Someone is being a bad influence.

NOVEMBER 14, 2022

A warning.

NOVEMBER 06, 2022

Momentary awareness.

OCTOBER 30, 2022

Happy Halloween 2022.

OCTOBER 23, 2022

Dirty work afoot.

OCTOBER 17, 2022

A day late, but a new image.

OCTOBER 09, 2022

More heroine humiliation.

OCTOBER 02, 2022

Since I got a comment from someone.. a reminder that I am still here, posting a new image each week on Sundays.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2022

Post-hypnotic stuff.

SEPTEMBER 19, 2022

A teaser for my current work over on MCComix.com.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2022

More than one victim...

SEPTEMBER 04, 2022

Ready to spring into action.

AUGUST 28, 2022

Back at the University.

AUGUST 21, 2022

Hypno eyeroll action..

AUGUST 14, 2022

Once a month or so, along with writer Northern Chill, I contribute an ongoing sequence to the folks over at MCCOMIX.

AUGUST 07, 2022

Fooling around!

JULY 31, 2022

Sleep learning!

JULY 24, 2022

Belated post: Not all chains are physical.

JULY 17, 2022

Going under?

JULY 10, 2022

Doing chores.

JULY 03, 2022

Silly faces.

JUNE 26, 2022

A followup/redo of one of my older renders.

JUNE 19, 2022

Keep your minions prepared for emergencies.

JUNE 12, 2022

Always pick limber subjects for your mind control.

JUNE 05, 2022

An evil pool of stuff.

MAY 30, 2022

Some gals of Asian descent.

MAY 22, 2022

Dispatched on some sort of nefarious mission.

MAY 15, 2022

Appropriately dressed.

MAY 08, 2022

Serving wenches.

MAY 01, 2022

Bondage pets.

APRIL 24, 2022

Webbed up.

APRIL 17, 2022

Hoppy Easter 2022.

APRIL 10, 2022

More watch-watchers!

APRIL 03, 2022

Decided there needed to be a male hero available with the Valkyrie Squad, so I put one together. Even in-universe he may not have an official alias yet.

MARCH 27, 2022

Over on Patreon for a $1 a month, you can see a version of this week's image with Naked Body Parts. And a bunch of other scenes as well.

MARCH 20, 2022

A collected group.

MARCH 14, 2022

Belated posting, but here it is.

MARCH 06, 2022


FEBRUARY 28, 2022

A followup image.

FEBRUARY 20, 2022

The Year of the Tiger.

FEBRUARY 14, 2022

Dolling around.

FEBRUARY 06, 2022

Dangerous-looking minions.

JANUARY 30, 2022

Some non-robotized minions.

JANUARY 23, 2022

Some robotized minions.

JANUARY 17, 2022

Your hand is very cold..

JANUARY 09, 2022

Utter madness!

JANUARY 02, 2022

Another University scene.

DECEMBER 27, 2021

A belated follow-up image.

DECEMBER 19, 2021

A random non-holiday themed image.

DECEMBER 12, 2021

A slight expansion of a previously posted scene.

DECEMBER 05, 2021

Thickly coated.

NOVEMBER 28, 2021

Reporting for duty.

NOVEMBER 22, 2021

A day late, but here you go.

NOVEMBER 14, 2021

Wherever members of the Valkyrie Squad go, they find trouble.

A site-visitor sent some new links, so I did a minor update over there.

NOVEMBER 07, 2021

I've never found a good way to do "flattening" scenes with my copy of DAZ, but here's my attempt.

OCTOBER 31, 2021

Happy Halloween.

OCTOBER 25, 2021

Fixed some dates on the images page, and posted a new one.

OCTOBER 18, 2021

A little late, but here's an image.

OCTOBER 10, 2021

So.. if you've got a brainwashed superheroine, but aren't immediately going to use her for carnal purposes.. is it more erotic to have her do something deadly or silly?

OCTOBER 03, 2021

I may have posted this week's image somewhere already, but I don't think so...

SEPTEMBER 26, 2021

A possible surprise twist.

SEPTEMBER 19, 2021

More Valk Squad stuff.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2021

Having uniform problems.

SEPTEMBER 05, 2021

Back to the Valkyrie Squad, finally.

AUGUST 29, 2021

Reporting in.

Also, my longtime ancient but faithful computer monitor finally died,
and the new one I bought is much wider, so I'm tweaking the layout here on the site.

AUGUST 22, 2021

A costume, or is she the real thing?

AUGUST 15, 2021

A followup image.

AUGUST 08, 2021

Another image inspired by a prop I stumbled across online.

AUGUST 01, 2021

Another therapy session.

JULY 25, 2021

A homage, and a teaser for a piece I posted over on Patreon.

JULY 18, 2021

Look at me!

JULY 11, 2021

Found a good hypno-pendant prop online.

JULY 04, 2021

Happy American Independence Day 2021.

JUNE 28, 2021

Inspired by the work of Pizzanerd over on DeviantArt.

JUNE 20, 2021

An alternate version of a older image that I've posted in various places.

JUNE 13, 2021

This guy looks a little sketchy.

As noted in the feedback box, the TFMC Nexus appears to be having tech troubles. I don't know what's going on, I haven't visited in recent months.

JUNE 06, 2021

Swirly colors.

MAY 30, 2021

Yet another "In Therapy" scene.

MAY 23, 2021

Another "In Therapy" scene.

My fellow MCish artist Sleepymaid has a pay website here, and is posting samples on Twitter.

MAY 16, 2021

Wrapping up the current Valkyrie Squad story. I may post an alternate/extended ending on Patreon at some point.

MAY 09, 2021

Valkyrie Squad action.

MAY 03, 2021

Another puppygal pet.

APRIL 25, 2021

Ballet performance.

APRIL 18, 2021

Seen from all angles.

APRIL 11, 2021

Another scene based on my old "In Therapy" text-stories.
And I guess ASSTR.org is back online, at least for the moment.

APRIL 05, 2021

Happy belated Easter 2021.

MARCH 28, 2021

More evil supervillian action.

MARCH 21, 2021

More evil snail action.
And yes, the link to the stories page probably isn't working. I was hosting it on ASSTR.org, because I assumed that site would last longer than I will, but evidently not. If it doesn't get back online, I'll shift the pages back to here.

MARCH 14, 2021

An evil Vortex.
Donate a dollar a month to my Patreon page and see more stuff like this!

MARCH 07, 2021

Another slave to the watch.

FEBRUARY 28, 2021

An Oracle at work.
Posted an Ocelet Girl installment on my Patreon page.
And if you're out there, LS, thanks for the CD.

FEBRUARY 21, 2021

In a harem chamber.

FEBRUARY 14, 2021

True Love! (Happy Valentine's Day.)

FEBRUARY 07, 2021


FEBRUARY 01, 2021

Belated Dungeons & Dragons action!

JANUARY 24, 2021

Good girl!

JANUARY 17, 2021

Valkyrie Squad update finally.

JANUARY 10, 2021

You've got to watch out for evil mind-control nerd cults.

JANUARY 03, 2021

Happy New Year, hopefully.

DECEMBER 13, 2020

Happy Holidays. Hopefully 2021 will be a better year for everyone.
A chapter of my stuff got posted at MC Comix.

DECEMBER 06, 2020

More gals on display.
Did my December Patreon page update.

NOVEMBER 29, 2020

Display model.

NOVEMBER 22, 2020

Two more celebrity sleepwalkers.

NOVEMBER 15, 2020


NOVEMBER 08, 2020

Keypad drones.

NOVEMBER 01, 2020

If you're an American citizen, get out and vote. And don't vote for Donald Trump.
Updated Jay Petto's address on the links page.

OCTOBER 25, 2020

Happy Halloween.

OCTOBER 18, 2020

My attempt at creating a 3D version of certain famous personage..
And I cleaned out some dead wood on the links page.

OCTOBER 12, 2020

"No, Ms Bondette, I expect you to obey!"

OCTOBER 04, 2020

Re-doing one of my older renders.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2020

A helpful suggestion.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2020

A useful asset.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2020

A homage to the late Diana Rigg.

SEPTEMBER 06, 2020

They brought something home with them...

AUGUST 30, 2020

For the first time in ages, I had an urge to draw a scene, so this week you get a cartoony throwback!

AUGUST 23, 2020

One of these things is not like the others.. (she's wearing glasses!)

AUGUST 16, 2020

An epic multi-panel installment this week!

AUGUST 09, 2020

I apologize to any French speakers in the audience.

AUGUST 02, 2020

A dangerous infection.

JULY 27, 2020

Arriving at their destination.

JULY 19, 2020

Service with a smile.

JULY 12, 2020

Products on display.

JULY 05, 2020

Happy Bikini Day!

JUNE 28, 2020

Putting on a show, back when people still did such things.

JUNE 21, 2020

Something is out of place.

JUNE 14, 2020

Another important message.

JUNE 08, 2020

Some non-heroine hypnobunnies, with added set-frills.

JUNE 01, 2020

Current events.

MAY 24, 2020

A continuation with some costume adjustments.

MAY 17, 2020

The ancient sorcerer rises from his sarcophagus and collects thralls.

MAY 10, 2020

She was sentenced to the Cooler.

MAY 03, 2020

A public service annoucement.

Also, good news on the hypnofetish front: artist Sue-Chan has returned to the scene and started posting new images.

APRIL 26, 2020

Being ridden. And yes, it's a "Snoll", since that's what the prop's creator called it.

APRIL 19, 2020

Something for the statue lovers.

APRIL 12, 2020

Some bunnies for Easter.

APRIL 05, 2020

If I ever have mind-controlled female minions, this is what I'll have them wear.

MARCH 30, 2020

Vampire infestation!

MARCH 22, 2020

An overhead view.

MARCH 16, 2020

Hopefully you're not out celebrating this year, but happy St. Patrick's Day nonetheless.

MARCH 08, 2020

Antenna Minions!

MARCH 01, 2020

Constructed a front-office set for In Therapy. May even do something more with it.

FEBRUARY 23, 2020

It's always weird what objects are rare as rendering props, either free or for sale. Today I discovered that hand-mirrors fall into this catagory, so I bashed a quick version on my own with Blender.

FEBRUARY 16, 2020


FEBRUARY 09, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day. The new guy is named Professor Lehrer, who serves as the Valkyrie Squad's semi-official scientific advisor.

FEBRUARY 02, 2020

A reworked version of a previous image, with additions.

JANUARY 26, 2020

Happy Year of the Rat.

JANUARY 19, 2020

A Valk Squad villain reappears. Also did my yearly link page update. If there's any sites out there you think deserve a listing, let me know.

JANUARY 13, 2020

Been doing up some 3D based on my old In Therapy text-stories.

JANUARY 05, 2020

Happy New Year. (Tho the image this week has no particular connection to that.)

DECEMBER 29, 2019

Decided I needed to show the Valkyrie Squad does have allies they can call on for help. The gal in this week's installment is the best non-evil brain-science-type expert in Nordic Bay. I don't have a name for her, and I'd like something more original than Sarah Bellum. if you've got any suggestions, here's your chance for immortality!

DECEMBER 22, 2020

Two minions celebrate Christmas. (Hope yours goes well, if that's what you're into.)

DECEMBER 15, 2019

A scene at the local Clinic.

DECEMBER 08, 2019

The end (finally maybe) of the current Valkyrie Squad story...

DECEMBER 01, 2019

Sometimes a heroine has to take flight solo.

NOVEMBER 24, 2019

Celebrating Thanksgiving.

NOVEMBER 18, 2019

Alien celebrates his victory over Human Scum.

NOVEMBER 10, 2019

Airing at Thursday 6:50 PM on Universal Kids, the show "Mighty Mike" has an episode where the housepet protagonists get hypnotized.

NOVEMBER 03, 2019

There's a chapter of my work with Northern Chill posted over on the MC Comix website.

OCTOBER 27, 2019

Again for Halloween, a re-do of an idea from one of my old 2D images.

OCTOBER 20, 2019

Found a more interesting prop to use as toy-soldier guns, so another image featuring them.

OCTOBER 13, 2019

Haven't been in much of a Halloween mood this year, but here's something sort of season, maybe.

OCTOBER 06, 2019

To answer a feedback-box question, my R-rated DeviantART page can be found here.

And you can donate to me via Patreon here.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2019

Mind control is bad. Don't do mind control.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2019

Gotten on something of a muscle-woman kick recently.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2019

Been working on commissions this week, so just a quickie image.

SEPTEMBER 08, 2019

Maybe everyone else is getting bored with the latest Valkryrie Squad series, but I'm still enjoying myself.

And to answer a question from the feedback box, no, I don't currently plan to post my stuff from DeviantART here. Conversely, pretty much everything here doesn't get posted elsewhere, at least not the same form. It's my small reward for people who still come by to visit.

SEPTEMBER 01, 2019

Making Ocelot Girl wear clothes is the ultimate humiliation.

AUGUST 25, 2019

I guess the new USA network show Treadstone will have a lot of MC content.

AUGUST 18, 2019

I suppose this week's image might technically be NSFW.

AUGUST 11, 2019

For any TV-watchers still out there, a correspondent tells me that on the current season of 'Worst Cooks in America', one of the recruits is a hypnotist.

AUGUST 04, 2019

One more with the watch.

JULY 28, 2019

Another member of the squad succombs.

For a $10 commission, I'll render a scene as you request, subject to the usual limitations: no kids, no explicit sex, no graphic violence or cannabalism. If you want Naked Female Body Parts, that's fine, but it'd have to be posted over on DeviantART. Donate to my Patreon page! Do it now and start seeing a big long Ocelot Girl adventure!

JULY 21, 2019

More pocketwatch evilness.

JULY 14, 2019

Sometimes villains keep things simple and low-tech.

JULY 07, 2019

A platoon on the march. You'd think that sort of uniform would be a popular Poser/DAZ item, but I couldn't find much, and had to cobble these together from various bits and pieces.

JULY 01, 2019

The Employer's loyal maid dusts a new acquisition.

Donate to my Patreon page! Do it now and start seeing a big long Ocelot Girl adventure!

JUNE 24, 2019

Every job has its annoyances..

And to repeat, my Patreon page to a monthly donation version. If you like what I'm doing, toss me a dollar or two a month, and you can get some extra PG-rated content; right now, it's an Ocelot Girl solo-adventure.
If enough people specifically note that their donations are towards having the TV Listings revived, I'll start doing them again.

