DECEMBER 21, 2008

Normally I try to do something Christmas-themed around this time, but I didn't really have any inspiration, and then I got a request to repost an old snake drawing of mine. So I gave it a heavy repolishing, and put it back up. I'm then taking at least one week off, and possibly more; there are personal matters looming that may limit my internet access in early January. Thanks again to those who sent the gifts.

DECEMBER 14, 2008

I'll update next week, then take a week off. In January, I'll clean out some old drawings, so if you've got one you like, save it now.

DECEMBER 07, 2008

Full update this week. (The links page update is just a bunch of tweaking, no new stuff.) Thanks muchly to the generous site-visitor who bought me the Weird Al DVD!

NOVEMBER 30, 2008

Doing this week's drawing/comic took so long that I simply don't have the time or energy for doing a TV listings. I my toss something up tomorrow.

NOVEMBER 23, 2008

The folks over at Luna Crush/Relic Raider/Superhero Girls do weekly video releases featuring attractive women in various forms of comic-bookish peril. Sometimes this involves MC. I personally don't have the bandwith to download stuff like this, so this week I was.. ahem.. slipped a copy of a recent scene to sample and review. In it, villianess Vanessa Prescott gets fitted with her own MC-collar and enslaved by a treacherous minion. I basically enjoyed it, with one or two caveats.
On the positive side, I quite liked both Vanessa and the two outfits she wears; definitely better than some of the women who turn up in online fetish porn. Also, she does nice zombie action, particularly the bowing and praying to her new Master. The production crew makes an effort, moving the camera around, including some editing cuts and so forth. There's no nudity or sex, but, hey, look around my own site for my opinion on that.
On the negative side.. the minion gets the collar on her by incapacitating her with a punch to the stomach, which for me at least was a major turn off. Also, the downside of moving the camera around is that sometimes you can see the cameraperson's shadow/reflection/etc, which also for me weakens the mood a bit. And yes, it's shot in someone's living room, but that's pretty much unavoidable considering the budget-level we're looking at here.
So, check 'em out; clips can purchased here. If enough people show an interest, they may do more MC action.

NOVEMBER 16, 2008

Someone over on the MC Forum found this webcomic which is a real mess plot-wise, but offers a couple of good MC moments. Appears to be no longer updated.

NOVEMBER 09, 2008

The election's over. Yay. Meanwhile, over at Mind Control Theatre Daphne and Co. have released their first "feature-length" video, entitled The Brothel. I haven't actually seen it, but I'm sure it's up to the same high level as Daphne's previous shorter work. She's also releasing more of said shorter stuff, so go check it out

NOVEMBER 02, 2008

This week's drawing is a little late for Halloween, so to make up for it, here's a topical bonus pic I did the last time we in the US suffered through all this foolishness. And for the record, in the first drawing, Hector spared all expense on his costume.
Over on the TV page, a small milestone, with an actual syndicated fantasy program once again making the rounds of American TV. Legend of the Seeker is based on the somewhat (in)famous Sword of Truth novels by Terry Goodkind, and one of the main characters is a woman named Kahlan, who has MC powers. Check your local listings for details.

OCTOBER 26, 2008

No TV listings this week because, honestly, I just didn't feel like doing it.

OCTOBER 19, 2008

Sadly, the hammer finally fell this week on Kyget3's excellent MC-clip YouTube page. It's pretty much inevitable when a YT account posts lots of copyrighted material, so if something comes along that you like, snag a copy while you can. Evidently Kyget3 has moved to this site, but note the above comment.

OCTOBER 12, 2008

The CBS program CSI is using a hypnotist as its villain this week. I've never watched the program, but man, somebody sure does, the various versions air constantly on one channel or another.
Also, I'm glad to see that Turner Classic Movies is giving the original Stepford Wives movie a rare airing this week. Not actual MC, but possibly enjoyable for fetishists and well-made in a more mainstream sense. If you've never seen it, check it out.

OCTOBER 05, 2008

This week's drawing is another sequel, although done more-or-less on my own initiative.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2008

A webcomic I enjoy is Tales of the Questor, and its most recent plotarc (although featuring no MC) sort of inspired this week's drawing. I'm not including a direct link to the comic, because I strongly suspect the creator would not welcome a hypno-pervert recommendation, but it's easy enough to Google for.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2008

This week's drawing a request-piece, and is a sequel to another request-piece I did a few years back. Must be a popular theme. Also, in the ten-year celebration, I forgot to thank once again the person who supplies me the webspace here; without them, the site would have gone dark years ago.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2008

Another Hector and Paula pic this week.


Just to make it more official, this week's drawing is another commemoration of 10 years. Yay.

AUGUST 31, 2008

Since I forgot to mention it on the exact date, I've had this site going for over ten years now, at one place or another. According to Simon's notes over at the MC Archive, I first(?) sent him a story in December of 1997. I went online with my own site in April of 1998, using a web-based hosting site called Xoom. The oldest one of these messages I still have is from March 1999. I guess some of you have been around since all of that; thank you, and thanks to everyone whose come along since then. And a shout out to Starlord and William Lee, wherever you are.

AUGUST 24, 2008

As promised, one last (or first) chapter for The Year of Doctor Fang. Only eight years late..

AUGUST 17, 2008

A short scene this week. Next week I may have another Doctor Fang chapter.

AUGUST 10, 2008

Despite my theat last week, here's a full update. I did a TV listing this week, and cleaned out a lot of dead wood. Also, if you're looking to outfit your MC Lair, apart from a few minor moderations on my part, the chair in this week's drawing actually exists; I used a photo-sample as a model.

AUGUST 03, 2008

Just a quickie drawing this week, and no TV listings. I'm just not inspired anymore. I am trying to do some writing that I sorta-promised. I may just take a couple of weeks off completely and try to finish some stuff..

JULY 27, 2008

Long-time visitors might find this week's drawing vaguely familiar; it's a re-do of one from a few years back. I cheaped out on the details in the orginal, and liked the idea enough to give it a better setting.

JULY 20, 2008

You all might enjoy this poem by Neil Gaiman..

JULY 13, 2008

I'm not going to list all the airtimes, but for those who are interested, Playboy has started showing Extreme Truth again.

JULY 06, 2008

"...The Prince and the two children were standing with their heads hung down, their cheeks flushed, their eyes half closed; the strength all gone from them; the enchantment almost complete. But Puddleglum, desperately gathering all his strength, walked over to the fire. Then he did a very brave thing. He knew it wouldn't hurt him quite as much as it would hurt a human; for his feet (which were bare) were webbed and hard and coldblooded like a duck's. But he knew it would hurt him badly enough; and so it did. With his bare foot he stamped on the fire, grinding a large part of it into ashes on the flat hearth. And three things happened at once.
First, the sweet heavy smell grew very much less. For though the whole fire had not been put out, a good bit of it had, and what remained smelled very largely of burnt Marshwiggle, which is not at all an enchanting smell..."
-The Silver Chair, by C.S. Lewis.

JUNE 30, 2008

This week's drawing is an improvement of one of the scenes over on decorativegirls.com. In TV news, Jerry Springer is hosting some kind of PPV hypno-themed event next weekend; check your local listings.

JUNE 22, 2008

This week's scene was sort of inspired by recent (non-MC) events in the webcomic Order Of The Stick. OotS is well worth reading, and has featured some MC on occasion.
Also, a moment of silence for photomanipulator William Lee's excellent site, which is no more; I assume that it was due to years of inactivity. If you're still out there somewhere, WL, you're missed.

JUNE 15, 2008

A quick written scene this week.

JUNE 08, 2008

Another week where I had no enthusiasm, so I dashed off.. I was going to say the Quickest Drawing Ever, but I've done stick-figures a couple of times. So. A quick drawing, and no TV listings.

JUNE 01, 2008

The comic Pibgorn is doing some sort of MCish stuff right now, and I generally enjoy the strip anyway, so this week's drawing ended up as a semi-tribute.

MAY 25, 2008

Doing a MC drawing themed for Memorial Day would be tasteless, so I did something totally unrelated.

MAY 18, 2008

If you've got a great idea for a 3D Poser-generated MC scene, over at the Yahoo Group MCComix, Vice is currently taking requests. Said requests need to be in "caption" form, and be aware that he mostly does "PG rated" stuff.

MAY 11, 2008

YouTube is conducting another of their hypno-purges. If you see something there that you like, be sure and snag a copy while you can. ADDITIONAL: I should have made it clear that you can't do this from within YouTube. One site that I've had good luck with is KeepVid. The process should be fairly self-explanatory, but after saving off the selected clip, you will need to find a program that converts or plays ".flv" video files. There are quite a few options, but I personally use Irfanview, which handles all sorts of other graphic and video file types and is free. (But for the .flvs you'll need to add the optional "plugin".)

MAY 4, 2008

The Spiral Awards have been announced; they promote the best erotic MC fiction of the past year.

APRIL 27, 2008

Posted a short scene on the stories page. On an unrelated note, I read Terry Goodkind's Wizard's First Rule. Not a good book, but if you're fan of gory femdom, you might like the last few chapters.

APRIL 20, 2008

I have absolutely no ambition or inspiration this week, so just a quicky drawing and no TV listings. I have a very short written piece batting around in my head right now, and will try and get it down for next week.

APRIL 13, 2008

I posted some guest art this week in the drawing section; "jskinn" has posted other stuff over in the MC Comix Yahoo Group.

APRIL 6, 2008

If you're looking for some good voodoo MC, check out the film The House On Skull Mountain. Also, if anyone's seen the porn film Brainwash 2, please drop me a line and let me know if the title is at all accurate..

MARCH 30, 2008

Finally saw the film Ella Enchanted this week. Not very erotic in fetish terms, but amusing...

MARCH 23, 2008

Over on the links page, a new better-working account has come along on the "Haporn" video-hosting site, and the link has been switched to it.