JUNE 16, 2019

Adding Mr. Jinn to the Valkyrie Squad villains converted to 3D.

I've revamped my Patreon page to a monthly donation version. If you like what I'm doing, consider tossing me a dollar or two a month, and you can get some extra PG-rated content over on the Patreon site; right now, it's an Ocelot Girl solo-adventure. Also, if enough people specifically note that their donations are towards having the TV Listings revived, I'll start doing them again.

JUNE 09, 2019

Ocelet Girl in trouble again; may do something more elaborate with this eventually.

JUNE 02, 2019

Black and white.

MAY 26, 2019

A quickie playing with a couple of costume-props I have.

Check out Radlen Wotan on YouTube for lots of nice MC-related video-clips.

MAY 20, 2019

Another Valkyrie Squad villain

MAY 13, 2019

Cadre of robot-women.

MAY 05, 2019

More puppet-type stuff, with no superheroines.

APRIL 28, 2019

The Poppet Queen snares a member of the Valkyrie Squad.

APRIL 21, 2019

I bought a couple of costume props, and this week's image is the result.

APRIL 14, 2019

Another Valkyrie Squad villainess who collects MCed female minions. She's appeared in the past in 2D form. Also, for whatever it's worth, she and the Poppet Queen despise each other.

APRIL 07, 2019

A drawing of a treegal.

MARCH 31, 2019

A portrait of a couple of Valkyrie Squad villains, who share a complicated personal and professional relationship.

MARCH 24, 2019

One for any fem-fem fans out there.

MARCH 17, 2019

Dug back in the archives. I drew this week's image twenty years ago. How many of you were even alive then?

MARCH 11, 2019

Another cartoon.

I've been catching up with the TV series The Orville, and enjoying it for the most part, though sometimes the characters act so impossibly stupid.. For our little subculture, the first season episode "Cupid's Dagger" features some pheromone action affecting two female and one male character.

MARCH 03, 2019

An old-school 2D cartoon type thing.

FEBRUARY 24, 2019

Yes, I actually did up and posted a short written scene. It's a Valkyrie Squad piece that's part of a sequence that I've been posting as renders over on DeviantART.

FEBRUARY 18, 2019

An introduction to a rare member of the Valkyrie Squad's rogues gallery who doesn't much engage in MC-ish Evil Plots.

FEBRUARY 11, 2019

Real Life issues have intruded, so no update at all this week.

FEBRUARY 05, 2019

I've been working on improving the Valkyrie Squad's uniforms; mostly just tweaks, but here's a new look for Mechanique. I haven't quite decided if it's her new default outfit, or something she straps on when things get really serious.

JANUARY 28, 2018

This week's image doesn't feature any Valkyrie Squad members, but with two of the Squad now under his control, a certain supervillain might be expanding his repertoire...
And yes, I pruned out a couple years of the eariest stuff.

JANUARY 21, 2019

It didn't seem appropriate to post my usual weirdness on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so here's a shot of a potential new member of the Valkyrie Squad- they've been in desperate need of someone who is actually an expert when it comes to using and fighting magic...

JANUARY 14, 2019

Yes, the site's still having connection problems. If you can see this, this enjoy some human poppets.
Cleaned out some dead wood in the Links page, if you've got anything new worth checking out, drop me a line.

JANUARY 07, 2019

My hosting service migrated to a new server or somesuch, but hopefully things are all sorted out now.

JANUARY 01, 2019

Happy New Year. Testing 1 2 3.

DECEMBER 24, 2018

Happy Holidays

DECEMBER 17, 2018

Bought a plug-in from DAZ that let me use some new (to me) rendering costume-props, so here's one of them. And yeah, some inspiration was drawn from a recent popular movie.

DECEMBER 10, 2018

An obsessive collector.

And I did a TV listings.

DECEMBER 04, 2018

More Monkey Madness.

NOVEMBER 27, 2018

The Valkyrie Squad meets.. King Slythor? Not sure what his name is..

NOVEMBER 20, 2018

I did up a headquarters set for the Valkyrie Squad, or at least the main room where they hang out between missions. It's still a work in progress, both in-universe and in real-life..

NOVEMBER 13, 2018

Every superhero(ine) team has to deal with a ice-themed villain at some point. The puns are also mandatory.
And yes, I was even in the mood to do a TV listings for the week.

NOVEMBER 06, 2018

A Valkyrie Squad/Dungeons & Dragons crossover!
And if you live in the US, get out there and vote.

OCTOBER 31, 2018

Happy Halloween.

In TV news, it appears that the newest version of the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, Rise of the TMNT, features a reoccuring villain who is a hypnonist hippo-mutant.

OCTOBER 22, 2018

A Valkyrie Squad pic that's a sequel to one from last year. (It shouldn't be assumed that there are being seen in strict chronological order.)

OCTOBER 16, 2018

Monkey business!

OCTOBER 09, 2018

This week, another Valkyrie Squad villain gets a 3D remake. And he's even committing some villainy!

OCTOBER 01, 2018

This week, a pic with no MC, just an improved version of the Valkyrie Squad villain Ant Thrax; DAZ had a sale on a "bioarmor" prop, I figured out how to make his antenna work properly, and I scrounged up a pair of wings for him. (Suspiciously attractive, aren't they?) Plus he stole for himself the sort of weapon you'd expect.

In other news, a visitor asked me to post a link to a femdom hypno audiofile she put together. If that's your cup of tea, give it a listen and let her know what you think and/or pledge your obedience.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2018

Another hypno-toon I've had sitting around on my harddrive. I was thinking about starting up an official weekly posting of these, but then I discovered that unlike Poser, DAZ was free, and that was a far more attractive option, at least to me.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2018

I got a request for one of my ancient 2D drawings-sets from 2004, so I reposted it here. The story is based on an original piece by "SandalMaster".

SEPTEMBER 12, 2018

An old-school 2D toon-type image.

SEPTEMBER 04, 2018

Belated Labor Day themed Valkyrie Squad render. I'm not really happy with the 3D version of the villain, who has appeared before in the old 2D stuff; I may give it another crack at some point.

In other news, I have a couple of picture-sets available for sale over at The Mall of Erotica, one R-rated and marionette themed, and one PG-rated with mannequin-type non-activity.

AUGUST 27, 2018

Trivia for the day: the concept of "poppets", AKA "voodoo dolls" got its start in European folklore, not Haitian Voudan.

AUGUST 21, 2018

A possibly-familiar Alien Menace and his female minions.

AUGUST 14, 2018

Bought a dress-prop, so here are some slavegirls all wearing it.

AUGUST 06, 2018

A Superfriends homage.

JULY 31, 2018

More and more Haigure!!

And I did a TV search, but there was absolute nothing new or interesting.

JULY 23, 2018

Yeah, missed a week entirely. I've been working on for-pay stuff, some of which is going up this week on DeviantART. Posted an original PG-rated piece here: a gal getting back to nature.

JULY 11, 2018

Sorry, no update here again this week, though I am still posting on DeviantART, and doing stuff with Northern Chill for MC Comix.

JULY 03, 2018

One for sleepwalking/zombie pose fans.

JUNE 26, 2018

No real update this week, though I am still posting stuff on DeviantART and Hypnohub.

JUNE 18, 2018

A large collection of props!

JUNE 11, 2018

Love it or hate it, you get a Haigure pic this week!

JUNE 04, 2018

Posted a couple of Valkyrie Squad pics, sort of based on one of their old text adventures.

MAY 29, 2018

Had a fit of nostalgia this week, and drew up a quick 2D image.

MAY 21, 2018

Should finish up the Lady Rock sequence this week.

MAY 14, 2018

Thank you to the anonymous visitor who sent me the DVD off my wish list. I've got a short commission going up this week on DeviantART, along with more Lady Rock stuff.

MAY 07, 2018

Guess I forgot to do any kind of update at all last week. Oh well. Been posting more Lady Rock stuff, will have another commission piece going up on Tuesday. If you want to pay me to render something, I've got the details listed here.

APRIL 23, 2018

A modern-day vamoire and his thralls. And I've been posting various R-rated things on DeviantART and Hypnohub.

APRIL 16, 2018

A modern-day(?) evil wizard on his throne. And yes, I did a quick TV listing this week, but make no promises about it becoming a regular feature again.

APRIL 10, 2018

Mange, the villain in the lastest Valk Squad pic is another comic classic, the crude doofus with the pheromones that turn most women exposed to them into docile submissives. (I wrote a text story about him long before the VS gals came along..) But I say most, and even Mange never knows when some gal who's at least partially immune might turn up. Also, when Ocelet Girl gets hot n' bothered, she acts more cat-like than usual..

In other matters, I got one comment about the lack of TV updates. So I'll ask again, are there other people out there who miss them, even in this new age of streaming and lots of stuff not even being shown on a traditional network?

APRIL 01, 2018

Posted a seasonal Valkyrie Squad render here, with a new villainess- every superhero team needs their own Joker ripoff. And I fixed the link to the last image, sorry about that.

MARCH 28, 2018

Posted a render which is my attempt at recreating three of the main characters from my old "In Therapy" text stories.

MARCH 21, 2018

Posting the tree commission, and I have started in on another Dollmaker chapter.

MARCH 13, 2018

It appears the MC Forum got their problems sorted out. I've got a new commission series going up on DeviantART involving trees.

MARCH 06, 2018

Since someone will probably ask.. yes, I am aware the MC Forum is offline, and no, I don't have any special inside info or connections to contact.

MARCH 05, 2018

I have a short render-set going up on the Mind Control Comix paysite, from a script written by Northern Chill.

FEBRUARY 26, 2018

Posted a adult-themed snake render on Hypnohub. Very NSFW.

FEBRUARY 19, 2018

Posting various things over on DeviantART. Posted a sequel pic here.

FEBRUARY 12, 2018

Finished up one of my commission pieces, and will start posting it soon on DeviantART.

FEBRUARY 06, 2018

Oh, right. Didn't do an update. I'm picking away at a couple of for-pay projects, but they won't be done for a while yet.

JANUARY 29, 2018

Finished the commission postings for now on DeviantART.

Nothing new or interesting on TV, although I added a link that may offer some suggestions of stuff to look for.

JANUARY 22, 2017

Still posting commission stuff on DeviantART.
Cleaned up the links page, but no new stuff.

JANUARY 15, 2018

Posting the commission results on my DeviantART page. Also a non-MC piece in supprt of my fellow DAer CuriaDD who has been suffering censorship problems of late. NSFW stuff there, be warned!

JANUARY 07, 2018

Been working on a commission this week.

JANUARY 01, 2018

Happy New Year. Twenty of them now since I started putting stuff online. Still posting at DeviantART and Hypnohub.

DECEMBER 24, 2017

A holiday image. So.. happy holidays.
I did do a TV search, but there was nothing new or interesting this week.

DECEMBER 17, 2017

I'm still alive. Yay.
This week's image features a couple of guest characters.
If you know of any links I should be adding, drop me a line.

NOVEMBER 27, 2017

There will be no updates for a week or two.

NOVEMBER 20, 2017

Still posting heroine stuff on DeviantART.

NOVEMBER 13, 2017

I splurged on a Giant Evil Snake prop for DAZ, so enjoy the result over on the Drawings page.

NOVEMBER 05, 2017

A tribute to the late Hugh Hefner.

OCTOBER 30, 2017

Celebrating Halloween over on the Images page. Sadly, I failed to realize in time that TCM was showing Rasputin the Mad Monk last week. Garbage in historical terms, but worth tracking down a copy if you're a maledom MC fan.

OCTOBER 23, 2017

Still posting stuff over on DeviantART. Working on a mannequin-themed render sequence to sell for a pittance.

OCTOBER 15, 2017

Yes, sorry, no update at all last week, but I'm dealing with some personal issues that are killing my enthusiasm and may disrupt future updates.

I am still posting stuff over on DeviantART, and here's an assassin-gal quickie.

OCTOBER 02, 2017

A NSFW pony-gal.

And, yes, there was enough "new" stuff to do an actual TV listings again this week.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2017

A sort-of NSFW tree-gal.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2017

A NSFW image that hopefully hits on various fetishes.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2017

Been working on more PG-rated Valkyrie Squad renders; added one to the Images page.

TV pick of the week: Friday, 11:00 PM, MeTV: An episode of The Carol Burnett Show with a hypnotism-themed skit.

SEPTEMBER 04, 2017

MC-fetish stalwart Daphne has launched her revamped versions of Mind Control Theatre and Mind Control Comics.

In TV news, this Friday at 9:00 AM, the TV Guide channel is showing an episode of The Love Boat that features Gopher getting hypnotized.

AUGUST 28, 2017

Posted a sequal image on DeviantART.

Plugging away on more superheroine fan-renders, but it'll be a while befor anything is ready.

AUGUST 21, 2017

No, I haven't been updating here in the last couple of weeks. I honestly just haven't been motivated in the slightest. I'm still posting new renders over on my DeviantART page, but I watch so little TV anymore, doing the listing has long become a chore.

I did a 2D NSFW tree-transformation commission.

JULY 30, 2017

No actual MC in the posting over on the Images page, but you get to see the Valkyrie Squad in a whole new way.

I host my Story page over on ASSTR.org, and they are having all sort of technical difficulties, so it may or may not be available, and may or may not be entirely up-to-date.

JULY 23, 2017

The Hypnopics Collective has been having technical problems with its recent attempted update, and may still be unavailable.

A NSFW evil frog.

JULY 16, 2017

A NSFW display.

JULY 09, 2017

I've been working on 3D versions of my Valkyrie Squad characters; you can see Ocelot Girl over on the Images page. Now I just gotta shell out some cash to buy some wings for Emerald Shrike..

JULY 02, 2017

Been expanding on my NSFW superheroine fan-art on DeviantART. You can view the sequence starting here.

JUNE 26, 2017

A day late, cuz I got caught up playing with a new DAZ prop I splurged on.
More NSFW dollification Fanart. Thanks to White Owl for the character and contributing some props.

JUNE 18, 2017

NSFW dollification and SFW/Fanart dollification.
Did a TV search, but there was absolutely nothing new or interesting this week, unless you count the Astaire/Rogers film Carefree, which is worth a watch if you've never seen it. Friday at 1:45 PM on TCM.

JUNE 11, 2017

NSFW general strangeness.

JUNE 04, 2017

The new image is a sort of preview. Ifwhen I get a new computer, I hope to use the whole big plant prop in an image.

The new theatrical flick Captain Underpants evidently has some comedic male-subject hypnotism in it.

MAY 28, 2017

NSFW clockwork pic.

MAY 21, 2017

Over on the TV page, there's a listing for MHZ-WorldView, which is even more obscure than usual. It's another of these quasi-networks that local stations can contract with and which air whatever re-run fodder they can scrounge up. In this case it's world television programming. It may or may not have an affiliate in your area.

MAY 14, 2017

NSFW evil alien pic.

MAY 07, 2017

NSFW statufication pic.

APRIL 30, 2017

NSFW pet action pic.

Actually found a few things on TV this week.

APRIL 24, 2017

NSFW cult induction.

And.. I am inching ever-closer to dropping my TV listings altogether. For one thing, I barely watch any TV anymore. Also, back in the Dark Ages when I started this, you had to snatch what you could get when it came flitting past your antenna, being sure to beforehand thoroughly oil the gears in your VCR and crank it to life. Now with streaming and downloading and YouTube and all the rest, if you want to see something, it's there. And as I noted last week, the stuff I have been listing has been pretty repetative; the search service I use only has Digital Cable, none of the many streaming sources that now exist. For now I'll still check each week, but I'm only going to list something if it's genuinely new and/or interesting.

APRIL 17, 2017

NSFW floating action.
Put a PG-rated doll-type image on the Drawings page.
And I did a TV search, but there was nothing I haven't listed a dozen times already, so no official update this week.

APRIL 10, 2017

NSFW Sybian-type action.

APRIL 02, 2017

NSFW Plant Gals.

MARCH 26, 2017

NSFW Brain Snails on the march.. er.. crawl!

MARCH 19, 2017

A useful NSFW pet trick.

I hear that the FX network series Legion features a fair amount of femdom MCish stuff, with both male and female victims.

The big hypnofetish media news of the week: some industrious soul has finally unearthed and posted a full copy of the 1970's hypno-porn flick She Did What He Wanted. You can see it over at the Exploitation.TV website, although you do have to sign up for a free week-long trial via PayPal (Or actually join up for $10 a month.) >>SPOILERS for those who don't want to go though that.. after hypnoing the two victims, our "hero" runs into an old friend (he has friends?!) and sends victim #2 over to the guy's place for some sexy-time. Unfortunately, she starts snapping out of her trance, and when the friend calls up to complain, the protagonist also manages to snap victim #1 out of her trance as well. She understandably freaks out, attacking him and either killing him or at best knocking him out. Double bummer. There are a couple more pretty good re-triggering scenes before that happens. END SPOILERS<<

Exploitation.TV also has Her Total Response, which is a low-rent adult Stepford Wives parody/ripoff. In our terms, it may even be better than the original, with the gals being robotized for sex without anyone dying. Includes a nice scene where a gal lying naked in bed gets stuck in a repetitive mantra-loop, even after being flipped on her stomach so her back-of-the-neck control-board can be fiddled with. Kudos to the actress for getting through that with a straight face.

MARCH 12, 2017

No naked body parts on this week's drawing, so it's over on the Drawing page.

MARCH 05, 2017

Evil NSFW robot-type action.

FEBRUARY 26, 2017

More clothed antenna-thrall gals on the Drawings page. Thanks to the DeviantART-goers who gave persmission to use their characters.

FEBRUARY 19, 2017

NSFW VR programming.

For any aficionados of vintage MCish material, I discovered this week that the Italian-language version of the Vincent Price fembot flick Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs can be seen in its entirety on YouTube. But it's really not worth watching the whole thing; the main scene that will likely be of interest to my visitors can be seen by itself here. Interesting to note that while the full English version is slightly better overall in terms of fembot action, this particular scene makes more sense in Italian, even without subtitles; the English version cuts to all this in the middle of the action without explanation of why the robo-gals are doing what they are doing.

And I finally cleaned out and updated the Links page. Any suggestions for additions, drop me a line.

FEBRUARY 12, 2017

Did a render with clothes for once, or at least PG-rated coverings, so it's over on the Drawings page.

And yes, as of Sunday evening the MC Forum is down, and no, I have no idea what the problem is. If you have any info, let me know and I'll pass it along.
EDIT: Evidently someone forgot to pay for the site-domain renewal. Hopefully the the address will become functional again soon. For now, you can to www.mcforum.xyz

FEBRUARY 06, 2017

NSFW pocketwatch hypno.

JANUARY 29, 2017

NSFW gals on display 1.1.

JANUARY 22, 2017

NSFW gals on display.

JANUARY 16, 2017

A NSFW rendered re-do of a petplay drawing.

JANUARY 08, 2017

Another NSFW rendered re-do of one of my old drawings.

I'll admit, with the new year, I came pretty close to just dropping my TV listings altogether, but I guess I'll keep plugging away at them. I plan to focus even more on new/rare/interesting stuff, and not keep repeating so much of the same material every week.

JANUARY 01, 2017

Happy 2017. I plan to be back next week with stuff. Until then, here's a couple of movies that have aired recently on one channel or another that you all might enjoy:
Looker: A semi-classic from 1981, which features one really nice MC scene with victim Susan Dey, and various other weirdness involving the use of light-guns that mentally freeze their target for a few minutes.
Lords of Salem: A strange and cryptic Rob Zombie satanic-cult film which features some femsub MCish imagery.

DECEMBER 18, 2016

NSFW cult scene. See you in January, I suppose.

DECEMBER 12, 2016

NSFW perspective flip. Probably have an image next week, but this is my last TV listing update for the year.

DECEMBER 04, 2016

NSFW religious display.

NOVEMBER 27, 2016

Happy NSFW Thanksgiving.

Also, I've put for sale a collection of 20-odd of my 2D hypnofetish drawings which feature snakes MCing human(oid) females. Stuff from my archives going back to 1999. Both R and PG rated. Mostly .png files, but there is one animated .gif file/story titled The Guardian. All for just a buck. What a deal! You can get a copy of the .zip file here.
Or you can send me a dollar via PayPal at my email address hypnovoyer@hotmail.com, but then you'll have to give me your e-mail address so I can send you a copy.
And if there's a theme that you'd like to see a collection of, let me know!

NOVEMBER 20, 2016

A NSFW fem-fem MC render.
Set up an online site for easier purchase of that puppetification render-set. Probably will offer some set of my older drawings as well. Any category of pics you'd like to see?

NOVEMBER 13, 2016

So. Welcome to the Age of Trump.
A NSFW statuefication-type render.
A full scene of 21 renders with a puppetfication theme. This one you have to pay for. It's an expansion of this image.

NOVEMBER 06, 2016

If you're an adult American citizen, get out and vote on Tuesday. It's important. Yes, even if you live in a solidly blue or red state.

OCTOBER 31, 2016

Happy Halloween 2016. If you're looking for a seasonal movie recommendation, I suggest Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein, tonight on TCM. It has a couple of vampire-MC scenes, and is a darn funny (and even scary) movie otherwise.

OCTOBER 23, 2016

NFSW religious-type render.

OCTOBER 17, 2016

A day late, but here you go. NFSW tech-control render.

OCTOBER 09, 2016

NFSW alien-abduction type render.

OCTOBER 02, 2016

Once again, my TV-search source is throwing up error messages. I've made an effort to find something better to use, but, honestly, most of the TV-listing sites I visit anymore are pretty useless for doing any kind of extensive search. If anyone has any suggestions for one to try, even one where I have to pay to use it, drop me a line. (Of course, more fundamentally, I hardly watch any TV anymore, even MC stuff...)

Posted a NSFW evil-wizard type render.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2016

NSFW petplay-type render.
I did an abbreviated TV listing this week, just looking for stuff that was at least sort of new(ish).

SEPTEMBER 18, 2016

Posted a NSFW sequel render.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2016

Posted a multi-panel alien/monster type render. NSFW

Also, I have a new text story for sale over at Smashwords, Beyond The Veil. More moster and aliens, and naked veiled mind-controlled women. Enjoy.

SEPTEMBER 04, 2016

This week's render is another attempt at making 3D versions of other folk's original characters. And yes, it's Haigure themed, if that kind of thing annoys you.

AUGUST 28, 2016

Posted a SFW render here on the site. (Don't study it too close!)

AUGUST 21, 2016

NSFW request/sequel render, my first attempt at creating a version of someone else's character.

My TV-listing source crapped on me again, but at least this time I got a few results before it happened.

AUGUST 14, 2016

NSFW general weirdness and creepiness.

AUGUST 07, 2016

NSFW petgal render on Hypnohub.

JULY 31, 2016

NSFW render on a classic theme.
And over on the TV page, "Freeform" is the new(ish) name for what used to be the Family Channel.

JULY 25, 2016

NSFW render on proper slaveunit storage setups.

JULY 17, 2016

NSFW render on statufication theme.

JULY 10, 2016

NSFW render for sweater fans at DeviantART.

JULY 03, 2016

Sorry, but no TV list this holiday weekend; I did do a quick search and didn't see anything I haven't listed multiple times in the past. Except for the new series BrainDead, which is about alien ant-parasites taking over politicians in Congress; the next episode airs on the 11th of July (Monday) on CBS.

I did post some new and (very) old stuff on my DeviantART page.

JUNE 26, 2016

Another sort of MCed female warrior this week. And I posted an alternate version of last week's render at HypnoHub.

JUNE 19, 2016

A NSFW render of a gal in uniform. Sort of.

And in TV news, the protagonist of AMC's new series Preacher has MC-ish type powers.

JUNE 12, 2016

Made a return to drawing this week, with a Valkyrie Squad pic; it was prompted by a DeviantART member who issued a challenge/contest to produce something with heroines, forced weddings and gags. So, OK.. a challenge, and I don't want to pay whatever ungodly amount it would take to cobble together a 3D version of the Squad...

JUNE 05, 2016

NSFW hypno-sphere render.

Also, I'm not much of a hypnotist stage-show fan, but if you are, here's a YouTube collection you may enjoy.
Update: For now, the channel operator has set all content to "unlisted", he may bring it back later. He still has a Tumblr page here

MAY 29, 2016

NSFW re-do of one my drawing ideas.

MAY 23, 2016

Yeah, a day late, but enjoy.
NSFW Brainwashing render.

MAY 15, 2016

Gal-as-animal NSFW render.
Also I posted an alternate version of an older piece here.

MAY 08, 2016

An almost SFW render. At least the victim is wearing clothes.

MAY 01, 2016

One for the puppet fans this week. NSFW.

APRIL 24, 2016

A NSFW fem-fem scene. (Yes, I do those occasionally...)

APRIL 17, 2016

A classic technique. (NSFW, as usual.)
And in TV news, I see that TCM is showing a couple of the classic "Dr. Mabuse" movies on Wednesday, about the eponymous hypnotizing villain.

APRIL 10, 2016

This week, a Dungeons & Dragons homage. The critter in question normally eats humans rather than controlling them, but what the heck..

APRIL 03, 2016

Simple R-rated render. Be aware that it uses an optical illusion that might conceivably be a medical issue to some folks.

MARCH 27, 2016

R-rated redo of one of my petgirl drawing ideas this week.

MARCH 21, 2016

R-rated candle-themed render this week.

MARCH 14, 2016

Clockwork gal render this week.

MARCH 06, 2016

Redid another of my old drawing ideas. And yes, thanks to the limitations of DAZ studio's Genesis 2 characters, the anatomy is a little wonky.

FEBRUARY 28, 2016

A study in lighting.

In TV news, it's good to see Comet is showing the two old-school hypno-vamp "Count Yorga" movies.

FEBRUARY 21, 2016

This week's R-rated render.

FEBRUARY 14, 2016

Just barely-R rated render posted over on DeviantART.

FEBRUARY 07, 2016

Put a PG-rated 3D-rendered image over on the Drawings (Images?) page; I originally posted it on DeviantART, and this is a slightly modified version following some feedback I got from a viewer.

JANUARY 31, 2016

This week's image.
The Supergirl episode this week evidently has some MC content, and El Ray dredged up an MC scene that I never thought would see the light of day again: an episode of the short-lived 1990 horror anthology Freddy's Nightmares, in which a doctor gets caught while tricking a hypnotized female patient into having sex with him.

JANUARY 24, 2016

A day late, but an update. Posted an alternate view of last week's render.

JANUARY 17, 2016

Overt brainwashing-themed render this week. I suppose it might be a scene from my In Therapy setting, but it wasn't explicitly created with that in mind.

JANUARY 10, 2016

Another R-rated render on DeviantART, this one involving caTABLEpsy. I know I could just post the stuff here, but I figure DA's a little more permanent than any personal site would be, and it gives quick n' easy feedback on how many people actually look at a particular piece.

And TV listings this week, woot. Also, I learned too late that the ABC series Galavant this week features a MCish tiara being used on a gal, check it out on reruns or on demand or whatever.

JANUARY 03, 2016

Happy 2016. Did an R-rated pet-themed render for DeviantART. Reposted a Doctor Fang render here on this site. And it's not an auspicious way to start the new year, but my source for doing TV listings is currently busted; check back later.

DECEMBER 20, 2015

Posted a render on DeviantART, which ended up being more explicitly Christmas-themed than I first envisioned. Enjoy your Winter Soltice holiday of choice, and I'll see you in January.

DECEMBER 13, 2015

Posted another re-do render of one of my old drawings on DeviantART. I plan to post something vaguely holiday-themed next week, and then take a week off.

DECEMBER 06, 2015

Posted a sleepwalking-themed render on DeviantART.

NOVEMBER 29, 2015

Posted another 3D rendering of one of my drawings on DeviantART.

And while his main focus isn't MC, visitors may enjoy the superheroine-themed Poser-type work of Mr. Bunny Art.

NOVEMBER 22, 2015

Posted a 3D reworking of one of my old drawing ideas on DeviantART. And Hypnohub, if you'd rather go there.

And Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans.

NOVEMBER 15, 2015

Posted a statue/carbonite-themed render on DeviantART.

In TV news, here's the latest collection of MC-themed clips on YouTube. I'm not adding it to the links page because it will get nuked sooner rather than later. Has some stuff I haven't seen in a long while, enjoy it while you can.

And in case you somehow hadn't already heard, the villain in the new Netflix-Marvel series Jessica Jones is the MCer Zedidiah Killgrave AKA The Purple Man.

NOVEMBER 08, 2015

Posted a couple of renders on DeviantART.
And in TV news, the Comet network dredged up a flick I never thought would see the light of day again: Vampire on Bikini Beach. Has some actual vampire MC in it. (Comet is one of these networks that sells content for local stations to air on their alternate digital channels.)