MARCH 16, 2008

Here on the site, I've set up a new story catagory with fantasy stuff all more-or-less set in the same universe. (But with zero character overlap.) Out on the rest of the web, it's good to see that Daphne over at Mind Control Theatre has started putting out new hypnofetish DVDs.

MARCH 9, 2008

I don't generally do fanart. Not that I disapprove of the concept, but I spend so much time on this stuff, I may as well do work I might be able to someday profit from without lawyers knocking down my door. That said, this week's drawing is my homage to a Certain Episode of a Certain Show, with the serial numbers filed off.
Also, to commemorate the passing of Gary Gygax, here's a reposting of the old drawing which inspired my latest story.

MARCH 2, 2008

If you're a member of the "Zombiesleepwalker" Yahoo Group, I've posted a few more of my old sleepwalker-themed drawings there.

FEBRUARY 24, 2008

Enjoy your extra day this week...

FEBRUARY 17, 2008

A fellow MC Forumite was using one of my ancient animated .gifs as an avatar, so I drew up an improved version for her.

FEBRUARY 10, 2008

This week's story started life long ago as text accompanying a picture I drew. So it may seem vaguely familiar to some.

FEBRUARY 3, 2008

This week's drawing ended up being a quasi-sequel to this earlier one.

JANUARY 27, 2008

Totally unrelated to hypnofetishism, but I see that this week Oxygen is airing the episode of Xena: Warrior Princess with one of my all-time favorite scenes, where the heroines attempt to talk Bruce Campell's thief character into assisting them with a scheme:
"Ah, hah, hah, hah-- youíre trying to use my ego against me!"
"I didnít think it would work."
"No, it worked-- Iíll do it."

JANUARY 20, 2008

Another homage this week, of sorts, this time to Stephen King. If you're wondering about what changed on the links page, I added "Krystal Mesmer" to the list of online hypnodommes.

JANUARY 13, 2008

You might or might not say this week's drawing has nudity. Be aware. On the TV front, this week's rare flick is 1958's The Brain Eaters, a BW semi-classic about crawling brain parasites. AMC's probably gonna edit it to pieces, but still, check it out!

JANUARY 6, 2008

This week's drawing is my salute to the Flying Spaghetti Monster. (Although that's not the FSM in the drawing..) I'm not much of a fan of organized religion, but I have to say, Pastafarianism definitely has its points.

DECEMBER 30, 2007

A drawing to celebrate the changing of the year, and the cleaning out of the older art archives. Dead links have been moved off onto their own page. I will resume TV listing next week, hopefully.

DECEMBER 16, 2007

A little late, but here it it is. Happy Holidays and all that. I may pop in with a small update sometime in the next couple of weeks, but most likely I will return on January 6th.

DECEMBER 9, 2007

Again, check out Hypno49's YouTube's collection. I'll update next week, then take at least one week off.

DECEMBER 2, 2007

"Hypno49" has set up a YouTube account with lots and lots of cool old MC clips. Enjoy it here, quick, before YouTube drops the copyright-infringement hammer again.

NOVEMBER 25, 2007

Finally updated the links page a little. If you've got any suggestions or complaints about the list, be sure and drop me a line.

NOVEMBER 18, 2007

A moment of silence to mark the passing of Ira Levin, who gave the world Stepford Wives. And Happy Thanksgiving.

NOVEMBER 11, 2007

Probably disrespectful, but this week's drawing was originally inspired by Memorial Day.

NOVEMBER 4, 2007

Just a quickie drawing this week.

OCTOBER 28, 2007

Old-time visitors to the site may vaguely recall that I promised ages ago to write up this week's story about a character named Amber St. Clair. It never would have happened, but for an anonymous and kindly individual who finished it for me. Happy Halloweeen from the both of us.

OCTOBER 21, 2007

I enjoy George Romero's "Living Dead" movies, but it's a shame that he permanently changed the pop-culture definition of "zombie" to "re-animated flesh-eater". Happily, Turner Classic Movies has a whole bunch of old-school zombie flicks on this Friday...

OCTOBER 14, 2007

For those who have access to it, the Soap channel is re-running episodes of Port Charles, which featured vampires in its plotlines. Also, as Halloween approaches, Turner Classic Movies is unearthing all sorts of obscure horror stuff. Check it out.

OCTOBER 7, 2007

As you've probably noticed, the new TV season has rolled out. Lemme know if you hear about anything worth mentioning...

SEPTEMBER 30, 2007

The SciFi network show Eureka concludes its second season this week. Not the greatest show ever, but a fun time-killer with a few MC moments. A marathon runs all day Tuesday.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2007

CBS has a new series premiere this week called Moonlight, featuring a vampire hero. Dunno if this universe's vamps have MC powers

SEPTEMBER 16, 2007

Over at Hipcomix.com, Poser artist Akonkid has been kind enough to post his ongoing MC superheroine saga for free. Check it out!


This week's drawing is my ripoff of a scene from the "Puppetmaster" plot-arc which is the current focus of the Ms. Marvel comic book franchise. Did I say ripoff? I meant improvement. Yeah.


This week marks the end of an era, with the broadcast of the last-ever new Kim Possible episode on Disney Channel. A good show, both in mainstream and hypnofetish terms, and it will be missed. Here's hoping the creators come up with some new female heroine who features both kick-ass-itude and the occasional enemy with a pocketwatch. (If there's an episode you've missed, Disney's running a complete marathon..)

Also this week, the comic book Ms. Marvel continues its current plot-arc with the Puppetmaster. Lots of MCed heroines, but previews indicate a serious case of graphic violence and overt mean-spiritedness. Proceed with caution.

AUGUST 26, 2007

Managed to bang out another short written piece this week. Now if I can just get inspired to work on Template...

AUGUST 19, 2007

I've never gotten around to seeing it, but the British fantasy/horror show Hex is reported to have some MC action in it. It's been known to air on BBC America.

AUGUST 12, 2007

The SciFi Channel has a new "Flash Gordon" series on. While it's pretty cheap, it's not as totally awful as I was anticipating, and the pilot features a little MC action. It's being reaired several times this week, so check it out if you're interested.

AUGUST 5, 2007

For any comic-book fans out there, the "Ms. Marvel" series has begun a plotline where the Puppetmaster is collecting and selling MCed superheroines (and female supervillians..)

JULY 29, 2007

Since this week's drawing is a quickie, and the Zombiemaster always seems to be popular, here's a reposting of his first appearence. Note: it's an animated .gif file which make take a while to load.

JULY 22, 2007

Finally cleaned up my links page a little, the bad news being that YouTube has gone on an anti-hypno rampage and suspended the accounts of several users. In good news, Sue-Chan has posted some new stuff on her site. On a different subject, long-time visitors may recognize some of the people in this week's drawing.

JULY 15, 2007

Wanted to take a moment to salute Disney's Kim Possible series as it nears the end of its run. The show has had some fine MC moments, and is usually pretty good in mainstream terms as well. This last week's episode, "Oh No Yono", might be of interest to any statue fetishists out there, and was also impressive, for a kid's show, for how.. permanently.. the villian Monkey Fist was dealt with.

JULY 8, 2007

An e-mail exchange this week made me realize I need to issue a specific disclaimer: while, thanks to a very generous fan, this website is currently hosted in the United Kingdom, I personally live in the United States. On an entirely unrelated note, this week's drawing is a sequal to one from a few updates back, after a visitor said he liked the original. (And not to the last drawing posted, despite the similarity in themes.)

JULY 1, 2007

A story this week; I dashed it off fairly quick, so I may do a rewrite at some point.

JUNE 24, 2007

Send your thoughts this week to subculture-celeb Daphne, who is undergoing health problems.

JUNE 17, 2007

Back again. Yay.

JUNE 10, 2007

As threatened, I didn't have time this week for a real update. As a consolation, I've reposted one of my old pics; despite any improvements in my technique that may have followed in later years, it's still just about my favorite of my works. See you next week.

JUNE 2, 2007

Due to scheduling conflicts, this week's update is a day early, and next week's will probably be non-existent. In the meatime, this week's drawing is dedicated to Dwayne Dibley.

MAY 27, 2007

Updates may be a bit sketchy for the next couple of weeks. Just warning you.

MAY 20, 2007

The short piece I posted in the stories section is a reworking of something I originally did back in 2004; a thread over on the MC Forum about hypnotized maids prompted me to dig it out of storage. It features characters from my "In Therapy" series on the EMCSA.

MAY 13, 2007

For time-freeze fans out there, Stuckfast Productions has reappeared on the WWW, with a new site here. As usual, no guarantees, but there are some samples available..

MAY 6, 2007

Thanks again to those folks who shot me some e-mail this last week. It's nice to know that I'm wanted. Still, I have to be honest and say that like my hypno-writing before it, drawing these pics has become somewhat boring to me of late. So.. while I don't intend to ever completely vanish from the hypnofetish scene, at some point regular weekly updates here will probably cease. But it won't be this week, so party on!

APRIL 29, 2007

Besides my one or two regular correspondents.. is anyone still out there? Feedback of any sort has pretty much died these last couple of months.

APRIL 22, 2007

Any femdom fans out there may want to track down a copy of the CD Salt Rain, by the singer Susheela Raman; it features her version of the hypno-tune "Trust In Me" from the Disney film The Jungle Book. Here is a sample of the song from Ms. Raman's official site. I suppose you could download the full .mp3 from somewhere, but, of course, that would be wrong.

Not much on the TV front this week; if you're looking for an alternate time-waster, I recommend the UK-based webcomic Scary Go Round. Always amusing, and occasionally has some MC stuff.

APRIL 15, 2007

Glad to hear that the folks at HIPComix are doing another round of Twisted Tales. More MCed superheroines, I hope...

APRIL 8, 2007

Happy Easter or just happy spring. The Mythbusters crew has covered MC topics before, but this week's episode is a new one.

APRIL 1, 2007

I posted a long-delayed additional chapter to my Doctor Fang story; it was written by a site-visitor, with a few contributions from me.

MARCH 25, 2007

After a very long dry spell, the writing bug finally bit, and I churned out a full-length story. It's even finished and everything! Next week, I hope to post a fan-written "chapter" of my Doctor Fang serial.

In TV news, there's a MC scene in the repeat airings of SciFi's The Dresden Files. I thought it was fairly lackluster, but I guess actress Claudia Black has something of a following, and her character is the victim. Check it out if it interests you..

MARCH 18, 2007

I was working on a story for posting this week, but simply ran out of time, so I bashed out a very quick drawing instead. Maybe next week..

I recommend the Youtube offerings of "fantasticlees"; in particular, you can see a few scenes from a UK airing of Attack Angels, which are, if not unedited, are less-edited than any showings on US TV in at least fifteen years. Do be aware that the video quality is not the best.

MARCH 11, 2007

It's reported on the MC Forum that the new Lifetime vampire series Blood Ties does feature some MC. Yay. Also, I recommend the episode of Tales From The Darkside which I've listed on the TV page, although it's no doubt been heavily edited.

As for this week's drawing.. decide for yourself what the story is..

MARCH 4, 2007

Next weekend, the Lifetime cable network is premiering Blood Ties, a new series about a vampire who helps a detective solve supernatural crimes. Here's hoping...

FEBRUARY 25, 2007

A site visitor points out that the "old" Disney cartoon series Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers is now available on DVD. (Along with regular airings on the Toon Disney cable channel.) The show had a few MC-flavored episodes, and was also pretty good in mainstream terms. And yes, Gadget was cute, for a cartoon mouse.

The Ion network (formerly Pax) is airing one my favorites this week, the "Attack Angels" episode of Charlie's Angels. If you're a maledom fan, check it out Tuesday night.

FEBRUARY 18, 2007

The problems I was anticipating did not loom into view after all, so here I am. Yay.

FEBRUARY 11, 2007

Suppose I should have done something with a Valentine's theme, but.. I didn't. If you're interested in snake-hypno, a corresepondent passes along the link to this site, which offers on-line role playing centered around Kaa the snake, from The Jungle Book.

Special Update: Real Life problems loom, and it is likely there won't be an update on the 18th. Further bulletins as events warrent.

FEBRUARY 4, 2007

Just a quickie drawing this time around. In TV news, this week your local PBS station may or may not be showing a new Masterpiece Theatre adaptation of Dracula. Check for yourself..

JANUARY 28, 2007

I recently bought a copy of Doctor Robo's "Twisted Tales" CD, which is a collection of DR and FinisterFoul's Poser "comics" originally posted at the HIPComix website. Having viewed it.. if you want to see big-breasted superheroines plugged into evil brainwashing machines and turned into obedient robots, this is the product for you. Considering the narrow focus of theme, the creators did a very good job mixing up the exact methods employed/type of MCer, and it's pretty amazing what a person can do with Poser these days. I particularly liked all the "standing at attention naked" scenes. On the negative side, I'm probably far more picky about such things than most folks, but the omnipresent narration often has trouble striking the right note, sometimes giving whole paragraphs of description that the viewer would have been better off seeing, while other times unnecessarily repeating what appears in the accompanying picture. The final verdict? If you're interested in the described scenario and haven't already paid to see it at HIPComix, I'd give it an 8 out of 10. If you are interested, you can find official contact info and such at this thread over at the MC Forum.

This week I also got a nice hypnofetish pic from another Poser artist, Jcskinn, which for now I've posted with my own drawings. Any other artists out there who've got any PG-rated stuff you'd like to post here, send it my way. If I get any more submissions, I'll set up an official guest page. Please note it must be 100% original art; I don't ever post photomanipulations here, due to the legal complications.

JANUARY 21, 2007

This week's drawing is an "improvement" of a photo I snagged off some site which was discussing the "forniphila" fetish: people being used as furniture. I like the idea, although most such sites go into physical bondage, as opposed to MC, which is something of a turnoff for me.

JANUARY 14, 2007

As noted on the links page, Hypnosis In Media is now a Wiki project; contribute if you can!

JANUARY 7, 2007

Welcome to the new year. Much thanks to the correspondent who sent the CD. As threatened, a year's worth of old drawings has been removed; if I summon up any ambition this year, I'll put to together and offer a CD collection of all the old stuff. And speaking of ambition, yes, I actually finished and posted a new story.

DECEMBER 24, 2006

I'm not going to post a TV listing this week; go do something constructive! See you in two weeks. (I'll be cleaning out the older drawings from the archive, so you wanna save something, do it now..) Late Update: Thanx muchly to the generous soul who sent the box o' swag from Amazon!

DECEMBER 17, 2006

I'll do an update of some sort next weekend, then as usual take a week off for Christmas and New Years.

DECEMBER 10, 2006

This week's drawing was inspired by some Japanese clips that were recently linked to over on the MC Forum. And yes, it's my semi-annual attempt to toss a small bone to the femdom fans out there. (Late again this week, sorry for the delay..)

DECEMBER 3, 2006

"Are you.. gay?"
"Gay? I wish! If I were gay there'd be no problem! No, what I have is a sexual abnormality so unbelievable that it must be hidden from the public at all costs!"
-The Simpsons, "A Fish Named Selma"

NOVEMBER 26, 2006

This week's drawing started life as a Thanksgiving piece, but.. Thanksgiving's over. Back to work...

NOVEMBER 19, 2006

Since I did a cat-drawing a couple weeks back, this week one for dog-lovers. In cable TV news, If you get BBC America, this week they're going to start showing the revival of Doctor Who from the "beginning". Check it out, if you haven't already done so.

NOVEMBER 12, 2006

The power is threatening to go off where I live, so I have posted what I finished and called it a day. I'll try and get some TV listings up tomorrow. UPDATE: As you can probably tell, I didn't do it. I'll wait a week now..

NOVEMBER 5, 2006

Another spotty week for TV listings. Be sure and stop by the MC Forum once in a while; people often list stuff there that I miss.

OCTOBER 30, 2006

Running late this week, but here I am finally. Happy Halloween.

OCTOBER 22, 2006

A couple of sites which have come to my attention which aren't really MC, but folks may still find of interest: Petticoat Punishment and PetGirls. Apart from sharing the same first letter, they are not related. On the TV front, it's nice to see the SciFi channel has evidently been celebrating the run-up to Halloween by airing old episodes of Tales from the Darkside, an anthology series from the 80s which helped make me the warped and twisted pervert I am today. None of this week's episodes feature MC, but check out a couple of them anyway on Monday night!

OCTOBER 15, 2006

If you're out there, thanks muchly to the site-visitor who paid for the CD.

OCTOBER 8, 2006

I finally went through my links page and did some weeding-out and updating. Several new paysites have cropped up which look interesting. On the TV front, the new season of Doctor Who has started airing on the SciFi Channel and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; evidently there will be some MC stuff. And if you want to see some real old-school hypno, Turner Classic Movies is airing Bela Legosi's Bride of the Monster this week.

OCTOBER 1, 2006

I cobbled together a TV list for the week. Woo hoo.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2006

I'm back, more or less. I'm going to skip the TV listings again for a week; I'm still testing a couple of new online listings-providers, to see if I can stand to work with them. If you have any suggestions for ones to try, drop me a line!

I've also been working my way through the latest offerings from Daphne's Mind Control Theatre. They are all well done, but I have to say there is only so much you can do with a woman sitting alone in a room before it starts to get a little repetative, and hope that we'll be seeing more "on screen" MCers. I personally liked "Disc Connection" and "Melody", both of which had decent acting and some imaginative editing. People who want to get in on the action will enjoy "Attract Mode", but personally, there's a reason why I chose the name I did. Daphne has announced on the MC Forum that they are producing a full-length feature, which sounds quite promising.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2006

Real Life aggresively intrudes, and there will be no update next week, and possibly for a couple of weeks after that. I'm not dying or anything, I will be back, eventually, and will have some product reviews when I return. Unfortunately, in an unrelated development, my last remaining TV-listings search-source has just "improved" itself into near-uselessness. So, no listing this week, and I will decide how badly I want to keep doing them when I return.

Thanks to the site-visitor who supplied the (general) idea for this week's drawing.


Couldn't get inspired this week, so I collected together three very short humor pieces I've written over the years, and posted them in the story section. Only one of them has any MC. In TV news, Cartoon Network is airing a new animated series from Japan called Trinity Blood, which is about vampires, but it appears they don't have any hypnotic power.

AUGUST 27, 2006

This month I splurged and bought a copy of Anton Production's latest DVD, "Stripnotized 20". It was OK, but not great; I found my finger hovering over the fast-forward button on more than one occasion when the victims were ordered to endlessly fondle themselves and/or each other. Anton either needs to start cutting these a bit shorter, or coming up with more ideas. On the positive side, the camera-work was fancier than in the past, with some good use of close-ups. My favorite part was the "living mannequins" segment, because it was a little different than usual, and the two actresses did a good job.. well.. acting like they could only move their eyes. That worked better for me than the usual route of trying to stare unblinkingly. The plot of the last segment was weak, but having the victim being controlled by a wireless headset was a nice touch. So, 7 out of 10.

AUGUST 20, 2006

If you're looking print-and-ink hypnofetish material, I got an e-mail plugging the novels of one "S. T. Darke". Mr or Ms Darke gets some good reviews on Amazon.com, so if interested, check it out. And I thought about adding dialogue to this week's drawing, but I decided that a viewer can fill in his or her own.

AUGUST 13, 2006

This space intentionally left blank.

AUGUST 6, 2006

Long-time visitors may recognize this week's drawing as a sequel or remake...

JULY 30, 2006

Some folks may find this week's drawing a little "squicky". Just a word of warning.

JULY 23, 2006

It's too hot. Blegh.