NOVEMBER 01, 2015

Posted a NSFW render for Halloween 2015. Working on various other ideas, if you have something you want to see, you can give me a donation via Patreon.

OCTOBER 25, 2015

Did a couple more NSFW render images that are sort of variations on a theme. I will try to have something for Halloween next week; for old-school vampire-film fans, TCM is showing several Hammer Studio offerings on Friday.

UPDATE: While the listings info was new, I see I forgot to plug in the new dates for the week. Fixed, hopefully.

OCTOBER 18, 2015

I finally took the plunge and started playing with 3D rendering. My ancient computer can't handle very complex scenes, but my first relatively simple NSFW attempt turned out pretty well. If you like what you see, please consider going over to my Patreon account and dropping me a couple of bucks; I do offer some small rewards for doing so, and if enough people contribute, I can get a new(ish) fast(er) computer and put together some more elaborate stuff.

OCTOBER 11, 2015

Posted a drawing here. I've just about reached the point where I will be posting all of my stuff over on DeviantART, as it provokes more feedback. At the very least, I can easily see how many people are looking a particular drawing.

OCTOBER 04, 2015

Posted a more traditional R-rated drawing on DeviantART.

SEPTEMBER 27, 2015

Posted an R-rated drawing on DeviantART. Weird I guess even by my standards, so beware and all that.

Back to doing TV listings. This week's notable event is an airing of the classic Man From U.N.C.L.E episode "Her Master's Voice Affair".

SEPTEMBER 20, 2015

Posted an R-rated guardgal-type drawing on DeviantART.

Really wasn't in the mood to work up a TV listings this week, but I did a quick search, and did find something that I haven't listed numerous times in the past: presumably in honor of the new season of Doctor Who, BBC America is showing at least one vintage Fourth-Doctor episode every day this week and three of them feature MC. Tuesday at 10:00 AM, The Pyramids of Mars, in which the Doctor is MCed by the villain Sutekh. Wednesday at 10:00 AM is The Hand of Fear, in which companion Sarah Jane Smith gets controlled by the eponymous alien artifact. Sunday at 8:00 AM is the Keeper of Traken, with the Master using a MC collar on a female victim. All three are pretty good episodes in mainstream terms as well.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2015

Posted a Valkryrie Squad pic, inspired by a drawing I saw over on DeviantART.

SEPTEMBER 06, 2015

Put up an alien-parasite pic on DeviantART. R-rated. It's a reworking of a drawing I originally did many years ago, so the style is different than my stuff these days.

AUGUST 30, 2015

Posted a short written Valkyrie Squad scene on DeviantART. It's a sort of PG-rated intro to the foursome and their powers.

AUGUST 23, 2015

The Valkyrie Squad idea got pushed back; hope to do something with them next week. Posted a mc/statue type drawing on DeviantART, R rated.

AUGUST 16, 2015

Posted a brainwashing/hypnosis drawing on DeviantART. R rated. Next week I hope to finish a Vakyrie Squad pic for posting here.

In TV news, the series Under The Dome is doing some kind of alien-conversion plotline. And if you weren't aware, The Strain details a rather squicky Vampire Apocalypse.

AUGUST 09, 2015

Posted a brainwashing drawing on DeviantART which is technically Safe For Work.

AUGUST 02, 2015

Posted a drawing on DeviantART.

JULY 26, 2015

Just a quickie drawing this week.
And as previously noted, tomorrow, Monday the 27th (starting at 7:30 AM EST), Turner Classic Movies is running a marathon of films featuring hypnotists and magicians, including the original Svengali.

JULY 19, 2015

Posted an R-rated plant-themed drawing on DeviantART. Enjoy.
And since I might not list it at the time, I note here that all day Monday the 27th (starting at 7:30 AM EST), Turner Classic Movies is running a marathon of flicks involving hypnotists and magicians, including the original Svengali.

JULY 12, 2015

This week's drawing is a re-do of one from about ten years back. If you're reading this on the 12th, around 10:00 PM the MeTV network is showing an episode of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. involving voodoo zombies.

JULY 05, 2015

Happy Independence Day to those of you in the US.
Posted an R-rated drawing on DeviantART.
If you like PrimalFetish's stuff, they post free samples here, and the hosting site has lots of other MC content, though some of it is clearly posted without the creator's permission.

JUNE 28, 2015

Posted a drawing to commemorate the good news this week from the US Supreme Court. (Still femsub.)

In other good news, the site I use for my TV search underwent a revamp, but is online, so back to work there.

JUNE 21, 2015

The site I use to construct my TV listings is current out of commission, so for now at least, that won't be happening this week. If/when it starts working again, I'll get on it. In the meantime, a new R-rated petplay-type drawing on DeviantART.

JUNE 14, 2015

Running late this week, as I kept fiddling with the latest drawing. (R-rated, naked body parts, etc etc.) A sort of sequel to a previous pic, and partially inspired by how vampires are depicted in the Discworld novels (RIP Pterry)
And also RIP to Dracula portrayer extraordinaire Christopher Lee.

JUNE 07, 2015

Posted a squicky alien-type drawing on DeviantART.

MAY 31, 2015

I'm back. Yay. I don't think the two characters in this week's drawing are having physical sex, but it still might be too much for DeviantART, so I again posted it on the Collective. Enjoy, if you have an account over there.

MAY 17, 2015

This week's drawing is a reworking of one from several years back. Since I couldn't decide on what the victim's outfit should look like, I did up both PG and R-rated versions; the former is here, the latter over on DeviantART.
I hope to finish another written piece for publication on Smashwords this week.
Unfortunately, there will not be an update next week, at least not on Sunday.

MAY 10, 2015

Posted an R-rated drawing/cartoon over at the Hypnopics Collective. Also been working on a couple of written pieces.

MAY 03, 2015

I have sucked it up and become a good little capitalist. As such, from now on, if I write any long-ish pieces, you're going to have shell out a dollar or two to read them. I have posted the first(?) of these, Dragon Skin, at Smashwords, 16,000 words for $0.99.

This story started life as a comission piece I did a few years back; it is R-rated and features sex (about as explicit as I ever get), magic maledom mind control, physical and mental transformation and nudism; more details and a sample of the text can be found at the link. Hopefully the story-file will eventually make it through The System and be available for purchase from other retailers such as Amazon, per standard Smashwords routine.

Since Smashwords requires a title image, I also did one up, trying to be as stylized as possible. You can see the result for free over on the Drawings page. If I get enough/any feedback, My next project would be finally re-doing/finishing my long-incomplete story Template.

APRIL 26, 2015

Posted another alien-themed pic on DeviantART. Used my own characters this time.

APRIL 22, 2015

I've taken the plunge and set up a Patreon micro-donation account. If you're willing to send a dollar or two a month my way, or make a larger one-time donation, it would be appreciated. Yes, I will learn your name and e-mail address, but no one else will; I have enacted the Patreon privacy option and donors will not be listed publicly. If you donate a little more, I'll send you one or more older drawings from my fairly vast off-line archives. Check my new Patreon page for details, and thanks to everyone for their support over the years.

APRIL 19, 2015

Posted another R-rated drawing on DeviantART, again featuring characters created by a couple other DA users.

APRIL 12, 2015

Posted an R-rated drawing on DeviantART which features some characters from a couple of other DA users.

APRIL 05, 2015

This week's PG-rated drawing didn't start out as a celebration of today's holiday, but took a swerve to that at the last minute. Happy Spring Fertility Festival.

And I colorized another of king cheetah's fine R-rated drawings and posted the result on the Hypnohub.

MARCH 29, 2015

This week's drawing is a PG-rated redo (or possibly sequel) of one I've put up elsewhere. If you're wondering why the victim is still wearing her mask, it's almost impossible for anyone to remove it, including herself.

MARCH 22, 2015

Posted a couple of drawings to DeviantART, a re-do of an old drawing, and an all-new one.

The source I use to search for TV listings is having technical problems at the moment, so I'm taking a week off.

MARCH 15, 2015

Sent a story to the EMCSA.
In sad news, long-time genre stalwart RCwrites has announced his more-or-less retirement and taken down his website.
More happy: The latest Avengers movie has a moment where the Scarlet Witch does some mind-zapping of Black Widow.

MARCH 08, 2015

Finished a short story for the site here, maybe get the longer EMCSA one done this week.
For old-school femdom fans, the Logo cable network has Bewitched running in heavy rotation right now; lots of spells aimed at Darren.

MARCH 01, 2015

Still working on a new EMCSA submission, hopefully this week I'll finish it.
Posted a Valkyrie Squad pic; long-time visitors may find it familar, as it's an update/redo of a pic I did back before settling on the foursome's current roster and look. The villain in question has made a few appearences before as well.
In links news, it is good to see that Sleepymaid has reposted the various versions of her webcomic Squid-Ops on her main website, along with the announcement that she's going to take another stab at rebooting the whole thing.

FEBRUARY 22, 2015

Did a short written scene that will probably get reworked at some point. Kicking around a story-idea that I might send to the EMCSA.

FEBRUARY 15, 2015

Ended up doing a quick Valentine's-themed pic this week.

FEBRUARY 08, 2015

Did a Valkyrie Squad pic this week, with a villain who has been featured before. (Sadly or otherwise, I suspect things will not end up going exactly how he envisions..) Also, in the most recent written piece I posted about the gals, I went back and changed Shakra's birth-name, as I belatedly remembered that I had already given her original name to a fairly prominant resident of the "Commander Amazing" universe, and they are definitely not the same person. If anyone is curious, the Squad is yet to have any dealings with Doctor Fang, though they've had professional contact with the Commander.

Next week I hope to get a written piece out, possibly to the EMCA, based on another of my recent drawings.

FEBRUARY 01, 2015

Posted a short written scene that has nothing in particular to do with American football championships.

JANUARY 25, 2015

Posted a drawing here. Hope to have a short written scene next week.

In TV news, TCM is airing the classic film Svengali this week. Creaky, but worth seeing if you haven't done so.

JANUARY 18, 2015

For those few not watching the NFL finals, a DeviantART posting.
And since it fell through the cracks of my posting schedule, the classic Hart to Hart MC episode "Heart of Diamonds" is airing today (Sunday the 18th) at 10:00 PM on the Hallmark Movie Channel.

JANUARY 11, 2015

Posted a PG drawing here. Watch out for those evil chefs!

JANUARY 04, 2015

Happy New Year all. I posted a celebration pic on DeviantART, and gave the Links page a cleanout.

UPDATE: It was pointed out to me I was overly hasty in deleting a seemingly dead link, so I restored the Luna Crush sister-site SHG-Media. And if you've got any links you think are worthy of being added, please drop me a line!

DECEMBER 21, 2014

No TV list this week, but I did post an R-rated Winter Solstice drawing on DeviantART. Enjoy, and I'll be back in two weeks. Watch out for Krampuses.

DECEMBER 14, 2014

Finished a quick written scene and posted it on the story page. I may come up with something next week, but I'm definitely taking the week after that off.

DECEMBER 07, 2014

Was working on a short written scene, but ran out of inspiration, and so dashed off a quick drawing instead. Hopefully I'll finish the (sorta-seasonal) scene next week. After that, I'll be taking at least one week off at Christmas.

On a related note, thank you to visitor R. for the CD.

And in pay-site news, the Primal Fetish proprietor has posted some more free samples of his work on Xvideos.

NOVEMBER 30, 2014

Didn't have much inspiration this week, so I just wandered over to Hypnohub, snagged a couple of nice B/W drawings by the artist King Cheetah and colorized them. One. Two.

NOVEMBER 23, 2014

As threatened, I did up an R-rated story set in the Commander Amazing universe and sent it off to the EMCSA.

NOVEMBER 16, 2014

Posted an R-rated drawing on DeviantART. Hope to have another written piece done next week.

NOVEMBER 09, 2014

Managed to write up a new short scene and posted it on the stories page.

NOVEMBER 02, 2014

Posted a drawing on DeviantART.

OCTOBER 26, 2014

In honor of the upcoming holiday, this week Turner Classic Movies is showing a bunch of Hammer Studio's old-school Dracula flicks; worth checking out if you've never seen them.

OCTOBER 19, 2014

As threatened, this week's drawing features a couple of other people's characters. Suppose I'll have to come up with something for Halloween next week.

OCTOBER 12, 2014

This week's drawing is a homage. Woot.
If you have created an original female character and would like to see her as an MCish victim in a drawing, I have an opening in an upcoming pic. Drop me a line, first come first serve.

OCTOBER 05, 2014

Posted a sequel pic on DeviantART.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2014

Posted another R-rated guard-type pic on DeviantART.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2014

Ran out of time this week, so no TV listings. I did do an alternate, more practical, version of last week's drawing and posted it on the Collective.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2014

Posted an all-new drawing on DeviantART, though it's theme/idea that I've visited before.

SEPTEMBER 07, 2014

I've been contributing a few short-short written pieces over on the MC Garden forum, in the Prose section under the "55 word" challenges.

AUGUST 31, 2014

Posted a heavily re-done PG-rated drawing on DeviantART.

AUGUST 24, 2014

Did a sort of actual drawing this week.

AUGUST 17, 2014

Posted a sequel-drawing on DeviantART.

AUGUST 10, 2014

Posted a new story in the "White Knights" catagory.

AUGUST 03, 2014

Expanded a single-figure drawing from a few years back, and added more weirdness.

JULY 27, 2014

Posted a snake-type R-rated pic on DeviantART, and added a couple of classic TV episodes to my favorites list.

JULY 20, 2014

Posted one of my weird drawings. That was the image that came to me.

JULY 13, 2014

Thank you to the site-visitor who sent me the CD, it is much appreciated.

Posted a drawing on DeviantART that was my attempt to sort of fulfill another visitor's art-request.

JULY 06, 2014

For any Valkyrie Squad fans, I posted a belated Fourth of July inspired pic. It's a re-do/sorta sequal of an idea from several years back, and I suppose it's possible some folks might be ideologically offended. So, viewer beware and all that.

Added some entries to the Links page, as pointed out by a visitor. Thanks again for the info.

JUNE 29, 2014

Posted a brainwash-type drawing on DeviantART.

JUNE 22, 2014

Posted a drawing that's been sitting half-finished in my archives for a couple of years now.
Taking a week off from the TV listings. If you live in the northern hemisphere, go out and enjoy the sun.