JULY 16, 2006

I've added another drawing to my files over on the Collective. It's R-rated, if that matters.

JULY 9, 2006

Both the "MC Dreamers" and "MC Comix" Yahoo groups (find them on the Links page) have recently updated. Check 'em out and let them know you enjoy the good work.

JULY 2, 2006

J.R. Parz recruited a bunch of us maledom MC writers to contribute stories to an anthology for the MC Archive. I contributed a piece called Changing Of The Guard, and it and the others are all posted this week.

On the TV front, there's a new vampire series airing on Spike TV, Blade, based on the movie franchise of the same name. It's been getting very lackluster reviews, but check it out if you want to. It airs several times each week.

JUNE 25, 2006

Artist "Knuckman" has started a webcomic called The Chronicles of Nadith, which, while not out-and-out MC porn, MC fans may still enjoy.

JUNE 18, 2006

My Internet provider is having ongoing connections problems with the WWW this week, so I skipped the TV listing. Hopefully back to normal next week.

JUNE 11, 2006

This week's story is one that I wrote years ago, and never got around to posting until now. Also, over on the EMCSA, the story "The Accidental Master" appears to have been inspired by one of my works. (Or at least the author was kind enough to include a reference to said story in the latest chapter.) In any event, it's well-written, so check it out!

JUNE 4, 2006

I may be repeating myself this week with my drawing. Oh well..

MAY 28, 2006

Something called "Hypnotized Hotties" is airing this week on Pay-Per-View.

MAY 21, 2006

This week's drawing was inspired in part by various stories I've read on the EMCSA, so thanks to the authors.

MAY 14, 2006

I had a terrible time doing the face on this week's MC victim; one of those instances where you finally just have to quit, so you don't keep digging yourself in deeper. And yes, I like drawing women in tanks.

MAY 7, 2006

This week's drawing probably would have been better as a story, but I couldn't work up the enthusiasm. I sometimes find that I just can't bring myself to write down one of my ideas. It feels like catching a butterfly, smothering it in an ether jar and then pinning the corpse to the page. Yes, it's sorta pretty, but it's still dead..

APRIL 30, 2006

If anyone out there has purchased material from the Tranceproviders website, I'd be curious in hearing what you thought of it, good or bad. The same is true of any of the paysite I list on my links page.

The drawing this week is an animated .gif, and may take a while to download.

APRIL 23, 2006

I wrote a very very short story this week.

APRIL 16, 2006

Happy Easter, if you're into that sort of thing.

APRIL 9, 2006

I dumped a few odds and edds into my file at The Collective, including a couple of photomanipulations I did for the Private Pages website before its (all too premature) demise. Note that you now need to register to visit The Collective, and that some of my stuff there features real-life naked body parts. Just saying.

APRIL 2, 2006

A site-visitor passes along this strip from their web-comic. No MC in the rest of it, but it has stuff that offers more mainstream enjoyment..

MARCH 26, 2006

I got a request for the reposting of another old .gif animation. Also, this week's new drawing is a sequal. (To a different picture.) As an added bonus, it even has a background!

MARCH 19, 2006

A correspondent asked to see a very old drawing of mine, so here it is..

Late Update: A poster over on the MC Forum points out that Thursday night's airing of Svengali on Turner Classic Movies is actually part of a mini-marathon of movies featuring hypnosis. I particularly recommend The 5000 Fingers of Doctor T, although more because it's an unjustly-forgotten fantasy flick (written by Dr. Suess!) than for the hypnotism.

MARCH 12, 2006

I really need to do some writing...

MARCH 5, 2006

Once again, here we are.

FEBRUARY 26, 2006

Another quick drawing this week; I've felt very uninspired.

FEBRUARY 19, 2006

I bashed out this week's drawing at the last minute; it probably shows.

FEBRUARY 12, 2006

Genre stalwart JR Parz has evidently been forced by Real Life to take his work offline. Hopefully someday he will resurface under a new identity.

FEBRUARY 5, 2006

Did an animated .gif this week; it make a while to download.

JANUARY 29, 2006

As thanks to the site-visitor who was generous enough to buy Time Bandits for me, this week's pic was inspired that movie.

JANUARY 22, 2006

A visitor requested a snake pic, and I didn't have any other inspiration, so there it is.

JANUARY 15, 2006

I may have used the lyrics in today's picture in one of my previous works; I like the song.

JANUARY 8, 2006

In case you missed it in the post-holiday crush, I posted an old story of mine to the MC Archive; somehow it never got in their until now. Also bashed out a super-quick drawing.

JANUARY 1, 2006

Welcome to a new year; here's hoping it'll be better then the last few we've lived through. I guess I'm still doing TV listings, but starting this week, updates will be on Sunday instead of Saturday.

DECEMBER 17, 2005

Thanks again for the feedback from various folks, after my rant last week. The System was working a little better this week, so there are some TV listings. I'll be back in two weeks, doing something or other. Until then, Happy Holidays.

DECEMBER 10, 2005

As a new year approaches, I'm thinking that it's time for a change around here. Every week, updating this site feels more like a chore to slog through, and less and less like fun. I'm not going to disappear entirely from the hypnofetish scene, but I think that after the holidays regular weekly updates might become a thing of the past. Or I may just give up on the TV listings: perhaps it's an omen that all of my sources on that front decided this week to crap out on me simultaneously, leading to a nearly empty list. (Have I mentioned just how much I loathe and revile the new version of TV Guide, both in print and on the web? Remember when TV Guide actually had a week's worth of TV LISTINGS in it? Do people actually enjoy this new abomination which has slithered onto the news-stands?)

Whatever happens, I still want to finish Slumber Party; I know how it's supposed to end, and I even bashed out a few paragraphs this week, but not enough to warrent posting them. (I'd also still like to finish my EMCSA story Template before I die.) So anyway. There's some.. ahem.. filler over in the pic section, starring a couple of possibly-familiar faces. And I'll be back next week with.. something. Then I'm taking my annual Christmas break. I'll be back in early January with my long-term decision. Who knows; maybe I'll even feel better about everything by then.

DECEMBER 3, 2005

If anyone cares, I renamed a couple of the links on the drawing page. Same drawings, except for this week's new one.

NOVEMBER 26, 2005

Hark, the Herald Tribune sings,
Advertising wondrous things.
God rest ye merry merchants,
May ye make the Yuletide pay.
Angels we have heard on high,
Tell us to go out and buy!

-Tom Lehrer

NOVEMBER 19, 2005

I've taken a look at a couple of the latest DVD offerings from Mind Control Theatre: "The Bluff" and "Employee Orientation." I enjoyed both of them; it definitely shows that screenwriter Daphne personally enjoys these sort of scenes, and isn't just a hired gun. As an added bonus the general production values are a cut above the current standard for our subculture. Of the two I liked "The Bluff" better, because I prefer the idea of the victim retaining much of her original personality throughout, to the point of insulting the MCer even while entranced. Also a nice touch when she half-realizes what's going on, but still can't stop herself. The part of EO I enjoyed the most was how it ended, with the victim forced to recite a litany of what she had become. The only real complaint I have with both scenes is that the middle parts are lengthy shots of two people having sex, which, despite my nom-de-net, is not something I find particularly compelling. Still, I understand that compromises have to be made with an eye towards a larger market, and DVD remotes do come equipped with fast-forward buttons. So I recommend them both. The next MCT release will be female-female, for those who prefer such things. Check it out!

NOVEMBER 12, 2005

Back again. Did you miss me?

NOVEMBER 7, 2005

Correction: due to on-going Real Life commitments and issues, there will be no update this week. (Don't worry, not dying or anything..) Hopefully back online next Saturday. As a consolation prize, a visitor told me he liked the marionette drawing I posted couple weeks ago, so here is another drawing along the same lines which I did a few years back.

OCTOBER 29, 2005

Happy Halloween and all that...

OCTOBER 22, 2005

If you're out there, thank you to J. for the DVD. I've put my mooching link back here on the main site, but of course the Red Cross is still an option as well. In MC video news, Steve Steele Productions have released a new male-dom vampire-themed DVD. Their first release got good reviews, so check it out if that's your bag. On TV, IFC is showing The Wicker Man next Saturday night. There's no real MC, but it's creepy little semi-classic that's still worth seeing if you haven't.

OCTOBER 15, 2005

I purchased one of RPB Studio's Living Doll DVDs, which go into the freezing fetish more than MC stuff. I didn't like it that much, but it wasn't exactly the show's fault; I enjoy freezing scenes, but I'm very picky. Most folks simply can't hold ..absolutely.. still, and the two actresses in the scene were no exception, and every little muscle-twitch ruins it for me. (It's a pity that the Captured Moments website went under; they were able to find actresses who could do it really well..) Still, if you're not the absolute purist that I am, from RPB you get lots of freezing action for your money.

OCTOBER 8, 2005

This week's drawing is sort of a sequel to a previous effort...

OCTOBER 1, 2005

I half-watched the second episode of ABC's Invasion, and it appears that my original assessment in regards to MC material may have been a bit hasty; now it seems that the pod-people aren't entirely alien after all, but are undergoing some sort of slow transformation. Also in TV news, if you're a fan of male-victim MC, check out Cartoon Network's series Stroker & Hoop, in which the titular 'heroes' seem to get drugged or mind-zapped in nearly episode.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2005

A second "alien-possession" TV series has rolled out this season, Invasion on ABC. As with CBS's Threshold, I watched the pilot episode and was seriously underwhelmed, both in dramatic terms and with any MC potential. (It appears the as-yet unseen aliens replace people and messily dispose of the originals..) It airs on Wednesday nights, for those who are curious.

The bad news this week in the MC community is the untimely death of Mind Control Fun, the Japanese site which hosted tons of video clips featuring all sorts of MC material. It was evidently pulled offline by the operator after some sort of hacking attack, and it is unknown if it will ever revive.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2005

Thanks again to the two site-visitors who were kind enough to send presents my way recently. This week's drawing is dedicated to you. As for the rest of you, I'll leave up the link to the Red Cross for now, but if you have any money left over after that, you can still spend it here if you should feel the urge.

In TV news, CBS has a new show this season called Threshold, which is about body-possessing aliens covertly invading Earth. Reviews have been highly mixed, and the fact that one of the producers is also one of the cretins who drove the Star Trek fanchise into the ground is not a good sign. Proceed at your own risk; the show airs Friday nights.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2005

Since at least one visitor evidently got the wrong impression from my post last week.. I was in no way personally effected by Hurricane Katrina. I don't live in or near New Orleans, and don't have any close connection to the city. I was speaking only as a fellow citizen and human being. As for this week's drawing, it was inspired by the recent passing of a certain moderately well-known American entertainer..


Considering real-life events, I seriously considered taking the week off. Thousands of people slowly dying are a bit more important than my pervert scribblings. But, I managed to rouse myself and bash out a drawing. Enjoy it if you can, and if you have the money, please make a donation to help with relief efforts.

AUGUST 27, 2005

I posted a little more of Slumber Party.. Sorry, there's no MC in the story this week, but I'm running late as it is, and I had reached a good place to stop.

AUGUST 20, 2005

The episode of Law & Order airing 10:00 PM Saturday on NBC features a charismatic female cult-leader. Since the cult in question preaches pedophilia, I didn't include the show in my TV listings, but, obviously, mention it here instead. Proceed with caution.

AUGUST 6, 2005

Several new links this week, for those who are interested.

JULY 30, 2005

This week's drawing started life as a depiction of a certain famous comic-book heroine, but I long ago decided to not post any copyright-infringements here on my website.. so I altered the pic. I'll post the original over on the Collective, for anyone who wants to see it. You can find it in my folder, along with a couple of photomanipulations I did.

JULY 23, 2005

Cleaned out a few of my older drawings, and fixed a couple of links. As always, if you find something wrong, please let me know; don't assume that anyone's told me, because.. they probably haven't.

JULY 16, 2005

I've had this week's drawing in my archives for a long time; never could think up a good text to go with it, and I'm still not thrilled with what I used. Still, enjoy.

JULY 9, 2005

I posted some more of Slumber Party.

JULY 2, 2005

Happy Independence Day, to any Americans in the audience.

JUNE 26, 2005

This week's update will happen Sunday...
And here it is. Hooray.

JUNE 18, 2005

I posted a drawing which is a scene from one of my Twin Cities stories. Actually, I did the original version of the drawing first, and then wrote the story around it. Details, details. I'll try and get back to Slumber Party this week, but my inspiration on that has been zero.

JUNE 11, 2005

I'm back, more or less. Drew another mini-picture for Slumber Party, and updated the links page. Sadly, in the latter case, that mostly meant moving a bunch of pages onto the respirator.

JUNE 4, 2005

Personal issues have come up. They are not serious, but there will be no update this weekend. If all goes as planned, regular updates will resume next week.

MAY 28, 2005

OK, OK, no more predictions. I tacked on a few more pages to part 1A of Slumber Party, but it's still a long way from done. It's finished when it's finished.

MAY 21, 2005

Well, I didn't finish Slumber Party; like the whole story, the last chapter is turning out to be a lot longer than I had antipated. Still, part of it has been posted. Hopefully I can truly finish this thing next week.

MAY 14, 2005

One more week should finish off Slumber Party.

MAY 7, 2005

For anyone interested in the writing process, the store described in this week's chapter is modelled very closely on a real-life one in my local area.

APRIL 30, 2005

Once again, I couldn't get into the writing mood, so I did another Slumber Party drawing instead. Back to the keyboard next week.

APRIL 24, 2005

I managed to bash out a few more pages of Slumber Party. I hope to finish it in a couple more weeks, but you never know..

APRIL 22, 2005

Once again, Real Life dictates that this week's update will be on Sunday. See you then.

Since I've evidently caused some confusion, I've attempted to clarify my review of the Playboy TV series Extreme Truth. I never intended to disparage the talents of the show's current "house hypnotist", Mr. Justin Tranz. Just the opposite: I was trying to say, clumsily, that I would like to watch the man's personal stage-show some day if the opportunity were to present itself, since the program's current format doesn't really let us see him at work.

APRIL 16, 2005

I couldn't get motivated on Slumber Party, so you get a drawing instead. Back to text next week.

APRIL 9, 2005

Posted another chapter of Slumber Party.

Thanks to the generous soul from the UK for the presents. They are much appreciated.

APRIL 2, 2005

A week off from Slumber Party, at least the text version. I've posted a couple of drawings; one SP related (but not the one that started the whole thing), and another fullfilling a request I recieved way back when. Back to writing next week.

The folks running the new "Collective" photomanipulation archives have been hit with some unexpected fees by their service provider. Please consider chipping in a few bucks if you can spare them.

And it's not MC news, yet, but if you're Canadaian, or an American who lives close enough to the border to get the CBC, all-new episodes of Doctor Who start airing this week. Tuesday, 8:00 PM. There's some MC stuff coming, evidently, so stay tuned!

MARCH 26, 2005

I bought one of Anton's Stripnotized productions (#16). Fast delivery of the merchandice, which was nicely done, particularly the middle piece with the magician and his two comely victims... But man, even if it jacked up the price of the final product, I really wish they'd blow a couple more dollars on props. At least give your MCed policewoman a toy badge to wear! (Could've put it on a string around her neck at the end..) And not a prop problem, but I was amused to note the DVD also featured a "zombie walk" scene which was very nice, but in order for the two aforementioned victims to get their starting point, they must have been parachuted into the set. Or the MCer sent them off to the corner of his property, and marched them back again, which I suppose I could understand.

Yeah, yeah, it's porn, and I think too much. Anton does good work. If you're into female-victim MC, check them out.

Another chapter of Slumber Party is up in the story section. I kinda ran out of time this week, so it's a little shorter than the previous chapters. I reached a good place to quit, and did.

MARCH 19, 2005

If you're looking for hypnodrawings this week, Sue-Chan's posted some new stuff.

MARCH 13, 2005

Posted Part Four of Slumber Party. It just keeps getting longer and longer..

In link news, it's sad to report that MaRvLiN has shut down his fine Poser art pay-site, Re-Program, and withdrawn from the hypnofetish community due to personal issues. I thank him for the fine work he's given us all, and wish him success on his future projects.

MARCH 11, 2005

Due to conflicts with Real Life, this week's update will be sometime on Sunday.

MARCH 5, 2005

"Slumber Party". part three.

FEBRUARY 26, 2005

Thanks for all the kind words about "Slumber Party". You can read part two in the story section.

FEBRUARY 19, 2005

A visitor requested a drawing. I did the drawing, but when I started writing a background and description, the piece kept getting longer.. and longer.. and longer.. and now it's a story. I've posted Part One this week. Hopefully I'll post all the rest next week along the drawing, but if not, I'll at least post Part Two.

Very sad news on the links front; the hosting service for The Collective has forced the site to shut down. It will be missed. I also updated the address for Mind Control Fun; I'm sorry I didn't do that sooner.

FEBRUARY 12, 2005

As requested by a visitor, this week's drawing is inspired by this story in the EMCSA. (The visitor wrote the story, so if you like it, let him know!)

I read a review of the upcoming movie Alone In The Dark which says that the flick features a subplot involving alien parasites controlling humans. However, the review goes on to say that the film is also spectactularly bad. Proceed at your own risk.

FEBRUARY 5, 2005

Once again, if anyone's got any scenes they'd like to see drawn up, drop me a line. I haven't been very inspired of late.
UPDATE: Several people have sent in ideas, so you don't need to feel obligated...

JANUARY 29, 2005

A visitor requested another "robotization" pic, so here it is.

JANUARY 22, 2005

I've looked at clouds from both sides now,
From up and down and still somehow
It's clouds' illusions I recall;
I really don't know clouds at all.

-Joni Mitchell

JANUARY 15, 2005

Another request piece this week. Yeah, I reused a setup from one of my other pictures, but if you can't rip off yourself, who can you rip off?

JANUARY 8, 2005

A drawing request this week. Dunno if this exactly what the requester had in mind, but it's what came to me...

JANUARY 1, 2005

Welcome to another new year. Here's hoping it will be a happy one, but out there in the real world we haven't gotten off to a very good start. Personally, I enjoyed my Christmas break, but came to no conclusions about what do with my site, so for now I'll just continue plugging along here at Coherent Light. Thanks once again to the owner for generously giving me the storage space and bandwith.

If anyone has any drawing requests, while I make no promises, I'd like to hear them. Also, I note that my fellow hypno-artist Suechan is once again taking commissions; if you want anything done in anime style, she's the person to see.

And in other WWW MC news, It appears that the popular "Mind Control Fun" website has moved to a new address.

DECEMBER 18, 2004

I'll be back in two weeks. Until then, think pure thoughts, and watch out for the fruitcake.

DECEMBER 11, 2004

In case you missed my note last week, I contributed some R-rated BEM-type drawings to The Galaxy of Terror's Fan art page.

A while back on the MC Forum there was a thread about an MCing chef, which prompted this week's drawing.

After next week's posting, I'm going to take my annual Christmas break.

DECEMBER 4, 2004

When I lost my Geocities account, it took my list of Yahoo groups with it. I'm rebuilding at a new account; anyone have any suggestions for ones to check out, not including the ones already posted over on my links page?

And I forgot to mention that I contributed a few more R-rated drawings to The Galaxy of Terror's Fan art page.

NOVEMBER 27, 2004

I now realize that even if my Geocities account were to revive, I don't really want to go back there. The bandwith was tiny, the uploading system was cumbersome, and in the latest annoyance, they had started filling a third of the screen with ads. Maybe after the holiday season I'll look into getting a new home. Maybe even paying for one somewhere, if it comes to that. Further bulletins as events warrent.