JUNE 15, 2014

Did a fairly quick cartoon-type drawing this week. I suppose the pose is similar to the last drawing I put here, but it's one I like.

JUNE 08, 2014

Posted a vampire-type drawing on DeviantART.

JUNE 01, 2014

Posted another Valkyrie Squad drawing. I may have said this before, but, yes, they do fight non MCing villains (such as the Wormmaster, who commands an army of realy big worms..), I just don't depict those adventures. One of these weeks I may officially write up a dossier on the foursome.

MAY 25, 2014

Posted a petplay-type drawing on DeviantART.

MAY 18, 2014

As hoped, I finished and posted a new superheroine story.

MAY 11, 2014

This week's drawing is another upgrade/near redo of one from the archives. Have an idea for another Valkyrie Squad story, hopefully I'll get motivated enough to write it up this coming week.
Cleaned out some of the dead wood on the Links page.
Glad to see that over on the Collective, Detrix is finishing up his/her Poser story "Office Memo". It's been an enjoyable read.

MAY 04, 2014

Posted an R-rated drawing on DeviantART.

Also, as you have no doubt noticed, I haven't updated the Links page in quite a while; I haven't found anything new I thought worth adding. If you've got a site that you think should be listed, drop me a line and I'll at least check it out.

APRIL 27, 2014

Posted a short all-new scene on the story page.

APRIL 20, 2014

Posted a redone version of a drawing from a couple of years back. Also, I posted a new version of an R-rated Easter pic over on the Hypnohub.

APRIL 13, 2014

Posted a drawing over on DeviantART.

APRIL 06, 2014

For this week's drawing, my first attempt at an animated .gif in many a long year; it's been sitting half-finished on my hard drive, and a non-moving version may have been glimpsed previously by long-time visitors. Inspired directly by one of the listings on my Favorites page.

I also reposted a short written scene over on the story page.

MARCH 30, 2014

Another repost on DeviantART. With this one, I tweaked the proportions and re-did some details, but more than most of these, it's not that different than the original version from (sigh..) fourteen years ago.

MARCH 23, 2014

Posted an R-rated drawing on DeviantART; it's another near-total redo of one of mine from many years back, which started life as a pen-and-ink drawing.

And if anyone wants to buy me stuff, the new Terry Prachett book is out, hint hint.

MARCH 16, 2014

Posted an R-rated snake drawing on DeviantART.

MARCH 09, 2014

The drawing this week is my ripoff of/homage to one of Lady Tania's Poser pieces over on DeviantART.

In TV news, if you have access to the "Movies!" digital-cable channel in your area, check out the film Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter. Classic vamp flick with some MC elements and general weirdness.

MARCH 02, 2014

Thought about adding text to this week's drawing, but.. make up your own story. I did a rather quick TV search this week, so you just get the highlights.

FEBRUARY 23, 2014

I had the gauntlet hurled in my face over on Hypnohub, so that's where this week's upgraded drawing has been posted.

FEBRUARY 16, 2014

Another redo from the archives this week, though I worked this one over so much it's practically a new drawing.

FEBRUARY 09, 2014

Cleaned up and nudified an old drawing from the archive.

FEBRUARY 02, 2014

Now that everyone's done watching the Big Game version 2014, I posted a written scene over on the story page.
In TV news, I thought I'd heard about all the old-school MC stuff, but this week MeTV is showing an apparently-relevant Ironside episode I've previously missed. UPDATE: It was pointed out to me that this is a two-part episode, though it appears the overt MCish stuff comes in part 2. Either way, it airs Wednesday and Thursday on MeTV. (If you're in the US, you can search for your local affiliate here.

JANUARY 26, 2014

This week's drawing is another upgrade/re-do of one from many years back. Next week I hope to have a short written piece posted.

JANUARY 19, 2014

Posted a re-done drawing from a few years back at DeviantART.

It's reported that the new Powerpuff Girls special airing this week has MC themes.

JANUARY 12, 2014

This week's drawing is a re-do/upgrade of one from a few years back, with, yes, one of my rare appearances in front of the camera. Also, if you've got an account over at Hypnohub, I posted another (old but slightly reworked) R-rated drawing there.

JANUARY 05, 2014

Happy new year. Posted a non-seasonal R-rated cartoon-type thing on DeviantART.

DECEMBER 29, 2013

OK, I lied, and updated the Links page this week. As I noted over there, the Collective is still working through its technical problems.

DECEMBER 22, 2013

Posted a Christmas drawing. I'll take next week off, and hopefully see you all again in January.

DECEMBER 15, 2013

Posted an R-rated seasonal (if not exactly Christmassy) drawing over on DeviantART.

DECEMBER 08, 2013

Got a request over on DeviantART for one of my old pics, so I put up a re-done version. (PG rated.)

DECEMBER 01, 2013

An R-rated sequel-drawing over on DeviantART.

And it has no MC action, but if you're a fan of Romero-type zombie movies, check out the Cuban(!) horror/comedy Juan of the Dead, which is airing this week on HBO.

NOVEMBER 24, 2013

This week's drawing is sorta Thanksgiving themed, I suppose. Or at least feast themed. It's a re-do/expansion of one from a few years back. And like last week, here's an R-rated version.

And as noted on the feedback box, once again KIBA has had his YouTube account nuked, presumably due to copyright violations. I imagine he'll be back before long.

NOVEMBER 17, 2013

This week's drawing is a sort of counterpart to one from about a year back. And yes, finally added a couple of things to the Links page. If you know of anything new, let me know.

UPDATE: I posted an R-rated version of the drawing over on the Collective.

NOVEMBER 10, 2013

Posted a petplay-type drawing on DeviantART.

NOVEMBER 03, 2013

If you want one last dose of Halloween, I re-posted an old PG-rated holiday drawing on DeviantART. Here, I've put up a heavily-reworked drawing from the archive celebrating another seasonal event..

OCTOBER 27, 2013

Didn't really have any overtly Halloweenish ideas this year, so I reworked an old drawing of mine that had a sort of horror-movie vibe and posted it on DeviantART.

OCTOBER 20, 2013

Posted one of my regular Attack Angels tributes on DeviantART.

OCTOBER 13, 2013

Posted a new story.
Also posted another old drawing on
DeviantART which someone really wanted to see again.

OCTOBER 06, 2013

Thanks to the site-visitor for the DVD purchase!
Posted a revised
statue-ish drawing on DeviantART. The original version was put out way back in 1999, on Privatepages.com.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2013

This week's drawing was partially inspired by a particularly obnoxious "joke" which regularly makes the rounds on certain online forums I visit.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2013

Posted a request drawing on DeviantART.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2013

Another Valkyrie Squad drawing this week. If it seems vaguely familiar, I re-used some elements from a previous drawing that really didn't turn out like I hoped. I like this one much better. And I reposted an even older drawing of mine on the Collective.

SEPTEMBER 08, 2013

This week I wrote a short scene which features adult female body parts and sent it off to Simon at the MC Archive.

SEPTEMBER 01, 2013

Happy Labor Day for those in the US. The drawing this week has nothing particularly to do with the holiday, so here's a link to one of my older ones which might be more appropriate.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of clip-poster KIBA01192012 over on YouTube, I finally learned the identity of a movie I've wondered about for many years; I then scrounged up a copy of the Hong Kong film "Naked Poison" and revised my entry about it on the Favorites page..

AUGUST 25, 2013

Posted a ponygirl-type drawing on DeviantART. I also colorized another of Begbie Rentonspud's B/W drawings and posted it over on the Collective.

AUGUST 18, 2013

Put up another superheroine pic on the drawing page.

Went through my Links page, did some cleanup. Note particularly that Hypnobooru has moved to a new host. If you've got any favorite site not listed, drop me a line.

AUGUST 11, 2013

Posted a drawing over on DeviantART.

In case somebody's missed it, Callidus, along with Tabico, has created an impressive new MC video and posted it free here.

AUGUST 04, 2013

Went with a reoccuring theme over on the drawing page.

JULY 28, 2013

Thanks to all for the kind words re the TV listings.

Posted a DeviantART puppygirl drawing which steals/homages an scene from fellow DA-denizen Jose-Ramiro. His original is essentially PG-rated, mine is not.

JULY 21, 2013

Just did a quick TV search this week, and the only things I found that haven't been listed dozens of times before:
''Swing Fever'', airing on TCM, Monday at 11:15 AM; the plot involves hypnotizing a boxer to improve his performance.
''Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea'', MeTV, Saturday, midnight; Captain Crane is brainwashed to sabotage a mission.
Does anyone even use these listings I make?

My drawing this week is a request from a DeviantART patron to use her original character as an MCer. So I used my own heroine characters as victims. Posted both here and over on DA.

And check out this hour-long snake-MC "motion comic" assembled by Poser artist Gorgogorgo from his own pics.

JULY 14, 2013

Real Life complications this week, so no TV listings, but I did finish a quick DeviantART drawing. And speaking of DA, Poser artist Vice has set up an account there- go check him out.

JULY 07, 2013

Got a couple of DeviantART requests for an MC snake pic, so that's what got posted this week. Yes, I reused a basic pose from a drawing I posted here a while back.

JUNE 30, 2013

Did a quick written scene this week.

The webcomic El Goonish Shive is currently doing an MC-themed plot, along with the strip's usual gender-bending transformation schtick.

JUNE 23, 2013

Happy summer. If they're available where you live, eat some fresh strawberries.

JUNE 16, 2013

Posted an R-rated drawing on DeviantART.

JUNE 09, 2013

This week's drawing is a revamp from about ten years back. I have gotten a little better at drawing bodily proportions.

JUNE 02, 2013

Managed to get a short written piece done and posted. Enjoy.

MAY 26, 2013

No real inspiration this week, so I reposted an old R-rated alien-type drawing over on DeviantART. Kicking around an idea for a short written piece I hope to do up next week.

MAY 19, 2013

No MC, but the latest season of Red Dwarf is pretty funny.

MAY 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day, if you're a mother who is into this sort of thing.

MAY 05, 2013

Posted a new toonish drawing on DeviantART.

APRIL 28, 2013

A little late posting this week, but finally made it.

APRIL 21, 2013

Anyone who likes my drawings might enjoy this YouTube clip of a real-life hypno play-session. (I didn't contribute to its production in any way, just spreading the word.)

APRIL 14, 2013

The drawing I posted this week is a re-do of one from about ten years back.

Word is the new "Nikita" series on the CW is doing an extended MC/brainwashing plot-arc.

APRIL 07, 2013

A drawing on DeviantART.

Better week than usual on the TV front, with some old-school stuff popping up on various networks.

A new host and look for the MC Forum.

MARCH 31, 2013

A new non-Easter drawing over on DeviantART, and a holiday repost on the Collective.

Daphne has a new movie out on Clips4Sale.

MARCH 24, 2013

Over on the story page, I posted a new short scene set in one of my little worlds. Also retitled its previous "sister-story" to something a little more appropriate.

MARCH 17, 2013

Just a quickie drawing this week.

The MC classic "The Hypnotic Eye" is getting a rare airing on TV this week, next Saturday at 6:00 AM on TCM.

MARCH 10, 2013

Posted a DeviantART drawing which touches on another of my perverted fetishes.

Good to see that Squid Ops is updating again, but the fact that it's yet another re-boot is somewhat annoying. If you want to buy the whole chapter in one go for $2.00, it's evidently available here.

Also, over on the Forum, Daphne has resumed releasing her MC comic "Saint James Infirmary" for free. If you want to see all of it to date, and the rest of the stuff she and her minions have produced, again you'll have to pay for it.

MARCH 03, 2013

This week's DeviantART drawing is a sequel to a couple of previous ones I've posted over there.
And my source is having technical glitches this week, so no TV listings. Back at it next week, hopefully.

FEBRUARY 24, 2013

Posted a fantasy-type drawing over on DeviantART; two people on an expedition.

As noted on the feedback box, AntJack/Diana Prince has once again been terminated by YouTube for content violation. I'm sure s/he will be back before long. A couple of others still online and active are here and here

FEBRUARY 17, 2013

Thanks to the anonymous site-visitor for the CD!

This week's drawing commemorates the recently arrived Chinese New Year.

Because of her ongoing credit-card processing problems, Daphne of MCT is preparing to rebrand her site.

The Collective is in the process of moving to a new home. The forum has made the shift, the gallery will soon follow.

FEBRUARY 10, 2013

Posted a nude brainwashing-machine pic over on DeviantART.

FEBRUARY 03, 2013

Posted a drawing on DeviantART.

Following ongoing problems at the ASSTR, the MC Archive has officially moved to a new location, hosted by Mind Control Theatre: MCStories.com. The old ASSTR address is still up.

Sad to hear that Real Life uphevals have forced Poser artist Lady Tania to suspend her work for the immediate future.

JANUARY 27, 2013

Posted a drawing on DeviantART. Sleepymaid has posted some new drawings, but sadly the webcomic Squid-Ops is now on hiatus.

JANUARY 20, 2013

Finally churned out a short written scene. Enjoy.

JANUARY 13, 2013

Better amount of new(ish) content on TV this week.

JANUARY 06, 2013

Happy New Year. One of these weeks I hope to work up the enthusiasm to write a story.

DECEMBER 23, 2012

Happy Winter Solstice Holiday of your choice. I'm taking next week off, so I'll see you all in January.

DECEMBER 16, 2012

Another experiment this week with a more cartoony look in my drawing. The guy's name is a homage to something, but nothing MC-related.

DECEMBER 09, 2012

Another DeviantART post, which is also one of my occasional Fem-fem scenes.

DECEMBER 02, 2012

This week's art is over at DeviantART again; different drawing technique than usual.
Aphrotronics has again been terminated by YouTube, this time evidently because he refused to stop posting vids from a hypnofetish provider. AntJack has been posting a lot of Japanese material.
And as noted on the feedback box, artist sleepymaid has resurrected Hypnochan.

NOVEMBER 25, 2012

This week's drawing was inspired by a discussion over on the MC Forum about possible room decor.

Cleaned out a bunch of dead links. If you've got/know of a site I don't have listed, drop me a line.

NOVEMBER 18, 2012

Did a seasonal drawing for DeviantART. Enjoy your turkey if you generally enjoy such things!

NOVEMBER 11, 2012

Did up a cartoony drawing for DeviantART, but I'm skipping the TV listings again this week; did a brief search and there simply wasn't anything new and/or exciting to list.

NOVEMBER 04, 2012

Posted a quickie PG-rated drawing here on the site in honor of the season. If you live in the US, get out there and do your duty. And no, I don't know how she got the shirt on after that hat.