NOVEMBER 20, 2004

The Geocities account is still dead. For now, I'll press on here at Coherent Light. (Thanks again to the provider for being a port in the storm.)

This week's drawing was something of an experiment in technique. Still trying to find the best way, artistically speaking, to transfer pencil drawings to computer.

NOVEMBER 13, 2004

My Geocities/Yahoo account appears to have crashed and burned. I don't know if this is a temporary technical problem, or if I've been kicked off for some reason. I've updated the Coherent Light site as normal.

In happier news, I've been contacted by the stage hypnotist Justin Tranz, who has been hired to be the new "in-house" hypnotist for the Playboy series Extreme Truth. Having read the disparaging comment about show posted over on my TV page, he says he'd like to know how it could be improved. So, if you've actually seen the program and have any suggestions as to how it could be made more appealing for us hypnofetishists, drop him a line at:
JustinTranz AT aol.com.

NOVEMBER 6, 2004

Been a while since I did a snake pic, so that's what's on tap this week.

OCTOBER 30, 2004

Yes, this week's drawing has a moral. Deal with it.

A visitor reminds me that this week's Smallville on the WB network involves a new student who is able to telepathically influence others.

OCTOBER 23, 2004

I don't even try to do real anime/manga drawings, but this week's pic is a sort of homage to them nonetheless. And I like catgirls.

On the TV front, I see that this Sunday Turner Classic Movies is showing three different versions of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. No MC, but Frederic March's title performance in the 1932 version is definitely worth a watch, if you haven't seen it.

OCTOBER 16, 2004

A site-visitor said he'd like to see some "turn the tables" action on the drawing front. That's not something I normally do, but I obliged him, sort of, and the result was a new Twin Cities piece in the story section. If you want your TTT fix without any icky context befouling it, you can see the picture here.

OCTOBER 10, 2004

Running a little late this week, but I made it. People seem to like 'freeze' material, so that's the drawing theme.

OCTOBER 2, 2004

Posted a story, for a change of pace. (It's actually been languishing in my archives, and upon re-reading, I thought it was better than I remembered it being.)

An a couple of TV notes for anyone with access to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: 1. This week's episode of the South Park clone "Chilly Beach" involves mass hypnosis. 2. There is a new CBC program this season called "Past Life Investigation", wherein real-life individuals are hypnotized to attempt to learn about previous reincartions. (I consider the whole concept of reincarnation to be a load of garbage, but hypnosis is hypnosis...)

SEPTEMBER 25, 2004

I see that Private Pages is slowly but surely gearing up to officially relaunch his site. Good news for hypnofans everywhere.

And to give a little advanced warning, femdom fans will want to keep an eye out for an episode of the WB's Smallville in October; the plot involves cheerleaders turning their footballer boyfriends into Stepford-like zombies.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2004

Maybe I should have done this week's drawing in real comic book style, but oh well...

On an entirely different subject, can anyone offer any testimonials, good or bad, for the pay-sites "Pete's Girls" and/or "The Hypnosis Office"?

SEPTEMBER 11, 2004

The victims in this week's and last week's drawings were not intended to be the same person, but it is a sort of continuing theme. And yes, it's a small bone tossed to the femdom fans.


The ASSTR is down for maintenance this weekend.

The drawing for this week was incorrectly linked, but has now been fixed. Thanks for the visitor who pointed it out to me.

AUGUST 28, 2004

This week's drawing is an attempt to satisfy at least three different requests at once. In particular, a visitor wanted to see more of my "all computer" style of drawing, so I tried to oblige. I'll also try and mix the styles in the future, but doing "draw-and-scan" is sooo much faster, so it will probably continue to get more representation. And even though I'm still not in a writing mood these days, I'll scrounge around in my archives and see if anything all-text turns up..

The ASSTR, and thus the MC Archive, are going to be offline next weekend, for a major technical overhaul.

In media news, a correspondent tells me that the villian's Evil Scheme in the animated film The Groove Squad does indeed involve an MC ray, but that he never actually gets a chance to use it on anyone. Ah well.

AUGUST 21, 2004

Thanks to all who replied to my whining last week. It's good to hear that several someones are still out there; I guess I'll stick around for a while yet. As for all the other lurkers out there, I totally understand anyone who doesn't want to risk sending e-mail to an adult-oriented site, so I ask this instead: if there's some "clean" site out there which you regularly enjoy and which gives its stuff away for free, take a moment and drop them a note of praise. Let them know that they're doing good work, since it's probably the only payment they are getting. As was mentioned in a reply or two, there do exist methods for allowing easier and/or more anonymous feedback, and I'm considering them for this site. I'll of course let you all know if I add anything.

Today's drawing is a request-piece based on another of the replies, although I didn't follow the wardrobe request right down to the last detail..

And has anyone out there ever watched the cartoon movie The Groove Squad? It's about cheerleaders-turned-superheroes thwarting an evil scientist's world-domination plot, but none of the descriptions say what the plot actually is. Any MC?

AUGUST 14, 2004

I'm getting bored. I'm not planning to completely drop out of the online hypno scene or anything, but.. feedback here on the site has dribbled away to something less than a trickle in recent months, and most of what does come anymore is about the links. So.. I ask.. is anyone still out there, besides the link-users? Do people even use the TV listings? Anyone still enjoying the drawings? If not, what kind of drawings would you like to see? Anyone?

The Bailee photoshoot request didn't raise enough money, so Bailee has paid for the last of the fees herself. While the shoot will still happen, this will be the one and only real photoshoot that Hypnobabes does; when it is released, enjoy it while you can.

AUGUST 7, 2004

Bailee, the owner of the HypnoBabes website is trying to set up a real-life hypno-shoot with four models/subjects. For it to happen, she needs more investors to chip in within the next week. This is what your money gets you: "Those who contribute $100.00 get a fully edited video plus bloopers 3 months before the general release. Extended footage, the works. Those who contribute $250.00 will receive raw footage (all of it) plus the edited version as seen above." If you are interested, you can send money to:

Hypno Show 2
c/o ARPDirect
PO Box 40573
Eugene, OR 97404

Or contact the folks at Hypnobabes for more info/confirmations.

Please note that this is NOT my, Voyer's, address, and that I am not in any way involved in this production. Just passing along the word.

JULY 31, 2004

More pervertions and wierdness than usual in this week's drawing, so tread lightly..

And if you're looking for some non-MC entertainment this week, check out the film Pleasantville, which is airing next Saturday morning on TBS. Fun little flick with some impressive color work. Also, TCM is showing a bunch of the Hope/Crosby "Road" movies on Tuesday, although sadly not the one featuring Gale Sondergaard as an evil hypnotist.

JULY 24, 2004

What a strange wind it was today,
Whistlin' and whirlin' and scurlin' away
Like a worried old woman with so much to say.
What a strange wind it was today.

What a strange wind it was today,
Cool and clear from a sky so grey
And my hat stayed on but my head blew away-
What a strange wind it was today.

-Shel Silverstein

JULY 17, 2004

No news this week, so a couple of my favorite random quotes instead. (Well, maybe not totally random; the first might be describing a case of MC..)

As I was going up the stair
I met a man who wasn't there
He wasn't there again today
I wish, I wish he'd stay away.

-The Psychoed, by Hughes Mearnes

Some primal termite knocked on wood
And tasted it, and found it good,
And that is why your Cousin May
Fell through the parlor floor today.

-The Termite, by Ogden Nash

JULY 10, 2004

This week's drawing was partially inspired by a scene in one of Simon Bar-Sinister's stories. And of course there's Star Trek..

JULY 3, 2004

The good news this week is that MC author DAPHNE has returned her excellent stories to the EMCSA. Go check them out if you haven't already done so.

Starting this Friday, BBC America is airing episodes of The Prisoner, the surreal 1960's spy drama which often featured MC in its plots.

I suppose I should have come up with something all star-spangled and patriotic for the 4th of July, but nothing occured to me, so instead you get your standard Bug-Eyed Monster.

And a site-visitor says that red-and-blue was a little hard on the eyes, so we'll try a different font-color in the newsbox.

JUNE 26, 2004

As I warned last week, I have switched to a new look here on the site, paring down even further on my use of graphics; maybe that will help with Geocities's bandwith stinginess. More specifically, this is my attempt to implement Cascading Style Sheets, a newish set of coding which allow much greater control over my page's layout and appearence than using just Hypertext Markup Language. Most current web-browsers support CSS, but if you're currently seeing an ugly black and white screen, that means that either you are using a particularly old version of your browser, or that you don't have CSS ability turned on. If it is the former, you should upgrade to something new. I'm partial to Mozilla myself, and that's what the site looks best in, but Avant and Opera both work here, and have their fans as well. Anything's better than Internet Explorer, but the newer versions of that should be fully functional, too.

Assuming you can see all the shades of blue, do you have an opinion about the new look? The whole point of CSS is, if I do get a swarm of complaints, I can change the appearence of nearly everything on the site from one page, instead of trolling back through page after page of coding. So let me know! (Ditto if you find any broken links.)

Oh yeah. I also posted a new drawing this week. And a site visitor says that if you like campy old movies which feature some MC, you should check out a recent homage to such things entitled The Lost Skeleton of Cadavera. It's out on DVD.

JUNE 19, 2004

MaRv, webmaster of the Re-Program site, wishes everyone to know he now has the paid-membership area of his site up and running. He's the Man To See if you want hypno-epics done with Poser art software.

Evidently, the upcoming remake of The Manchurian Candidate will be the Film To See if you're into male-sub MC.

Here on my site, I was finally inspired enough this week to bash out a short written piece. It can be found here.