OCTOBER 28, 2012

Happy Halloween. Watch out for vamps and ghouls and hurricanes.

OCTOBER 21, 2012

Animal-hypno on DeviantART.

Sorry to see I missed listing TCM's showing of "The Devil Rides Out" last week. It's a Hammer flick that worth seeing if you ever get the chance. A couple of MC scenes, and Christopher Lee gets to play the hero for once.

OCTOBER 14, 2012

Did up a more cartoony drawing for DeviantART.

Word on the MC Forum is that Hypnochan got permanently nuked for content violation. No real surprise.

OCTOBER 07, 2012

Re-did an old brainwashing drawing of mine and posted it on DeviantART.

As noted on the feedback box, hypnochan.org appears to be offline. I have no information on what happened.

Folks currently posting MCish stuff on YouTube: Alphatronics. AntJack. Albator

SEPTEMBER 30, 2012

Dashed off a quick drawing today, and only then realized it's a repeat sequel to one I did a couple of years back. Still, it's the sort of thing I'd like to see more of. May do up an R-rated version to post on DeviantART.

And in TV news, for anyone who likes old-school material, on Wednesday Turner Classic Movies is showing a whole slew of classic vampire and voodoo-zombie films.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2012

Got a drawing request this week, did my best to fulfil it.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2012

A DeviantART drawing this week, which is my silly homage to.. various things..

SEPTEMBER 09, 2012

A small drawing here this week. And as noted in the feedback box, KIBA's YouTube account has been emptied or locked or something; usually it just gets shut down altogether. Another infatigueable YT poster is AntJack; his latest account can be found here

SEPTEMBER 02, 2012

Since it's a holiday weekend, you get a sorta holiday-themed drawing, and no TV listings. Here comes fall..

AUGUST 26, 2012

A reworked drawing from the archives.

AUGUST 19, 2012

This week's drawing is a sequel to one I (re)posted on DeviantART a couple of years back.

AUGUST 12, 2012

All-new DeviantART drawing.

And KIBA has posted a bunch of MC-themed video-clips on YouTube. As always, enjoy them while you can, because the ban-hammer will soon fall.

AUGUST 05, 2012

Another re-worked and nudified drawing from the archives.

And for anyone who hasn't been following over on the MC Forum, Daphne's Mind Control Theatre is getting ready to release a sequel to thier film "The Brothel".

JULY 29, 2012

You get two smallish drawing this week on DeviantART, one as part of an artjam, and a vampire pic I've reworked a few times over the years.

JULY 22, 2012

Little more ambitious this week; an all-new drawing on DeviantART.

JULY 15, 2012

As you may have gathered from all the repeats lately, my inspiration and enthusiasm lately have been at a low ebb. I did work over another piece from the archives, and posted it on DeviantART, but I'm gonna take a week off from the TV listings. Sigh. I'm getting old.

JULY 08, 2012

Once again, I dug an old drawing/scene out of my archives and gave it a heavy re-working. I guess this is version number three, actually; the first was a painfully crude attempt from my earliest days using a computer drawing program.

JULY 01, 2012

A heavily-reworked drawing from the archives. And happy Independence Day, if that's what you want out of life.

JUNE 24, 2012

All-new all-computer drawing this week. Yay. Also on DeviantART, I'm glad to see that Lady Tania is doing an alternate "evil" endng for her Art Exhibit superheroine picture set. As I've probably said before, the original has been one of my favorites in recent months, and LT always does excellent 3D Poser-renderings, even the non-MCish stuff.

JUNE 17, 2012

The drawing on DeviantART this week is a sort of change of pace; it's a pencil-sketch I did many years ago, with some fairly extensive computer work added, mostly shading effects. This is another one where I posted a version of this way back when I originally drew it, but I like this go-around much better.

JUNE 10, 2012

No nudity this week, so I actually posted the drawing here. (Your loyalty finally pays off!!) I think I've previously posted a version of this one, but I re-scanned the original pencil sketch and worked it over massively with my drawing program, so it's at least 80% new.

JUNE 03, 2012

A more cartoony DeviantART drawing this week, but at least it's all new. And just avoid misunderstandings, the Ghostbusters episode over on the TV is from the shortlived cartoon series based on a cheesy TV show of a few decades back, not the (probably) more familiar film franchise. Does have some nice, if brief, vampire MC action.

MAY 27, 2012

Haven't had much inspiration lately, so here's another semi-nudified/tweaked drawing from the archives.

MAY 20, 2012

Posted (re-)reworked and nudified drawing from last year on DeviantART.

MAY 13, 2012

Posted a nudie/creature drawing on DeviantART.

MAY 06, 2012

Posted an old marionette-themed drawing on DeviantART, along with an all-new pic, which has the other half of the Valkyrie Squad getting into trouble; it is moderately NSFW.

APRIL 29, 2012

Posted an old mannequin-themed drawing on DeviantART, along with an all-new pic. The latter doesn't have any adult content, but is my contribution to an art jam that another DAer set up, featuring homages to the classic "Mind Maidens" episode of The Superfriends animated series (see my Favorites page for more details.) I used a couple of my "Valkyrie Squad" characters as the victims.

And unrelated sad news; my fellow artist Sue Chan has announced that she has burned out in regards to drawing hypnofetish stuff, and is moving on to new projects. It's a shame, but I can totally understand the feeling, and wish her well with her other work.

APRIL 22, 2012

Tried to do a quickie cartoon drawing this week, which ended up taking far too long. Anyway, enjoy.

APRIL 15, 2012

Posted a drawing over on DeviantART. While you're over there, artists JayPetto and Rhachadi have started posting some new stuff as well.

APRIL 08, 2012

Posted an Easter-type drawing over on DeviantART. Hippity hop..

APRIL 01, 2012

Posted a drawing over on DeviantART. Hopefully you can see it, but they're pulling April Fool's Day crap over there, so no guarantees for twenty-four hours.
The Days of Our Lives hypno subplot probably continues to trundle along for a few more days; I haven't been watching myself. Also, Disney Channel has a new hypno-themed reality show called Snap!, but I probably won't be listing it very often since it will presumably be getting lots of airtime. Check your local listings.

MARCH 25, 2012

Did manage to bash out a short written piece this week. It's in the fantasy section on the story page.
In TV news, the soap Days of Our Lives has a hypnotism sub-plot running all(?) this week which, evidently, a man and woman agree to be hypnotized and then get used in some ongoing scheme.

MARCH 18, 2012

I do hope to do some sort of writing this coming week, but no guarantees.

MARCH 11, 2012

Updated the links, added a couple of new ones.

MARCH 04, 2012

As noted over on the feedback box, with the passing of Davy Jones, some old MC-themed Monkees episodes are getting re-aired over the weekend.

Another more cartoonish drawing this week, and I finally got around to doing my yearly pruning back of the archives.

FEBRUARY 26, 2012

Posted a couple of nudity-infused pics to my DeviantART account, one new, one a reposting.

FEBRUARY 19, 2012

Posted an R-rated request pic on DeviantART. More snow and earmuffs, if that makes a difference.

And, unrelated but triggered by a comment over there on the feedback box.. any young whippersnappers in the audience should be grateful for the technological era in which you live. When I was young, a few thousand years ago, "the Internet" was a handful of scientists exchanging e-mails between major universities. If you developed some perverted sexual fetish, you very likely grew up in your podunk little town thinking that you were literally the only person in the world who had these thoughts and feeling. The local library certainly didn't include a section on the subject in its phsyical card-catalogue, which is where you had to go if you wanted to do research on anything. So whatever new problems we now face, enjoy using that Google. And get off my lawn.

FEBRUARY 12, 2012

Sort of a Valentine-themed pic this week. Or maybe not. You decide.

FEBRUARY 05, 2012

Skulking about here instead of doing your patriotic duty viewing the Big Game, eh? Tsk tsk, you pervert you.

JANUARY 29, 2012

This week's drawing/story was inspired in part by recent weather events in my part of the world. Blech.

JANUARY 22, 2012

As previously noted on the shoutbox over there, my Internet access is somewhat limited this week, so no TV listings, but I did dash off a quickie R-rated drawing and posted it on DeviantART. Hopefully back to normal-ish next week.

JANUARY 15, 2012

Was tempted to do something about race-relations in MC fetish art, but I decided Dr. King wouldn't approve, so more of my usual sorta-nude weirdness on DeviantART. Enjoy, you perverts, you. And keep the dream alive.

JANUARY 08, 2012

Posted my usual weirdness on DeviantART. Enjoy.

JANUARY 01, 2012

Happy New Year. Tech-stuff still ongoing, but I guess for the moment I'm still here. I'll skip the TV listings for one more week, but I've posted a sort-of seasonal drawing. Enjoy.

DECEMBER 25, 2011

Merry Christmas, if you're into that sort of thing. No real update this week, but I did post an old seasonal pic of mine over on DeviantART.

Also, I'm making some behind-the-scenes changes on my site, AND THERE MAY BE A FEW DAYS OF DOWN-TIME. See you when I see you.

DECEMBER 18, 2011

This week's sorta-seasonal drawing is probably about as close as I will ever come to creating fan-fiction. I usually take Christmas week off, but this year.. guess it'll depend on how motivated I am creatively.

DECEMBER 11, 2011

This week I got motivated enough to send a story to the Erotic Mind Control Archive. (Thanks as always to Simon for keeping it going!) Also added Big Trouble In Little China to my favorites list.

DECEMBER 04, 2011

No boobs this week. I imagine you'll all muddle through.

NOVEMBER 27, 2011

One of my more explicit pieces ever (still no sex tho) again over on DeviantART. Inspired in large part by the Lady Tania piece I mentioned last week. ("The Art Exhibit."} After last week's build up, I was kinda disappointed in her ending, not so much that

the MCish stuff was thwarted, but the specific counter-attack deployed was for me a major buzz-kill. (And LT herself admitted to there being plot holes..)

Ah well, still one of my favorites ever. Another inspiration was this piece of R-rated fan-art by Trishbot.

NOVEMBER 20, 2011

It's time to celebrate an R-rated Thanksgiving over on DeviantART.

I also wanted to promote the work of DeviantARTist Lady Tania; she always does excellent Poser-created Superheroine-perils stuff; like a lot of people, I'm particularly enjoying her current postings, which involve some MCish statuification.

NOVEMBER 13, 2011

The drawing this week has nudity and general weirdness, so it's over on DeviantART. As I note there, decide for yourself if any actual MC is involved..

NOVEMBER 06, 2011

This week, another visit to the Place With The Purple Sky. For those interested in the creative process, this one might set a record for how quickly I dashed it off.
And yes, pretty slim pickings on TV this week.

OCTOBER 30, 2011

A while back someone asked me about one of my old drawings, so now that the season has rolled around, I dug it out, worked it over a bit and reposted it. I think this one works a little better with clothes, but if you want the exposed-boobs version, it's over on DeviantART. Happy Halloween, for those out there who celebrate it..

OCTOBER 23, 2011

This week's drawing has boobs, and so it is posted over at DeviantART. It was inspired by a recent episode of Mythbusters, wherein Kari Byran dressed in a "bear costume". No boobs on display there.

OCTOBER 16, 2011

The unseasonal drawing this week is a re-working of one from a few years back.

Added an entry to my favorites list. As noted by a visitor, my favorite Attack Angels can now be purchased uncut from iTunes for a couple of bucks.

And good news on the video front; Mind Control Theatre has found a new credit-card processor and is open to take orders once more. ("Send Hypnoporn!" "Yes, Master..")

OCTOBER 09, 2011

Some new stuff on TV this week.

OCTOBER 02, 2011

This week's drawing is a re-do/enhancement of one I did here a couple months back. Possibly the "new" guy is the "old" guy's grandfather. And yes, more Melodrama.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2011

Posted another of my weird magic-not-sexual fantasy pics over on DeviantART. More boobs, if you're at work or anything.

MTV has a show now called Death Valley, which features zombies and vampires. Haven't watched it, so I don't know what "flavors" are used this time around.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2011

This week, another drawing/cartoon posted over on DeviantArt. You may notice some exposed boobs.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2011

This week's drawing is a revamp of one from a couple of years back, and has been posted over on DeviantART.

And yeah, it's been ten years. I can't imagine you came here to listen to me talk about it.

SEPTEMBER 04, 2011

I've added a story to the Commander Amazing section; be aware that the page is actually hosted over on ASSTR.org, because I figure they might last longer on the Internet than I will. Having said that, they were doing a tech upgrade this week, and thus might be offline. Also, if you have any spare $$$, they could use a donation to keep up their good work.

And since it's a popular question at the moment.. no, I don't know of any way for folks in the US to obtain full videos from the Japanese fetish-producer TraumaArt. And if someone finds an illegal way, great for them, but I won't promote it here.

AUGUST 28, 2011

This week's drawing is a re-do/enhancement of one from 2007; it was requested over on DeviantART.
Artist Suechan has posted new stuff on her site, but it's a little light this time on the maledom material.
In TV news, it's good to see that TCM has some old-school voodoo-zombie action this Friday night with The Zombies of Mora Tau and I Walked with a Zombie.

AUGUST 21, 2011

Thanks to all who responded with the kind words. I just need to vent once in a while. I'll keep doing the TV listings, but for the moment I'll just look for relatively new and/or interesting stuff, instead of rehashing the same items over and over.
The drawing this week is a little more complex than last time, but still rather cartoony.
On my favorites list, I finally learned the source of one of the Japanese clips I've enjoyed in the past.

AUGUST 14, 2011

Once again this week, I'm skipping the TV listings, because, frankly, I'm tired and burned out. Is anyone out there even using them anymore? Did manage to turn out a drawing, in a (ahem) different sort of style than usual. For long-time visitors, it is a redo/slight upgrade of a pic I did many years ago.

AUGUST 07, 2011

A silly little pic this week, with boobs, over on DeviantArt.

JULY 31, 2011

Another week where thanks to real-life interruptions I ran out of time for a full update. Still, there's an update/clean-up of one of my old snake pics here, and over on my DeviantArt page, a straight repost of one of my R-rated pics from ten years ago. A quick TV search didn't reveal anything new, as is usually the case.
However.. I did want to mention that over on the MC Forum, a group effort tracked down the title/source of one of my favorite maledom MC clips of recent years. It's a Japanese film called "Survive Girls 2", and is available in the US from places such as Amazon.