Also, I have decided to take the plunge and do a massive upgrade of my site next week; I'm going to switch over to using "Cascade Style Sheets", the next step up from basic HTML coding, allowing much greater flexibility and control of this site's appearence. This being the case, if you use an older web-browser, everything here will begin to look really awful next week. Now's the time to upgrade! Three very good (and free) options are Mozilla, Avant and Opera. Mozilla is what I use, and what the site will be designed for, but they all should work.

JUNE 5, 2004

Hopefully this is the very last announcement on the ImageEvent saga. The two sites in question have agreed to share the same password, which can only be found by visiting Hypnopics and searching for the latest announcement on the subject in the Messages.

MAY 31, 2004

I've been informed that, due to ImageEvent cracking down on adult material, if you want to visit MesmerEyes or The Collective on ImageEvent, you will need to go join the Hypnopics Yahoo Group to get the current free passwords. They can not and will not be posted here. The PW for MesmerEyes is posted right up front on the Hypnopics site, but you'll have to hunt around the messages to find the current Collective PW. Look for a May 25th message from "alan mackie", and note that the passwords are case-sentative: if it's "PHASSWURD", then "phasswurd" won't work.

Also, it appears that the passwords will be regularly changed, so if one stops working, go back to Hypnopics and see if there has been an update.

MAY 29, 2004

A visitor requested more Zombiemaster action, so here you are.

On the links page... ImageEvent has imposed a password system on their site, so the links that go there from my site currently don't work. There are passwords floating around the 'net for both MesmerEyes and The Collective, but I'm not going to post them here unless I hear from the site opeators. If you are such an individual, please get in touch with me, and let me know if you want the passwords posted here. (And of course tell me what those passwords are...)

On the Hypnofun front, my attention has been directed to a message posted in the "Hypnofunsite" Yahoo Group by someone claming to be 1) Hypnofun and 2) the producer of the new "Eroticized" site. He claims that he's trying to make up for his past transgressions, and will be posting all the old Hypnofun material for free viewing. Make of it what you will.

MAY 22, 2004

A message to T., who asked about sending pictures... If you're out there, I have replied to your messages, but it's possible those replies are somehow disappearing into the void. If you have another e-mail address I can try, please let me know.

MAY 15, 2004

This week's drawing is a large animated gif, so I cleared out a bunch more old pics from the archives.

A correspondent has brought a new hypno-site to my attention. He says that he paid the membership fee, then recognized the guy doing the hypnotizing in the one currently-available clip as the infamous "Hypnofun". For those who are relatively new to our little scene... Hypnofun is one of the aliases used over the years by an idividual who consistantly follows a regular pattern: He establishes a for-pay hypnosite which features (surprisingly) decent hypno-session content, builds up a list of clients, and then pulls a sudden disappearing act, taking the collected membership money and leaving the site to die, either quickly or slowly. If Hypnofun is in fact involved in the running this new site, anyone who sends him money runs a near-certain risk of getting burned.

So what is the site address, I hear you ask? I'm hesitent to post it, because, as I say over on my links page, I have my own invariable pattern: any time I post a warning and an address for a site like this, sooner or later, I get back an e-mail that begins with something along the lines of "I know you said not to send money to Site X, but..." and proceeds to go rapidly downhill from there. sigh. Very well. It's your money. The name of the new site is www.eroticized.net. (At least maybe wait a while and see if any more actual material gets posted?)

And it's totally non-MC related, but I still wanted to get in a plug for the 1978 made-for-TV cartoon The Hobbit, which is getting a rare American TV airing tomorrow night at 7:00 PM on Cartoon Network. It's a surprisingly faithful adaptation of Tolkien's original book, especially considering how said book ends with some pretty large-scale on-screen carnage. Check it out if you are a fan of Tolkien and/or Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy. The film is also available on DVD.

On the other hand, the less said about the same production company's stab at The Return of the King the better...

MAY 8, 2004

The drawing this week isn't a request for once, but I did shamelessly steal the basic idea from the cover art for the Steve Jackson game Illuminati!. In all of its various incarnations, it's a cool product that's worthy of your attention. But, as always, watch out for those Orbital Mind Control Lasers...

Lots of movie news this week:

After numerous delays, ABC is finally dumping their adaptation of Madeline L'Engle's A Wrinkle In Time onto their schedule. The original book is a classic, and had some MC elements. Judging from the production history, I don't hold out much hope for this film version, but here's hoping I'm pleasantly surprised.

A site visitor reminds me that, as a promotional tie-in with the up-coming feature film Van Helsing, Universal studios has rolled out spiffy new DVD collections of their classic monster movies. Along with Frankenstein and the Wolfman, there are of course the Dracula films, starting with the 1931 original starring Bela Legosi. Lots of vamp MC for everyone! One film in the Dracula package is the Spanish-language version of the Legosi movie, shot at the same time on the same sets with a different cast and crew; as I believe I've mentioned before, in some ways it's actually the better picture, and is well worth seeing if you never have.

After all that, dunno if Van Helsing has any MC in it or not.

Annnd.. the remake of The Stepford Wives will be coming along in a couple of months as well. (Maybe... there are reports floating about of frantic last-minute re-shoots...) Looks like it will be really good for the gynoid fans, but I bet $10 that it ends with the Men's Association members either being blown up in some sort of explosion, or all dying when their creations turn on them. Or maybe both!

MAY 1, 2004

Another (very specific...) request piece this week.

APRIL 24, 2004

Another drawing this week that started life as a visitor request.

APRIL 10, 2004

Cleaned several pictures out of the archive to make room. Remember, you want to have a permanent copy of anything here, save it off onto your own hard-drive...

The Coen brothers' film O Brother, Where Art Thou? made it to basic cable this last week. For those who haven't watched it, it contains a scene that femdom fans will probably enjoy very much, and it's a darn good movie in its own right. Check it out.

I also recently picked up the Mel Brooks classic Young Frankenstein on DVD. (It's been out for a few years now...) Another great comedy, and has a scene or two that might push some hypnofetish buttons, although there's no actual... um.. mental manipulation involved.

APRIL 3, 2004

This week's drawing is a request piece. Enjoy.

As noted before, the film Ella Enchanted is coming soon to theaters. It's a family film, but the plot concerns a young lady who is forced by a curse to obey every commmand given her. Some of us may enjoy it. Just try not to freak out the normal folks in the next seat over, OK?

MARCh 27, 2004

Well, it wasn't exactly a deluge, but the responses I got from last week's plea were (fairly) unanimous: "We wanna see snakes!" So... snakes it is. I thought it turned out pretty well; Paint Shop Pro 8 gives me a few new toys to play with.

MARCH 20, 2004

My drawing this week is pretty sad; I just haven't been inspired lately. If you have an idea or scene you've always wanted to see brought to life, now's your chance. You don't even have to bribe me, although that's always deeply appreciated.

On the TV front, one piece of good news that's cropped up recently: the BBC has finally decided to get around to making new episodes of Doctor Who. Here's hoping the show keeps up its rich MC tradition.

MARCH 6, 2004

It's not particularly MC-related, but I saw in the listings that if. like me, you are an American who lives close enough to the Canadian border to get the CBC, on Sunday night they are showing the "international" version of the first Harry Potter movie, which has a different title than what is used here in the US. If you want to see that version, here's one fairly easy opportunity.

FEBRUARY 28, 2004

As promised, another chapter of Template has been sent to the EMCSA. Just a word of warning, since my proofreader (Thanks as always!) commented on it; very little plot progression in this one, lots of background exposition. Even though not much happens in this regard, I updated the story timeline.

And in another blast from the past, this week's drawing is a request piece, depicting a typical incident of the homelife of the Evil Hypnotist from my In Therapy stories.

Last of all, I received an e-mail asking if I had a link banner for my site. The answer was no, but now I've tossed one together. If you want to use it on your site, feel free. As long as you don't use to link to anything unsavory, like mime porn or something.

FEBRUARY 21, 2004

For any long-suffering fans who are still out there, I hope to have another chapter of my story Template sent to the EMCSA next weekend. One chapter a year... sigh... I'll try and pick up the pace.

On TV this week, of particular note is an all-too-rare showing of the fantasy film The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao. It contains a scene with the actress Barbara Eden and a satyr that no maledom MC fan will want to miss, and it's a very good movie in its own right. If you have Turner Classic Movies on your cable system, check it out.

Also, at some point this week on the ABC soap opera One Life to Live the "Music Box Killer" manipulates a woman using post-hypnotic suggestions. No idea if the actual hypnosis has already occured. (Evidently the killer's been using MC techniques before.)

And in the area of first-run movies... Coming to theaters in a couple of months is a film entitled Ella Enchanted, about a young woman under a curse which forces her to obey any order given to her. (It's a family film, so don't get too excited.)

FEBRUARY 15, 2004

It's been pointed out to me that somehow this week's TV listings didn't get uploaded, at least on the mirror site. Hopefully this has now been corrected.

FEBRUARY 14, 2004

I'll admit that I'm not the biggest fan in the world of this particular holiday, but nevertheless,


And thanks again to the guy out there on the front lines who sent me the shirt. Now I can last until spring without freezing...

FEBRUARY 7, 2004

This week's drawing is another animated .gif, and, depending on the speed of your internet connection, make take a while to download. It's based, with explicit permission, on a early scene from the story "The Sandal Master", by the author of the same name, which you can find on the EMCSA.

And thanks again to the two netizens who generously chipped into the "Upgrade Voyer's Software" fund.

JANUARY 31, 2004

This bug I picked up is taking forever to clear out, but I'm definitely feeling better than I did last week. I sent a short story fragment to the MC Achive this week, if you missed it. Select the 'view all threads' option, search for my name, and you should find it soon enough.(Assuming you do it within the next week or so.)

JANUARY 25, 2004

Managed to squeeze out a couple of things. See you next week.

JANUARY 23, 2004

Like a whole lot of other folks this winter, this week I got whacked by a flu attack. I guess I'm going to live, but my energy level's been running at about zero, and I haven't accomplished much beyond drinking lots of fluids and getting bedrest. Also there are Family Obligations I should meet on Saturday if I can work up the strength. So... I'm taking the chance now to warn everyone that this week's update will be late, curtailed and/or nonexistent. Hopefully I can get back on track next week.

JANUARY 17, 2004

My heartfelt thanks go out this week to.. um.. "the bendy part of the flower", and to C on the coast.

For everyone else... since the issue came up on the MC Forum, the villian in last week's drawing is not a Bogeyman; for one thing, he/she/it came all the way out into the light, something that no Bogeyman would ever do.

As for the latest drawing, you might say it is a collaberation, between the the me-of-now and the me-of-four-years-ago. Way back then I started it, then lost my artistic nerve and moved on to other things. I recently came across it while rooting around in my archives, and decided it was worth finishing. If you don't like it, blame the old me, since he's no longer here to defend himself! Yeah, that's the ticket...

JANUARY 10, 2004

This week's drawing is loosely based on an old story of mine.

On the NBC soap Days of Our Lives, a character named Celeste is having ongoing visions and/or trances.

JANUARY 3, 2004

Happy New Year. Hope you all have recovered from the debauchery, so we can get back to what's truly important.. HYPNOPORN!!

Another story this week, and this time I wrote it all by myself. I did a drawing with it, (or did a story with the drawing...) but in the end they just weren't a good enough match for each other. So officially, they have been posted seperately.

If you're looking for good non-MC stuff to watch this week, I heartily recommend the Thin Man series of murder-mysteries, all airing Monday on Turner Classic Movies. Still as sharp and witty as when they were made, 70 years ago. Watching them, it's hard to believe that Myrna Loy also made movies playing Fu Manchu's daughter.

Annnd... It appears that SciFi is going to take another stab at re-running the series Cleopatra 2525, this time early on Sunday mornings. The show had some MC action during its short run, and was one of those oh-so-rare TV shows that actually got better as it went along. Check it out.

DECEMBER 27, 2003

I said I was going to take a week off, but I wanted to pop in long enough to thank TT and SC, if they are out there somewhere. Your generousity is much appreciated.

As previously stated, regular updates will resume next week.

DECEMBER 20, 2003


Wow... I've actually been doing this long enough to establish traditions. One is taking a week off at Christmas. Think wholesome thoughts for a few days, and I'll see you all in January.

DECEMBER 13, 2003

This week in the story section, we have a rare update; a short piece sent in by guest writer "Lord Ed", with a few contributions by yours truly. If you have a PG-rated hypnofetish story you'd like to see posted here, don't hesitate to drop me a line. The same is true if anyone out there is in need of a proofreader or editor for their work; I find these days that I enjoy doing that more than writing my own stories.

Over in the drawings is an animated .gif that started life as another request-piece. I enjoyed doing it, although I wouldn't want to try and crank one of these out every week. If you're using a slower computer, it may take a while to download; you might want to right-click on the link and save it off onto your own computer for viewing. And anyone who is overly sensative about black and white race-relations should just steer clear altogether...

DECEMBER 7, 2003

Got a movie to mention after all.. A visitor tells me that the movie The Sapphire Girls is worth a watch if you're a maledom fan; the plot involves an all-girl band and their run-in with an villian who possesses an MC drug. (Or at least one of the band members has a run-in...) It's airing this week on Cinemax, Thursday night at 1:30 AM.

DECEMBER 6, 2003

This week's drawing, another request piece, is a little something for all you alien-abduction fans out there.

And instead of a movie mention this week, I wanted to toss out a plug for a book. Titled Deviant Desires and authored by one Katherine Gates, it's a wide-ranging examination of the modern sexual-fetish scene, with chapters on pony-play, robots, fat-worship and similar things. Lots of cool and/or highly disturbing pictures. I believe hypnofetishism only gets a brief mention in the section about robofetishists, but the book's still well worth a read if you happen across a copy. Evidently, a heavily-updated version is due out in 2004.

You can visit the associated website here.

NOVEMBER 29, 2003

Just in time for Christmas, I've decided to start asking for stuff. Please take a moment to check it out. I can't imagine most people care one way or the other, but if anyone out there is really upset that I'd do such a thing, I'd actually appreciate hearing from you.

Anyway, to compensate for my begging, I've put up two drawings this week instead of the usual one.

Since the Halloween drawing seemed popular, here's a (somewhat) similar piece for Thanksgiving. Enjoy the grub, everyone.

NOVEMBER 15, 2003

Another request drawing this week. Even more so than last week, the idea is that of a site visitor; if you like it, they get the credit.

Word on the street is, the movie to see this week is one called The Wolves of Wall Street. Evidently, the titular individuals possess some sort of maledom pheromone...

There's a show on TV called Unexplained Mysteries; dunno if its syndicated or what. Anyway, this week it's discussing supposed alien abductions, with victims undergoing hypnotic regression.

The popular Timestop:Enjoying the Moment website has moved to a (slightly) new address.

NOVEMBER 8, 2003

A request piece this week in drawings, or at least as close as I could come to giving the visitor what they asked for. (Yes, more brainwashing...)

NOVEMBER 1, 2003

Hope you all survived last night with your souls and sanity intact, assuming of course that you wanted to.

A site visitor informs me that the direct-to-DVD feature To Seduce An Enemy is the movie to see if you're into maledom hypnofetishism. (Although it sounds like if you're not into that, you should probably give it a pass.) The film is a Hong Kong import, but the DVD has subtitles in English.

For soap opera fans, over on Days of Our Lives a character named Rex is slipping into trances.

OCTOBER 25, 2003

I started writing a short scene for Halloween, but then I realized I had created in just a couple of pages a character whom I liked too much to simply see her turned into a hypno-slave in a throwaway piece. So Amber's story is going back into the workshop for some serious overhaul work. In the meantime, Happy Halloween.

The comedy sequel George of the Jungle 2 has been released directly to DVD and video, and features a plot in which the heroine Ursula (along with some of her female freinds) is hypnotized into forgetting that she's married to George. Visitors report it's no classic, but at least worth a viewing.

I don't usually follow the comic book scene, but it seems that any women-as-doll fans out there may want to check out DC Comic's Batgirl #48, when it comes out in January. A villian called The Doll Man does something doll-related to several kidnapped women. Proceed with hope but caution; the teaser currently floating around the WWW is so vague that it might very well be something along the lines of killing the victims and then getting into taxidermy in a major way. If that turns you on sexually, I do not want to hear about it.

OCTOBER 18, 2003

Hard-core brainwashing drawings appear to be a favorite of more than one visitor to this site, so, here's another one.

I recently broke open my piggy bank and bought the latest of Anton Production's hypnofetish videos, Stripnotized #12. I watched it and then wrote up a long, nitpicky review, but then I realized that no one really wants to read something like that. So, to cut it short, it's a two-part video aimed directly at, yes, maledom hypnofetishists. It thus has some enjoyable moments, and I don't regret buying it. On the down side, thanks to your usual (ie non-existent) porn budget it had to cut some pretty humongous corners. Far more annoying, there was laziness with the editing and the construction of the.. uh.. "plot" that could have easily been corrected without breaking the bank. I may have to break down and script my own improved version, even if I never have the money to pay for its production.

All that said, I suspect that most folks would not be nearly as picky as me, and would enjoy it. (The fact that Anton's done twelve of these tapes would indicate this is the case.)

OCTOBER 11, 2003

I've never been able to draw a real anime picture, because I just can't bring myself to deform my female characters' heads in the proper way. But still, I've enjoyed the work of others over the years, and this week's drawing is my homage to them all. Thanks especially to SueChan for her ongoing work.

On TV this week, a couple of rare films crop up: Invasion of the Bee Girls and Some Girls Do. Lethally horny insect women and female robots, respectively.

OCTOBER 4, 2003

After this coming Tuesday, the NBC soap Days of Our Lives may have a subplot with some theraputic-hypnosis scenes.

A sort of cross between drawings and stories this week...

SEPTEMBER 27, 2003

I've contributed a few more of my drawings to The Galaxy of Terror. All of this batch are drawings that used to be posted on my own site, although in some cases they've been made a bit more explicit. You can find my stuff under my name in the Fan Art section.

This week's drawing was modelled directly off an Internet-scrounged pic featuring a lovely lass doing the exact same thing as in the drawing. Admitedly the original was on dry land and with a far less noxious substance (or so it appears) but it is still eternally amazing to me what people will do if you give them money...

On the movie front this week, I recommend Li'l Abner. The MC is admittedly minimal, but it's a fun flick nonetheless. Also, the film Monkeybone is a pretty sorry affair, but it's still a must-see for any catgirl fans out there.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2003

a fairly long absence from TV, I see that Going Berzerk is airing this week on AMC. As was too often the case the bulk of the film is/was an absolute waste of John Candy's comedic talents, but, surprisingly, it does feature one of the better femdom hypno scenes you're ever likely to see, and it has one or two nice moments for maledom fans as well. AMC will probably be showing the chopped-up-for-TV version; this is a film that's a bit better if seen unedited on video.

Also, I may have mentioned this before, but Disney is showing their animated film The Emperor's New Groove, which was a pleasant change of pace from the company's usual fare. Absolutely no MC, but it's a fun and breezy little romp which is worth your time.


Still learning what the new scanner is capable of, so a fairly simple drawing this week.

AUGUST 30, 2003

As a result of my computer adjustments this week, I now have access to a much better scanner. (I paid $15 on eBay for my old scanner, and that's just about what the thing was worth...) To celebrate, this week's drawing is a scan and upgrading of a larger pencil-and-paper work I did a few years back. Yeah, it's an idea that I've used before, but it's an idea I like, darn it, so you're just going to have to suffer.

Over on the links page, the Poser artist Can'tFindADecentAlias tells me he's found a new home for his website: http://surf.to/cfada. It's now available password-free.

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