Last-Minute Monday Update: I've heard that both SciFi shows Eureka and Warehouse 13 have MCish plots this week. If you live on the west coast of the US you might still be able to see the first-run episodes..

JULY 24, 2011

If you like this week's pervertion, you might also enjoy Sebastian Blackcat's work.

JULY 17, 2011

This week's drawing is another one that works better with a nude subject, so you can find it here on DeviantArt.
In mostly unrelated news, here is a list of some of the currently-active MC-clip posters on YouTube:
cd2sfw - gumjer - aphrotronics - albator1
As always, enjoy 'em while they last. And you really shouldn't pirate stuff made specifically to cater to our fetish.

JULY 10, 2011

Just a small drawing this week, although I did re-post another old PGish pic over on my DeviantArt site.

JULY 03, 2011

This week's drawing might or might not be an example of actual mind control, or maybe it's just the most realistic example I've ever done. It was partially inspired by a scene from the movie 7 Faces of Dr Lao, which is worth seeing in its own right.
In TV news, the latest Disney series is "My Babysister's A Vampire", which appears to be a sort of watered-down tween Buffy.

JUNE 26, 2011

Made it here after all. Yay. In regards to last week's comment, and after a request on DeviantArt, I posted the original PG version of one of my old pics over there. With the all-new drawing here, I guess this week's theme is "long hair".
Again, next week's holiday might interfere with posting.

JUNE 19, 2011

Normally I amuse myself by doing both PG and R-rated versions of my drawings, but this week, I felt a PG pic just wouldn't work, so head over to the Collective to see all the naked flesh. And I enhanced an old pic, added a bit more of said flesh, and posted it on DeviantArt. Yes, there's no reason why I can't just post the R-rated stuff here. Again, it amuses me to do otherwise.

After all that, and since it's all the same old stuff airing anyway, no TV listings this week. Even worse, due to Real Life, there might not be an update at all next week. Stay tuned.

JUNE 12, 2011

If the art-style seems a little different, this week's drawing is another mild reworking of a piece I originally had posted on PrivatePages back in the day.

JUNE 05, 2011

Back to the human MCers this week. In TV news, the parody film "Vampires Suck" starts airing this week, but.. it probably doesn't have any MC, and even if it did, I refuse to list it.

MAY 29, 2011

This week's drawing is a request pic, using the requester's own original character. So, I can't give you permission to re-use her in anything.

Also, I see that a sorta-classic MC toon is playing this week, but it would probably simplier if you just went and watched it on Hulu.com instead.

MAY 22, 2011

Made it through the Rapture OK. On with the deviant and evil pornography.

MAY 15, 2011

A repeat of poses this week, since someone said they liked it, and I agreed. Also a sequel to a previous drawing, more or less; there's always someone bigger than you out there..

MAY 08, 2011

Smallville the TV series is wrapping up its ten year run this week. Always good to see a long-running show get to do an official send-off episode, instead of just getting the axe. Probably going to feature one last bout of MC action, at least with Green Arrow being controlled by Darkseid's minions.

MAY DAY, 2011

As was requested by a fan over on the Collective, this week's drawing is an overhaul/re-do of a pic I originally posted back in 2004. I could have just reposted the original, but, ugh. I have learned a few things about human anatomy in the last seven years. Plus televisions have changed a lot..

APRIL 24, 2011

Like sci-fi fans/MC fetishists all over the world, I was saddened by the death this week of Doctor Who's Elizabeth Sladen. My scene/pic this week is in part my tribute to her work. I hadn't really thought about it before, but a young Ms. Sladen would have been an pretty good choice to play a live-action version of my character Hildy Johanson, although Hildy's quite a bit more hard-edged than Sarah Jane Smith...

And belatedly, I also note the passing of online MC author Sara Castle. Condolences and sympathies to both families.

APRIL 17, 2011

Updated/corrected what links I could on the Favorites page.

APRIL 10, 2011

Another revamped drawing this week. This one I've reworked and expanded two or three times over the years. Check back in 2014 or so..

APRIL 03, 2011

This week's drawing is a revamp of one I did a few years back, and also a reminder that some people are never ever happy.

MARCH 27, 2011

Yes, this week's drawing is really what my front door looks like. Would I lie to you?

MARCH 20, 2011

The drawing is one last celebration of this week's holiday. It's a heavy re-working of an idea of mine from years ago; I'm not sure if the original even ever got publically posted anywhere.
On a completely unrelated note, a vistor was wondering if anyone knows a good/halfway trustworthy place for Americans to buy Japanese MC video material on DVD; may as well do what we can to give their economy a boost..

MARCH 13, 2011

Not a very fun week, huh? Still, got a drawing done.

MARCH 06, 2011

Not a real update, but to tide you over till next week, here are two short-shorts I wrote for a challange over on the MC Forum, in which you had to construct an MC scene using exactly 55 words:

1: She clutched the steering wheel, stared at the crossroad. Her Master glared at the Sphere in His lap. Her first memory was looking there, having her will ecstatically devoured.
“Which direction, you stupid thing?”
A colorless blip. He issued a terse Command:
“Drive east.”
“Yes, Master.”
She put the Chariot in gear and turned right.

2: It was that geek from down the hall, and he was waving something in her face. Ridiculously phallic, it was festooned with
“Wanda! I’ve perfected my Instaliminal Femslavement Device! ”
She rolled her eyes, began disrobing..
“Don't be silly, Master. I didn’t need that thing's help to suddenly realize I'm your obedient slavegirl.”

FEBRUARY 27, 2011

Real life intrudes, and there probably won't be an update next week.

FEBRUARY 20, 2011

If this week's drawing seems familiar, it is a re-tweaking of one I posted a couple of years back. Yes, more storage-fetish. And since I got a question about it, last week's drawing was intended to depict a happy couple spending a quiet night at home, with nothing specifically related to superheroines. I just liked the idea of an MCed woman posing on a pedestal.

FEBRUARY 13, 2011

This week's drawing was loosely inspired by certain scenes in a recent EMCSA offering, Triumph of the Toy Maker by The King of Hearts, although it is not a depiction of any of those scenes.
Over on the Links page, at Joe Anton's request I added some additional links to my description of his paysite.

FEBRUARY 06, 2011

This week's drawing is inspired by a classic Justice League of America comics cover which a couple of my favorite Poser artists over on DeviantArt have already homaged. Sadly, as is often the case, the original cover gives an erronous impression in regards to what happens in the actual comic; it's body-swapping, not mind control.

JANUARY 30, 2011

As I think has happened before, this week's drawing was originally intended to have dialog, but nothing really clicked, so make up your own.

JANUARY 23, 2011

Forced myself to crank out a short written scene this week. I hope I can build up my enthusiasm for finishing some long-idled projects this year, like Slumber Party and Template.
And in response to a comment box question, yes, I have a "woman in storage" fetish as well; women who certainly aren't dead, or under punishingly tight bondage, just.. brainwashed and neatly stored away until their master has some need for their specific skills. If they don't age in storage, that's a bonus, both in terms of maintaining beauty, and truly "eternal" slavery. I've seen a few pics online that sorta touch on this: for example, this classic from Tabico used some interesting source-material. As was asked in comments, anyone know if this kink has some official name?

JANUARY 16, 2011

One of those weeks were I just feel (almost) completely burned out. So, you get a drawing, but no TV listings. Also, all the comment box is attracting anymore is persistant spammers, so it may get dumped. Here's your chance to prove it's still useful.

JANUARY 09, 2011

I'm always a bit reluctant to list YouTube-based video clip collections, because I figure I'm just speeding up the inevitable crack-down by the copyright-holders.. but.. oh well. Here are two of the current crop: Urotsokido and Aphrotronics. Enjoy 'em while they last.

JANUARY 02, 2011

Happy new year and all that. I went through the links page and cleared out all the dead wood. Any suggestions for new stuff to be added, drop me a line. On a sadly related note, I mourn the evident departure from DeviantArt of Rhachadi, who did some fine MC-themed art featuring the snake Kaa and various Disney heroines. The two with Kim Possible in particular were favorites of mine.

DECEMBER 19, 2010

The ASSTR hit-count report I receive each week claims that no one read last week's story. I've got enough of an ego to believe that can't be right, but if people really couldn't find it down at the very bottom of the story page, here's a direct link.
Thanks to the visitor who bought me something off my wish list, and in that spirit, enjoy a holiday drawing this week. I'll be on vacation next week for said holiday; see you all in January.

DECEMBER 12, 2010

I got a request for a story this week, which was slightly different than my normal stuff. I dashed something off, but you've been warned..

DECEMBER 05, 2010

To answer a question from the feedback box, I do my drawings entirely on my computer with Paint Shop Pro, which is the poor man's Photoshop. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the latter program, but I like it well enough for my non-demanding work, and it doesn't cost hundreds of dollars. Sadly, I use a copy from when it was made by JASC, and Corel has since bought up the product, resulting in very mixed reviews.

NOVEMBER 28, 2010

The ASSTR continues to have technical problems. My story page will thus either be available, or it won't. If it's still having problems next week, I'll break down and repost my stories here; ironically, I posted them over ther originally because I thought they'd stand a better chance of lasting online if I and my site ever go away.

NOVEMBER 21, 2010

I went back and re-wrote/extended/finished the story I posted a couple of weeks back. Even did some (braf gag puke) research. There's brief use of a language besides English, and no doubt I made horrible mistakes in regards to grammar and spelling and whatnot. If you (unlike me) actually speak the language in question and see something that needs fixing, corrections are quite welcome. Normally I post these over at ASSTR.org, but that whole site is crashed and burnt at the moment, so here it is directly. (UPDATE: ASSTR back online.)

Almost forgot; happy Burnt Turkey Day!

NOVEMBER 14, 2010

If the characters in this week's drawing seem familiar, I have used them before; this is a prequel of sorts to the previous pictures.
Over on the Favorites page, I found a much better YouTube offering for Attack Angels; enjoy it while you can! Also in TV news, I'm happy to see that Discovery Kids has dug the series Honey, I Shrunk The Kids out of the vault; it had some MC action, and was often amusing in a more mainstream sense.

NOVEMBER 07, 2010

Yes, I actually managed to bash out a short story this week. An image came to me and I went where it led me, which as always is strange places.

OCTOBER 31, 2010

This week's drawing is another that I've re-done over the years; the original supremely crude version was created all the way back in 1998.

OCTOBER 24, 2010

Halloween did produce a bunch of vampire movies this week.

OCTOBER 17, 2010

Got done a little early this week, but unfortunately my favorite TV listings provider is having technical problems; got what I could.

OCTOBER 10, 2010

I'm not much of a fan of Columbus, so.. this week's drawing is a belated celebration of Leif Erikson Day.

OCTOBER 03, 2010

Hopefully Halloween will lead to something more interesting being shown on TV..

SEPTEMBER 26, 2010

Did some editing and additions to my Favorites list; thanks to Fu for some suggestions.

SEPTEMBER 19, 2010

Since I forgot to mention it before, I was happy to see that Poser artist Nemovoid has resurfaced with a paying gig over at MCComix.com. Hope it works out for him and them.
In unrelated news, I don't do much writing myself anymore, but I contributed some editing and ideas to this story over on the MC Archive.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2010

As suggested, I threw together a list of some of my favorite MC scenes. Will make changes and additions as they occur to me.

SEPTEMBER 05, 2010

Didn't do up a scene-list, but maybe next week. The drawing was inspired by a scene from the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang which I've always liked. (Although the character is just acting, and is not MCed in any way.)

AUGUST 29, 2010

This week's drawing was inspired by numerous non-MC movie plots. Speaking of which.. next week, I may take an idea from the feedback box, and put together a list of my favorite MC scenes from movies and such.

AUGUST 22, 2010

I posted a couple of redone-to-R-rated drawings at the Collective.

AUGUST 15, 2010

Added one or two "new" items to my DeviantArt page. This week's all-new drawing was inspired by one of my Favorites listed over there.

AUGUST 08, 2010

I have belatedly gotten involved with the whole DeviantArt thing, and have posted a few R-rated versions of pics that previous have appeared on my own website.
In TV news, there are a couple of networks that sort of fly under the radar, selling a syndicated package of strange old films to local stations around the country; if any station in your area uses RTV or This TV, check them out; you might find some good stuff.

AUGUST 01, 2010

I don't explain 'em I just draw 'em.

JULY 25, 2010

The pic this week might be set in the universe of one of my EMCSA stories...

JULY 18, 2010

A question/commemoration: a few months back on the Collective there was posted a brief but nice series of Poser pics which involved women being turned into white-eyed robots via implants in the back of their necks. I'm pretty sure the author's nom-de-smut was "Nemovoid", but now I can't find the pics or that name on the Collective. If I'm misremembering the name, and any of you know it, please correct me. If not, I'm sorry to see NV's work go, and hope that s/he will return some day. (I don't need copies of the pics, I'm just offering my appreciation.)

JULY 11, 2010

This week's mini-drawing is a re-do of one of the earliest ones I produced, or at least still have a copy of in my files.
Unsurprisingly, I see that the MCSex video-clip collection blog has bit the dust; it posted copyrighted material and stepped on too many toes to last long. Still, had some stuff I'd never seen before.
On the TV page, if the list seems shorter than usual, I once again skipped several programs that I've listed dozens of times already.

JULY 04, 2010

I haven't watched it, but the new ABC series The Gates has vampires and witches and whatnot.

JUNE 27, 2010

But at night it's a different world
Go out and find a girl
Come-on come-on and dance all night
Despite the heat it'll be alright
And babe, don't you know it's a pity
That the days can't be like the nights
In the summer, in the city

JUNE 20, 2010

Not really the place to celebrate it, but Happy Father's Day.

JUNE 13, 2010

In honor of Fu's comments on the comment box, something more normal (relatively) this week. In TV news, another season of the vampire drama True Blood is arriving on HBO.

JUNE 06, 2010

Another week where I ran out of time and enthusiasm, so.. you get one of my sick n' twisted drawings, but no TV listings. What's that? OK, fine. A quick search turns up only one thing that I haven't listed a dozen times already: The Sundance channel program Shameless, on Friday at 9:00 PM, has Monica consulting a hypnotist to perk up her marriage. And if you're looking for some old-school "summoned via hypno-sleepwalking" action, track down a copy of the deranged Mexican flick The Robot Vs. The Aztec Mummy. Netflix at least has the MST3000 version.

MAY 30, 2010

To answer a question from the feedback box, MaRvLiN, formerly of the "Reprogramed" site, is now selling downloads of his work directly. You can get more info at this thread over on the MC Forum.

MAY 23, 2010

This week's drawing is my homage to a certain TV program which ends its run this week. But no, the human characters aren't meant to be anyone in particular.

MAY 16, 2010

The drawing I did a couple of weeks back was inspired by an episode of the 80's cartoon He-Man entitled "To Save Skeletor". You can watch it here; the MC content starts at about "-7:00", although the whole episode is one of the better ones the show did.

MAY 09, 2010

Over at MCComix.com, they are holding a contest for a new logo; you can see the entries here. One of them is my attempt. I won't say which one it is, but I imagine you can figure it out. Vote for the one you like..

MAY 02, 2010

Bonus points to anyone who can identify the cartoon which inspired this week's picture.

APRIL 25, 2010

A bit of interesting news this week; over on the MC Forum, a member turned up their copy of the presumed-long-lost 'act three' of the 70's MC-porn classic "She Did What He Wanted". It's of poor sound/picture quality, and cuts off just when there might be more MC content, but it exists. You can download it here, although be aware that it has one more drawback, being over 200 MB in size. It's sadly possible that this is the last remaining example of this footage, but here's hoping a full copy turns up someday..

APRIL 18, 2010

A drawing for the Female-female fans this week.

APRIL 11, 2010

Got a request for more info about last week's drawing, so this week's a sequel of sorts.

APRIL 04, 2010

TV Land has brought the classic supernatural sitcom Bewitched back into rotation; not much out-and-out MC, but fans of powerful spell-casting women will probably enjoy it.

MARCH 28, 2010

Thanks to everyone who's left comments. While general questions are welcome, be aware that you might get more replies over on the MC Forum. You do have to register and all, of course.
Someone asked about Hipsway's sad YouTube demise. I agree that a site like Haporn would be more lenient, but I have no personal contact with Hipsway, so I can't pass along the idea. Over on the links page, I've assembled a list of three still-functioning video-clip collections, none of them on YouTube.
And yes, I managed to bash out another short story this week. I didn't have a proofreader, so if any of you see any spelling or grammar mistakes, please let me know.

MARCH 21, 2010

I've decided to give a visitor-feedback box a try. If you don't see anything over there to the right, you may have to allow your WWW browser to use javascript on my site. If you do see the box, and you've you've got something to say to me or everyone else, let 'er rip. I reserve the right to censor any truly odious comments, and yes, you'll probably want to come up with an alias for yourself, but supplying an e-mail address or URL is entirely optional.
In unrelated news, the site I use for making the TV listings wasn't cooperating this week, so I skipped it. Back next week, hopefully.

MARCH 14, 2010

Over on the Collective, I posted another R-rated version of one of my recent pics. Yes, I could just post them here, but honestly, I often find a bit of stragetically-positioned fabric more erotic than out-and-out nudity.

MARCH 07, 2010

I have contributed some editing and ideas to this story over on the The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive.

FEBRUARY 28, 2010

Would have called this week's drawing Animal Vegetable Mineral, if I had had enough space.

FEBRUARY 21, 2010

I see I posted a puppet-themed thing exactly a year ago. So, here we go again..

FEBRUARY 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day and/or President's Day.

FEBRUARY 07, 2010

Over on the Collective, I posted an R-rated re-do of one of my older drawings.

JANUARY 31, 2010

Hypnobot was created to benefit humanity, but after a tragic labratory accident, its morality curcuits were inverted. Once again, it falls to the heroines of Valkyrie Squad to save the day..

In TV news, it appears that As The World Turns is just wrapping up some sort of brainwashing plot-arc involving the characters Emily and Mick. If you're into soap-opera hypno, you might still be able to see some of it on the official ATWT website.

JANUARY 24, 2010

This week's short scene is sort of a companion piece to "Whine", although it's probably not a literal sequel. It was inspired by a superheroine Poser pic over on Lady Tania's DeviantArt page. (It's in the "Goldenfist" sub-gallery..)

JANUARY 17, 2010

I have a dream; that the power doesn't go out before I get this posted. Also, sympathy to everyone in Haiti for getting the short end of the stick. Again.

JANUARY 10, 2010

As promised, a short written piece this week. Sadly, my "writing engine" is still mostly shut down; since I'd like to be sort of productive, I'm offering my editing services for anyone out there who has a story headed for the EMCSA (or some other free-posting site). Drop me an e-mail, if interested.

JANUARY 04, 2010

Welcome to 2010. I'm inching back into production this week, with just a drawing and a cleaned-up links page. If you have any new links suggestions, please pass them along. Next weekend I'll probably resume the TV listings, and I hope to have actually finished a short written piece as well.

UPDATE: I had a request posted here, but a generous soul came through with what I needed. Thanks!

DECEMBER 20, 2009

That's it for this year. See you in January sometime. Probably.

DECEMBER 13, 2009

If you've ever wondered where I get my ideas, this week's drawing was inspired by a really creepy painting of Jesus I happened across online somewhere. On a somewhat related topic, I will update next week, then take at least one week off.

DECEMBER 06, 2009

Tick tock tick tock..

NOVEMBER 29, 2009

This week's drawing was designed to be used as computer wallpaper, if you are so inclined. Although I guess you'll have to re-save it as a .bmp file.

NOVEMBER 22, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving, to those who celebrate it. I managed a drawing and a new link this week, but the TV listings are going to be a day late. (Update: and done. yay.)

NOVEMBER 15, 2009

AMC has unveiled their version of "The Prisoner". I haven't watch it, but there may be something worthwhile for MC fans.

NOVEMBER 8, 2009

I renamed last week's drawing, but it's the same one. In TV news, the Fox series Fringe appears to be doing the ever-reliable "evil MCer has people commit suicide and murder" plot.

NOVEMBER 1, 2009

Hope everyone survived the night. On to Thanksgiving...

OCTOBER 25, 2009

Back in the saddle again. This week's drawing was inspired somewhat by the opening scene in a recent episode of the Fox series Dollhouse. On a semi-related note, in case you didn't see it, I posted a more explicit version of last week's drawing over on The Collective.

OCTOBER 18, 2009

I did a TV search, and found exactly one MC instance I haven't listed a dozen times before: This week's villain on Batman: The Brave and Bold is the hypnotic Music Meister. Cartoon Network. Friday at 7:30 PM, and Saturday at 10:00 AM. Enjoy, and I'll get back to a full listing next week; the pickings are always better right around Halloween anyway.
Also, no MC, but it's good to see new Venture Brothers episodes rolling out on CN as well.

OCTOBER 11, 2009

Poking around on DeviantArt, I found a whole bunch of hypno-drawings of Kaa the snake. So, this week's drawing is.. not of Kaa, but someone like him.

OCTOBER 04, 2009

The "cupid statue" episode of Friday The 13th airs this week on SciFi; worth seeing even though it'll be cut to pieces.

SEPTEMBER 27, 2009

A quick sketch this week. In TV news, the series Vampire Diaries is reported to have MC.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2009

This week's drawing was inspired by the epic freeware game Dwarf Fortress. The game doesn't feature any MC, but it's still worth your time. Assuming, of course, you're a world-class masochist.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2009

Absolutely no inspiration this week, so over on the Collective I posted a vampire photomanip from my old PrivatePages (RIP) days.
As noted on the links page, HIP Comix.com has set up MCComix.com for their MC stuff. It's free for a little while yet, so check it out. And for those who want to risk it, AnonIB has gotten back on-line at a new address.

SEPTEMBER 06, 2009

While rooting around in my WWW archives, I came across an old link that you all might enjoy; a short-lived animated web-toon from a couple of years back called Danger Lady. Check out the last posting, Episode 5.
Also this week, the CW network is premiering a series called "The Vampire Diaries". I'm sure it's a coincidence this was greenlighted after the success of the Stephanie Meyer novels.
And this week's drawing was mostly inspired by Labor Day. Enjoy the BBQs!

AUGUST 30, 2009

This week's drawing can be found with the rest of my R-rated stuff over at the Collective.

AUGUST 23, 2009

Along with several other sites, I got hit with a hacking attack last week. Hopefully it's all been cleared up. If not, drop me a line.
Another short scene this week, one that languished half-finished in my archive for literally years. I just hope I can get truly motivated and finish all those big projects..

AUGUST 16, 2009

This week, I dug a short scene out of the archives. I think I posted it somewhere previously, but it wasn't here or MC Stories. Also, I had to fiddle with the HTML settings on the story page; hopefully everything still works.
In other news, the Mind Control Theatre folks are coming out with new stuff; go check 'em out.

AUGUST 09, 2009

No new links this week, but I did clean up the links page a bit anyway.

AUGUST 02, 2009

I'm back. Yay.
Nic Buxom, a BDSM-themed webcomic, has done a hypnofetish pic.
In TV news, this week's Eureka on SciFi may be a homage to an old British mini-series called Quatermass, which has some MCish moments and is worth adding to your Netflix queue.

JULY 19, 2009

There will be no update next week. Go out and get some sun.

JULY 12, 2009

In the TV section, the SciFi channel recently changed its name, but I'm using the old label cuz the new one's stupid.

JULY 04, 2009

The TV listings site seems to be working a little better, so I'll give it another try..

JUNE 28, 2009

I'm skipping the TV listing this week. Even before my source got ruined on me, my enthusiasm for doing it has steadily dried up in recent months, and I may decide to skip it permanently. If anyone has any recommendations for sites to use for searching, drop me a line. (And please don't suggest TVGuide.com...)

JUNE 21, 2009

Another superheroine drawing this week. Long-time visitors may recognize these characters; as I said to one correspondent, you should think of these as "highlight pics". The villain always gets defeated by one of the remaining heroines at the last minute, only to escape to MC again.

As inevitably happens, the people running the site where I got my TV listings decided to "improve" the service and make it about 75% less useful. Next week, I will see if I can find a replacement.

In a sad bit of links news, long-time MC video-snippet poster "Hypno49" has announced his retirement from the community. His work has always been appreciated, and will be missed. Evidently his previously-posted stuff will remain on-line.

JUNE 14, 2009

This week's drawing is another heavy re-working of one of my old pieces, this time from ten years ago. And yes, it's a rather blatant homage.

JUNE 7, 2009

This week's drawing is a re-do/hopeful improvement of one I posted a few years back.

MAY 31, 2009

Up the airy mountain
Down the rushy glen,
We daren't go a-hunting,
For fear of little men;
Wee folk, good folk,
Trooping all together;
Green jacket, red cap,
And white owl's feather...

MAY 24, 2009

This week's drawing is set in the same universe as one from a few weeks back.

MAY 17, 2009

It's good to see that DisneyXD is re-running Pinky and the Brain; there was some MC stuff, and it was a funny and worthwhile show in a mainstream sense.

MAY 10, 2009

Dunno if any mothers are reading this, but if they are, enjoy your day..

MAY 03, 2009

Re: this week's drawing. Coming up with truly original superhero names is pretty much impossible anymore, but I did the best I could, and I wasn't deliberately homaging anyone specific. I did deliberately misspell "Chakra".

APRIL 26, 2009

I ran out of time and enthusiasm again this week, so no TV listings.

APRIL 19, 2009

A couple of classics (in the MC sense at least) surface on cable this week: Going Beserk, and Looker.

APRIL 12, 2009

Renamed a few of my drawing links in an attempt to be more accurate.

APRIL 05, 2009

This week's drawing ia another reworking of a very old piece, as requested (or at least mentioned) by a correspondent. For any old-timer who may remember the original, yes, the first time around the women were much less practically dressed.
Also, fixed a cople of spelling errors on last week's drawing.

MARCH 29, 2009

This week's drawing ia a redoing and expansion of one of my very old pieces. So old, probably no one even remembers it. Still, for the record..
In TV news, note that this week the CBS series The Mentalist has dusted off that reliable old plot: "evil hypnotist hypnotizes people into committing murder".

MARCH 22, 2009

There's not going to be any MC, but Terry Pratchett fans should take note that tonight at 7:00 PM the Ion cable network is showing an adaptation of the first two Discworld novels

MARCH 14, 2009

It was pointed out to me that I had some dead links on the site; I think I got them all corrected, but if you find something that doesn't work, let me know. (Also, if it matters, be aware that my story page is currently hosted over on ASSTR.org, and not here.) In unrelated news, I posted another R-rated reworking of an old drawing over on the Collective; this one is/was vampire-themed.

MARCH 7, 2009

There's some sort of 10-minute show called "Gogoriki" which may appear on a local channel near you; this week there's a hypnotism episode. Check your local listings.

FEBRUARY 28, 2009

As the name indicates, I decided to not add an explantion to this week's drawing; decide for yourself. I also posted another R-rated version of one my old drawings over on the Collective.

FEBRUARY 21, 2009

TV listings again. Yay.

FEBRUARY 15, 2009

Welcome back. Or should you be welcoming me back? Either way, I finally sprung for an official domain name, so from now on www.hvoyer.com will lead to wherever I'm currently making my home. Like here. I'm still getting things set up, but the links page is back, I dashed off a drawing, and the TV listing should return next week. I also now have my own account at the Alt Sex Stories Text Repository, and for the moment at least, the STORIES link opposite goes to the page I have set up there.

FEBRUARY 1, 2009

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Unfortunately, it appears likely this site will soon be going offline or at the very least moving to a new hosting service. If it all goes dark before I get something new established, I will post any news over on the MC Forum. Further details when I have them.
I dedicate my (last?) drawing to Kim Manners, who also passed on this week. You probably don't recognize his name, but way back in the day he directed the "Attack Angels" episode of Charlie's Angels, which is still one of my all-time favorites. (He directed a whole bunch of other stuff, too..) Thank you, Mr. Manners, and god speed.

JANUARY 25, 2009

This week's drawing is a scene that's been banging around in my head for a while. Write your own story to go with it. In other news, if you're a soap-opera fan, ABC's All My Children evidently has a plotline running right now where villian David Hayward is (has been?) drugging women for nefarious purposes.

JANUARY 18, 2009

It's just so compelling, you can't look away!

JANUARY 11, 2009

Thanks to Netflix, I finally got around to seeing the film The Lost Skeleton of Cadavera; it's more (intentionally) funny than arousing, but it does feature both a maledom and femdom MC scene. Also, if you're looking around YouTube, Hypno1030 has posted some new stuff.

JANUARY 04, 2009

Back again. I hope this year to start doing my updates on Saturday night/early Sunday morning.

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